Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


9. Chapter 8

'Having a good working time.' Louis couraged me. 'I will.' I said and we secretly stepped on different times into the pub so Jim wouldn't notice we were together or that we have a relation. I walked into the pub and started my shift. 'Hey!' Every men shouted when they saw me working. I smiled.

I hoped Louis will be soon here. I went back to the bar but Jim spoke to me. 'Well, well, well Eleanor. What did I heard from you?' I looked worried. 'Don't look like that.' He said. 'What are you talking about?' My hands were sweating. 'You know what I mean, Tomlinson and you are a couple...' He said mad. 'You know the rules...' 'Who said this to you? And who do you believe?' I screamed at him, scared to loose my job. 

'That doesn't matter at all... You're fired!' 'If I should go Perrie had to go too, she has a relation too!' I bit on my lip so I won't cry. 'She worked before so she hasn't have that rules!' He shouted. I saw Perrie laughing at the end of the bar. She revealed it... 

Louis came in. I wanted to cry and just walk out the pub. 'Tomlinson how dare you!' Jim said to one of his best clients... 'What?' He looked at Jim, like he didn't know about what it goes. 'He knows about us...' I looked guilty at Louis. 'Yes, I know it...' Jim said disappointed. 'We're just together since yesterday...' Louis said and looked to the ground. 

'Yesterday?! Really?' Jim said. 'Perrie, why did you do this?' I said disappointed to my best friend. I knew her for so long and now;... She's destroying it in pieces. 'You lied to me so I help you with this;..' She did like nothing helped. 'That's what friends do.' She said and walked out the pub.  'You can't mean that!' I yelled to her when she left the pub. 

'Today you work still but tomorrow not anymore.' He ordered me. I walked out the pub. 'Eleanor!' Louis screamed. I ignored it. This job was a way to be independent.... to be not dependent on my parents or even Louis now... I leaned on a wall outside and cried. My hands hided my face. 

'Perrie blew it up....I'm sorry for you.' A voice said. I looked up... Zayn. 'What does it interest you ? You have her. You have a job, you don't have to be dependent on someone now. You even have someone beautiful to live with.' I shouted hard. He sat next to me and laid his hand on my shoulder. 'You know... I loved the way you and Perrie were friends but now she's a bitch to everyone. Since she lost you, she's not normal anymore. I'm doubting to dumb her...' He said honest. It broke my heart. It would break Perries heart instead of mine but it broke me too inside. 

'Don't break up with her, she will say that it's my fault and I don't wanna let her heart broken.' I begged him like a puppy. 'Hey it's not your fault. She has to see the fault what she does now. She punishes you without a reason. You're with Louis now because you have feelings since the kiss date thing. He doesn't want to say that quickly to you but it happened. He was scared that you wouldn't like him.' He told me like an old story that I already now. 

'You know Louis is fixing your job again?' Niall came to me. He just left the pub. 'And I helped him too.' He added. 'If he fires you, we, Niall, Louis, Liam and Harry wouldn't come again to the pub...' Zayn said. 'And we're really serious.' Niall added. I fake smiled. 'Thank you guys.' I said to thank them. 

'Zayn, are you coming?' I heard a voice. There she stood Perrie Edwards... 'What are you doing here with that bitch?' She screamed. She freaked out when she saw me again. Zayn stood up. 'Baby, come on, I know you miss Eleanor and since you're arguing the whole time with her, she's feeling bad and you're feeling bad about it.' He said relaxed, trying not to be mad. 

'Well, it's not because of her! It's because...' She tried to find a lie, to hide her sadness. 'Come on, you punished Eleanor just because she loves Louis when you pushed her some days ago? What a friend are you then? You became a bitch without her!' Zayn said and walked mad away. 

She was devastaded. 'Zayn, don't let me alone!' She screamed. 'This is a joke!' She cried. 'If you do what I ask, I don't let you alone. Trust your best friend, excuse yourself. She didn't lie, I lied with One Direction and you forgave me and she spoke the truth and you were mad at her.' He yelled at her. I felt pity for her. 

She came to me and sat next to me. 'El?' She hesitated. 'Per?' I looked at her, my eyes were red. 'Sorry, can you forgive me? I was a bitch. I miss you.' She begged me and cried. 'It's okay.' I sniffed and hugged her. 'I'm sorry. I'm gonna give your job back. I'll try to be a good best friend again.' She tried to hug me on a confident way. She felt weak.

'Eleanor... I'm really sorry. I'm gonna fix this. Tomorrow you will be at the boys house or at my house! So I can make it better between us like how it was.' She said and went into the pub. Some minutes later Louis came out the bar and sighted. 'I'll try later. Now we will make some fun.' He said and took me in his arms. He put me in his car. He dropped me in my apartment and let me there. After a while he came back. 

I opened the door with watery eyes. Louis got me in his arms and closed the door. 'Perrie promised me she'll solve it soon.' He said like it could make me happy. 'It won't help Louis, what you say...' I said and smiled weakly. He tickled me and I laughed a little bit. 'Let's sleep a little bit, you need some sleep.' He said and wrapped his arms around me when we stepped into my bed. With him around me, I fell asleep.

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