Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


8. Chapter 7

I woke up with two arms around me, Louis. My alarm went off. 'Goodmorning beauty.' He smiled and gave me a kiss on my temples. 'Is it okay that I'm going quickly to my house for some new clothes?' He asked. I shook my head. 'Wait and I'll go with you.' I laughed and stood up. He looked weird at me but I didn't care. When I was ready I plopped on my bed and looked at him. 'We can eat here or at your house. I'm ready now.' I laughed.

He gave me a kiss. 'I'm gonna call Zayn what he does. If he want to drive with me to work or not.' He answered. I got shivers on my back. Perrie would go too and she's mad at me... 'What's wrong?' He asked when he saw me shivering. 'Perrie...' I said. He looked at me and took my face. 'She isn't mad anymore. And if she's mad, Zayn and I will try to help you being friends with Perrie again.' 

I smiled and gave him a hug. 'You're too sweet for me.' I said. 'But... love... one thing... what are we going to do now? Eat at my place or at yours?' He asked. I laughed. 'What do you like?' I teased him. 'Okay, I know enough, if I don't decide it is noon when we're outside.' He laughed and kissed me. He took me to the car with what I needed and what he needed and brought us to his house. 

When we arrived at his house, he stopped the car and held my arm because I wanted to open the car door. 'Wait... I forgot to tell you something. Since a few days Zayn is living here too. Sometimes Harry and Niall are here too. Liam wants some privacy so he doesn't live here but management thinks it's the best to live together to know each other better so you can see Perrie there but don't worry. I'm here for you.' He explained.

Why? Why Perrie? She's still mad at me. 'You're okay?' Louis asked when I was in my thoughts... I looked at him. 'Yeah.' I nodded and did like it was alright, but it wasn't. I walked to the front door with Louis. 'I'm home lads.' Louis screamed around and before I knew it I saw Harry in his boxers. It was shocking. 'Don't look at him, he's always like that.' Louis commented and I laughed. 'Hi beautiful.' He walked to me and wanted to give me a kiss on my mouth but I offered him my cheek. 'Really not a real kiss?' He wondered. 

'She's mine, Styles.' Louis said proud. 'Okay, okay. I have to accept it that this beautiful girl is yours Louis. I hope I found someone else.' Harry answered. I blushed and said: 'Of course you would find someone else too.' 'See, Eleanor believes in it too even if you didn't make her happy with pinching her butt.' Louis answered mad. 

Harry looked at us. 'Thank you for believing in me guys. And sorry Eleanor for pinching in your butt. Maybe I have to change myself.' He laughed and disappeared to his room. 'I'm going to my bedroom, I should say you can go to the living room and watch some tv or just going to the kitchen and find something to eat.' He laughed and went upstairs. 

I searched for the living room. 'Hey! You here? Together with Louis I hope?' A happy Irish voice echoed around the living room, Niall. I nodded. 'I fell for him and he explained everything.' I answered. 'I'm happy Lou has found someone like you.' He smiled.

I blushed and sat on the couch. Niall sat next to me. 'Waiting for Louis, changing his clothes can be a long waiting session...' Niall said like a joke. 'Louis is that type who want to look good for a girl.' Niall went further. Before we knew it, there stood Louis. He looked sexy. 'Told you, want to look good for a girl.' Niall stopped my thoughts of a beautiful Louis. 

'So, breakfast now?' Louis said insecure and brought me to the kitchen. He made some bacon and eggs and everything he ever could invented. I could eat like a pig, or how do we say that? I felt satisfied when I was done with eating. 'Thank you Louis, it was delicious.' I said. And before I knew it, I saw Zayn looking at me with wide eyes.

'Darling, why are you standing there with wide eyes?' I heard Perrie. When she saw me, she immediately came to me. 'What are you doing here? Go away! Liar! Bitch! Telling me you aren't with Louis. Telling me lies about Zayn!' She screamed. It made me cry. 

'I'm not lying. I'm just with Louis now since yesterday... If you could let me explain it, you will understand me...' I hoped she would calm down at least. But that wasn't. 'Explain what? That you're a lair, that you're a girl who runs after boys.... Sorry Eleanor but I'm not that friend anymore of you.' She said and walked away with Zayn. 

I sighted. 'Why am I a lair?' I put my head on the table. I felt two hands on my head. One of Louis and one of Niall. 'You aren't, she's just in love but too in love. Zayn should take a break with her... But he won't he's too much in love.' Niall said honest. 

Louis held me in his arms. 'Hey beauty, come on your smile is more beautiful than that sad face of you.' He said and tickled me. I laughed. 'Come on, let's bring you to university so you can be more smart, so I can love you more and more.' He laughed. He made me smile. 

I took his hand and we went to the car with everything we needed. 'Thank you to be the perfect boyfriend.' I said. 'Secretly I am the perfect boyfriend.' He said and I immediately laughed. 'I love you when you laugh.' He said. 'And not when I'm sad?' 'I didn't said that.' He looked at me and then back to the road. 

We arrived at school. I gave him a quick kiss and went into the school. In school Perrie was back a bitch and ignored me, we both sat alone until Lizzy came to me and asked what happened between me and Perrie. I told her everything and felt pity for me. 

After school Louis picked me back up. 'I can't let you walk on your own so I pick you up with my car.' He laughed and put his sunglasses on the dashboard of the car. I stepped into the car. 'Pick your stuff up in your apartment cause you'll sleep in my house and I don't care what Perrie thinks of it.' Louis said immediately. 'Louis;...' I sighted. 'Eleanor, come on. Perrie doesn't decide what you have to do.' He said. He was right. 

I have to stop the fear of it... I decided to take my stuf from my apartment to sleep at his house tonight after working of course and Louis knew that I had to work. And like always he will be at the pub too. 

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