Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


7. Chapter 6

You only know when butterflies come, when you already had them... I think I'm in love with Tomlinson, Louis Tomlinson. I'm just so in love I think... It's Sunday, working day. I made myself ready. I grabbed a shirt and a skirt and highheels. I took my bike and went to the pub when it was evening. 

I arrived quickly and saw Louis standing at the bar. 'My favourite worker is here!' He shouted and I blushed. I started to work. I was pouring some beer when Harry arrived. He went to Louis and said 'Hi honey' and started to kiss him... Not a simple kiss on the cheek like always but on the mouth... I was shocked. How could they be a couple when Louis said he's in love with me? He's just playing with my feelings. 

I went further with the orders and before I know I couldn't hold my tears when I saw Louis and Harry again kissing. I give Liam his water and just went to the bathroom with tears in my eyes. 'How could he do that? Give me the feeling that I was special and then having a relationship with his bandmate so being gay?' I said out loud. 

'Maybe it's just not him... maybe it's the other... He loves you.' I heard a voice. I washed my face. 'Who are you and I don't believe you.' I said sure... 'I'm just telling you that what you see is a lie. Just ignore it.' The voice said and I heard someone walking away. 

I looked in the mirror and sighted. I went back into the pub and I did like nothing happened but inside me I crashed. 'Louis, you know I like you.' Harry said and looked in Louis eyes. He kissed him again. I had enough of it. 'Is it how you treat girls? Saying you're in love with them and then the next day being with a guy, your bandmate?!' I screamed and threw a beer on Louis' pants. Harry laughed and I grabbed some water and threw it on his face. 'Now that's better too! That's because you ruined my whole life, squeezing my ass, and now let me think that I could have a nice boy.' I walked away from the pub and sat on a bench on a near park. 

I felt a hand on my shoulder. I cried. 'Hey, Eleanor. Come here.' A voice said. I looked to the person, Niall. I cried in his arms. ' I understand why you're mad but it's not Louis' fault.' He said. 'You're going to defend his fault ?' I said mad and crawled out of his arms. 'No, no, I mean... how do I have to say it...' He sighted and hoped that I just would listen to him. 

'Well, Harry knew that Louis was in love with you. Harry is in love with you but he knew since the beginning that he wasn't someone for you... you hate him. And now since that date thing he saw that there was something between Louis and you. So he said to himself: if I don't get her, Louis won't get her.' 'So you want to say it's Harry's plan and that Louis didn't want this...' I questioned him. He nodded. 

'He is in love with you. His heart melted when he could go with you, that he could love you and that you could love him... But Harry treatened him like: if you don't work with me on that plan your carreer or love life will be destroyed by me.' Niall said serious. I believed him in one way but I was thinking he could lie too. 

He hugged me. 'It'll be alright. Come back now because I think Jim will be mad if you're not coming. I'll explain the situation.' He proposed. He stood up and helped me up. He hugged me. 'Believe me, Louis loves you more than you think. When we recorded the songs of the band he always talked to me about you.' I blushed. 

We walked back to the pub. The faces looked at me. 'Eleanor.' Louis said softly. 'Don't... call... my name...' I said harsh. 'Eleanor.' Jim said mad. 'I know I didn't had to do it but it was just too much for me.' I excused myself for Jim.

'It's okay, thanks that these boys admitted what's happening here. I hope you can forget this all and work good again next time.' Jim said like a real boss, but one with feelings. I smiled. 'Thank you Jim.' He nodded. 'You are free today, go and take a rest and I see you soon.' He said and I walked home. 

I got tired of all these lies. I slammed the door of my appartment and sat on the couch. Before I knew, there was a knock on the door. 'Who's it?' I said mad. 'Louis.' 'Louis, I just don't wanna talk to you!' I screamed. 'We can talk it out. It is not what it seems.' 'What do you say, it's not what it seems? I saw you goddammit kissing with Harry!' I walked to the door and I opened it. I saw him with a bouquet of roses. 'I don't want your roses or excuses.' I said and slammed the door back but he stuck his foot between the space of the door. 

'I'm not gonna give you up. I have to explain the situation.' He screamed. 'No, no no no!' I pushed him back but he was too strong for me. 'Eleanor... Come on.' He had his arms around me and put me down on the couch. He closed the door. I crossed my arms. 

'I know this was a fault but I had to... Harry knew that we were in love, and he thought if he couldn't get you, I wouldn't get you too.' 'Yeah, yeah, Niall told that too but I don't believe it at all.' I looked mad at him. 'You really think that I just accept that thing. He said if I didn't do that, he would bring pain to you and my family. I wanted to protect you. I just love you...' He sighted. 

I looked at him. He gave me the roses. 'I think you deserve them after what I did.' I stood up and put them in a vase. 'Thank you.' I said. 'I'm really sorry Eleanor.' He excused himself a few times again. 'It's okay Louis, just promise me that you won't be a lair again.' I said tired. 'You're tired. I go so you can sleep.' He proposed. 'Just stay. I can stay up for a while.' I smiled.

He laid his arm around me. 'We're good now?' He asked. 'yes, but don't lie to me anymore what happens... Even when Harry does what he did.' I said and looked at him. He nodded. 'I promise.' He said and came closer to me. Do I want this or not? He came closer and closer. 'Just close your eyes.' He said softly, his breath came to my lips. I obeyed. He kissed me and I felt free. The kisser from the date thing is Louis so I could be free and not thinking about it anymore. 

'I love you Eleanor.' Louis said when he stopped the kiss. 'Please be my girlfriend.' He begged me. 'If you promise me one thing.' I said mysterious. 'Everything you want.' He whispered. 'Protect me and don't be a lair.' I said and he grabbed my face. 'I'll protect you.' He said and kissed me. He picked me up and placed me in my bed. I looked weird. 'You wanted to sleep so I bring you to your bed.' He answered my face. He stroked my hair. 'Go to sleep.' He said. He stood up. 'You don't have to go. You can stay here.' I said quickly like I was scared to lose him. 

He looked at me and lie next to me. He gave me a kiss on my foreheid and stroked my hair until I slept. 


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