Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


51. Chapter 50

I woke up and changed my clothes. I put Louise in our car when she woke up and put her dress in the car just like mine. I just wore a skinny jeans and shirt now. I promised Perrie to eat breakfast there and make me and Louise ready and Perrie too for the wedding. 

Perrie opened the door when I arrived at her home. She was stressed out. 'I can't, I can't.' She yelled. 'Take Louise and keep calm!' I said and gave her Louise. She walked with her to the kitchen and put her in a chair next to Alex. Alex and Louise played together while sitting there. I brought some stuff to Perries house and made sure Lou Teasdale had all the stuff she needed. Danielle , Liams girlfriend came here too, to help with Perries make up and her dress because Lou will be gone after doing Perries hair because she had to do Zayns hair and the boys. 

Danielle will do my hair and I'll do her hair. After Perrie and I got breakfast together with the kids, Danielle arrived. She had already her dress on. 'Dani , you look gorgeous.' I said and hugged her. Perrie hugged her too.  'Where are these cute kids?' Dani yelled so the kids would answer like 'here , here'. Danielle helped me with Louise. Putting Louises dress on was a hard task just like curling her hair. Alex was easy for Perrie, just a tux and wax in his hair. 

'We're ready.' Dani sighted when we finished Louise. She played a bit with Alex while Dani and I helped Perrie in her dress. 'Absolutely gorgeous!' I yelled. Perrie smiled for the first time this day. It made me finally happy inside. I heard someone knocking on the door. It would be surely Lou. I opened the door and there she stood. 'Hi darling. It's now for another bride, soon to be wife.' She laughed and kissed me on the cheek. 'yeah, I'm not the only wife anymore.' I said. 

She walked with me upstairs. 'Pez, gorgeous!' Lou yelled to Perrie. 'I know, I know.' She answered. 'Sit down honey, so I can do your hair and then you're a princess!' She laughed. Perrie sat down and Dani said that I had to sat down too. Dani did my hair and after she was done, I did hers. Lou was still busy with Perrie when my and Danis hair was done. 

So the only thing Dani and I could do was our make up. When that was done , Dani did Perries make up and Lou left the house to go to Zayn. 'Bye Lou see you later on the wedding.' I said and closed Perries frontdoor when Lou left the house.

'we're almost ready!' Dani said so I could pick up the kids where they are in the room. 'Come on let's go downstairs.' I said and walked with the kids hand in hand downstairs and Perrie and Dani followed us. Before we reached the living room , the doorbell rang. 

'Pez, your turn.' I smiled. She opened the door and saw her boyfriend, holding her bouquet of flowers. Alex ran to his father. Zayn picked his son up and gave him a kiss. 'You were a good boy with mommy?' He asked his son. Alex nodded. 'A really good boy.' Perrie said and a fluttering in her eyes appeared. She kissed her almost husband. 

Perrie followed Zayn. Zayn gave her a hand and with the other hand he held his son. 'Mommy, where's daddy?' Louise asked me. 'Daddy will come soon. First we have to lock this house and then we will go to daddy.' I answered her. Dani and I locked the house and walked to the cars. 'Look who's there!' I said to Louise and pointed to Louis who was smiling when his daughter ran to him. 'Daddy!' She yelled and Louis picked her up and kissed her on her cheeks. 

'I missed you too.' He whispered. I walked to him. He kissed me while holding Louise. 'Let's go?' He proposed. I nodded and put Louise on my lap while Louis drove. Dani sat in Liams car. 

When we arrived at the church, we searched for a place in the church. Louise sat on Louis' lap. While the ceremony started I helped Perrie with everything, her bouquet, dress, helped Alex to give the rings to his parents, giving baskets of flower petals to the kids, signing the wedding book of the church (I don't know how it is called that book where they sign in the weddings that were done in the church so I call it like that) 

When Perrie and Zayn went out of the church the kids threw flower petals to them. I helped the kids a bit. Sometimes I looked to my husband, who was just smiling because he loved how I helped people and tried to make them happy. Just like making him happy, making him the happiest man on earth because I married him and gave him a daughter, a daughter with his name but added an e to it. 

After the church we went to the city hall. The ceremony was quick but  beautiful. Then we went to the party. We ate a lot, of course, that's why you do a wedding, I think so. 

We ate a lot and then Zayn walked to the stage to get a microphone. 'Dear public, and my dearest wife and lovely Alex of me. First of all I want to thank you all for coming here. I really appreciate it and my wife appreciate it too that you all came to our wedding to be a part of it. After a few years, I finally dare it to ask her and now she's my wife and we have a wonderful son.' 

He took a breath, slowly but good. 'I want to thank my wife for all the years we already had and we will have. I want to thank her for Alex, for everything I have and everything I could achieve thanks to her help. She's a wonderful woman and now I ask her to come to the dancefloor for our dance.' Zayn said. I was surprised how he talked and how he gave his wife a lot of compliments. 

'You're also a wonderful woman.' I heard someone whispering in my ear. It was Louis. 'Mommy!' Louise said and crawled from lap to lap. She reached my lap and sat there. 'Lovely princess!' I said and stroked her hair. I placed a kiss on her hair. 'Steal my girl' started to play and Perrie and Zayn danced like never before.

After steal my girl another song played. Zayn took me as dancing partner and Perrie took my man as dancing partner. Alex and Louise were playing together so Niall took care of both. 

'Thank you for taking care of Perrie when she needed you the most.' He talked to me. ' Why not? She always does the same for me. Whenever I need her, she's there.' 'It's just not easy to handle her sometimes.' He laughed. I smiled after the song, I could dance with Louis. '18' played. 

I got a heart, and I got a soul. Believe me, I'll use them both. Louis sang softly to me. He turned me around. We made a start, be it a false one I know. Baby I don't wanna feel alone. He took me closer and kissed me. So kiss me where I lay down, my hands pressed to your cheeks.  He let me fall a bit down but held my back and kissed me. Then he held me up and when I was on the right position, he put his hands on my cheeks. I only could smile with that. 

A long way from the playground. Little Louise ran to me and Louis. I have loved you since we were 18, long before we both thought the same thing. To be loved and to be in love. All I can do is say that these arms where made for holding you. He turned me around and Louise too. He was crazy but I loved it.

After dancing a lot I went outside with him. Nervously, I brought my hands together. 'Lou?' I asked him. 'Yes?' He said. 'I have to tell you something.' 'Don't say you have bad news?' 'No, I think you should love it.' 'Tell me.' He said nervously. I placed my hands on my belly. 'We're having a second Tomlinson.' He looked me in the eyes with a glance like 'are you serious?' 'Yes I'm serious Louis. We're having a baby, I'm pregnant.' I said and couldn't held my tears anymore of hapiness. 

Louis took me in his arms. 'We're having a baby.' He repeated me happy, and relieved that it was that and not something terrible. 'Yes we're having a baby.' I whispered in his chest. 'A baby!' He yelled it. He ran to the boys. 'Boys I will be a father again.' He said like everyone needs to know that. So happy he was. 

Then he walked to Louise. 'You're going to have a baby brother or sister.' He explained Louise. She clapped in her hands. Louis picked her up. 'But you'll always be daddy's princess!' He said to her and kissed her a lot. She giggled and hugged her dad. Louis was so happy. After doing crazy with Louise he came back to me. He came closer and put his hands on my belly. A slowly kiss appeared on my lips. 'I love you Eleanor. More than you think. All that you had given me already. I didn't deserve it but I'm so happy that I got them thanks to you. You're my love of my life and I'm happy you give me children. We're a great team together.' He said and a few tears of hapiness started to fall down.

He wiped away my tears. 'See he's happy with it?' I heard someone saying behind my back. Perrie said that. I ran to her hugged. 'You're always right.' I said to her. 'You know it girl.' She laughed. 'Thank you for everything.' She added to it. 'It's done with pleasure and you will do the same.' I ended my sentence. 

The party went very well, we danced the night away while Louise stayed at Louis' mom. She picked Louise up at the party, just like Zayn's mom picked up Alex. 

- When I had to give birth -

'Louis stop, I have to pee!' I yelled when we're going to my parents. We stopped at the wayside restaurant. I ran (No actually running because how could a pregnant woman run? ) to the toilets while Louis was waiting with Louise for me. 

My water broke. I tried to get up and tried to walk to Louis. 'My water broke.' I tried to whisper in his ear so nobody heard it. But Louis got in shock but I pushed him to the car. I put Louis in her car seat and stepped into the car. With a speed, which wasn't 'legal' he drove to the hospital. I called my mom to pick up Louise in hospital.

Louise was very mature for her age. She knew that there will be a baby soon. She made some place for her baby sister or brother. She was always saying 'that's for my baby sister or brother.' And then she put her toys away. 

We arrived at our destination, hospital. It went so quickly before I knew I got a little boy in my arms. Little nose like Louis, eyes like Louis and my lips. 'Hi little boy.' I said and stroked his nose. He made a cute sound. 'Welcome in our family.' I said to him and Louis looked at me and his little boy. 

'Welcome to the family , Jason Tomlinson.' I said and smiled. Louis kissed my hair. 'Well done Eleanor.' He said. Well everything couldn't go wrong anymore with me and my family. I never could wish for something else than this. 

This is the end of Kissing the worker. I hope you like the book and absolutely thank you for reading I couldn't believe that there were readers here for this book. I have started now on a new book, and has the title 'Between these walls'. 

It's a fanfic about all the four boys :) Maybe I see you there reading it? And if it's not I hope to hear you somewhere else :) Thank you a thousand times for the comments, the views, the favourites, the likes! I really appreciate it :) 


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