Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


49. Chapter 48

Today it was Louises first day to school. She's being a big girl. (Note: I don't know when the kids goes to school , but in my country 2,5 years old they go to school/ kindergarten). I made her ready for school, a cute dress, a cute bag, a cute ponytail in her hair. 

While we ate some breakfast I made her lunch. When her lunch was done, I put it in her backpack. Louis came downstairs when he had his right clothes on. 'Daddy look, my dish is empty!' Louise said proud to Louis. 'Good girl! I hope you will do it great too at school?' He questioned his babygirl. She nodded proudly. 'You bring her to school?' I asked Louis. He nodded. 

When we finished breakfast and all the things we had to do before school, Louis took Louise in the car and brought her to school. Then he went to the studios. I was still home, finished my studies on my own. After the lunch I went to my doctor. I grabbed the car that I got from Louis and the boys as a present for my birthday and christmas. 

I drove to my doctor and she took some blood to find out if I'm pregnant or not. I'm really thinking I am because I'm gaining a lot of weight and tests aren't sure if you're pregnant at all. 'Can you visit me this evening? Then I know more.' The doctor said when he got the blood he needed. I left the doctor and decided to help Perrie with her wedding. Alex had to wait a bit for kindergarten so he was at home with Perrie. 

'How are you?' I asked when Perrie opened the door. 'I'm fine but stressed out.' She admitted. I hugged her and we sat down on the table and I looked at her preparations. 'Great ideas.' I said to her. 'Thanks.' She said and told me everything she had planned. 

I helped her with the photographer, called someone for it. Called a DJ. Then after we did a lot of calls we went with Alex to the florist. Little Alex laughed a lot and played with his moms hair if Perrie had him in her arms. 'This looks beautiful.' Perrie pointed out to the roses in different colours. 'yeah, actually, I'm jealous that I didn't got that for my wedding.' I laughed. 

When we got all the flowers for the wedding, like flowers for the party room, flowers for the bride, flowers for the bridesmaids,.... then we stopped for the food. We talked about the menu with the chef. After that I dropped Perrie and Alex at their home and went to Louise. She was happy to see me. 'Mommy!' She ran to me when she saw me. Her teacher came to me. 'I'm Laura, I'm her teacher. She did it very well. Her dad dropped her off this morning I think?' She talked to me. I nodded. 

'I'm her mom. I'm Eleanor.' I said and shook Lauras hand. 'Nice to meet you. Louise is a very happy child but sometimes too much energy, especially when it is the moment to sleep a bit. But further on it is a child to be proud of. ' She said. She gave my daughter a compliment. I smiled. 'Yeah, I know the problem.' I laughed. 'Mommy!' Louise yelled and I picked her up. Her little head lie on my breasts.

'But I see her tomorrow. And I hope to see you soon too! Tomorrow it is prince and princess day for the kids so you can dress her into a princess, eventually make up but we have some make up for the kids, only the dresses or costumes are a problem so the parents have to do that. But if they don't have a princess dress you can put them in a dress.' The teacher said. 

I nodded. 'Okay, I'll try to do that, or my man. But I think it's my time to dress her up. He only brings her most of the times.' I smiled. She nodded and said goodbye. She gave Louise a little kiss on her head. I put Louise in the car and went home. It was already 4 pm when I went home. I let Louise play and started to make a meal. At 5 pm I heard the door. Louis came into the house and Louise ran to her dad. He picked her up and spun her around. 'How was school little monster?' He asked his daughter. 'Laura the teacher is amazing!' She giggled. 

'that's great to hear.' He answered. 'Tomorrow our little monster will be a princess. Tomorrow it is prince and princess day in her class.' I said to Louis. He nodded. 'Little princess!' He yelled happy to his girl. She giggled and played with Louis while I made dinner. 

'Dinner's ready.' I said and put the food on the table. I made a dish for Louise, Louis and one for me. After dinner I lied to Louis that I went to Perrie but I went to the doctor. 'Miss Calder.' The doctor said and I sat down on the chair close to his office.

'Well miss Calder, I have news.' He said and took a breath. I looked nervously. 'You're pregnant, almost 7 weeks.' He said without taking one breath. I looked at him like 'are you serious?' He nodded. 'If there are any problems. You can contact me.' The doctor said and he let me go. 

I sat down in my car and cried a bit. How could I tell this to Louis? I know he will like it but still a shock for us. I called Perrie. 'Eleanor?' She asked. 'Perrie, are you alone?' I said crying. 'Yes, I am. Why? What's wrong?' She asked worried. 'I... am... pregnant.' I said devastated. I closed the call and cried. I drove to Perries house and she caught me in her arms. 'Louis will be so happy, why are you crying then?' She asked me. 'He'll be in shock. I'm not ready for a second one.' I cried and let it all out. 

'You're already ready for a second one, but admitting it, no.' She said to me and hugged me. 'No, I'm not ready for a second one, Louise is just now to kindergarten and now again one to take care of day and night, I can't. Louis will always be busy everyday...' I said and looked down to the ground. 

'I thought that too with Alex but look at me, look at Zayn. Thanks to you I changed my mind that they I knew that I was pregnant.' She said and smiled. 'Thanks to you I saw the most beautiful love in life and that's the love to your child.' She added. 

I smiled a little bit. 'Maybe you're right.' I said and sighted a bit. 'Maybe I should listen a bit to what I had said to you, Perrie. Maybe I should listen more to you too.' I said and smiled. She took me in her arms. In a strong hug. 'Good that you know that. Go to your husband and say it to him.' She said. 'Can I wait until your wedding?' I proposed. She nodded. 'But then I wanna hear it on my wedding when you tell it him.' She warned me. I laughed. 


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