Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


47. Chapter 46

After a week or two I could finally trust Louis enough to live where we had lived before the tour. 'Louise come here!' I heard Louis. Louise ran to her dad and he placed her on his lap. I smiled, only because of how the situation was now. The boys took a break, it was the best. when they start again no idea. I saw Louis making a ponytail in Louises hair. She had beautiful hair. Already very long for a almost to year old girl. 

'Daddy?' Louise asked. 'Yes, love?' He answered and stroked her hair. 'Can I get someone like you have mommy?' she asked serious. Louis laughed. 'Of course girl but wait a few years with that. Daddy wants his little girl here not with a boy.' He said and laid Louises head on his chest. 

I walked to the kitchen to make some food while Louis was playing with his little girl. When I was done with cooking , we could eat. After dinner, Louis brought Louise to her bed. When he came back downstairs he kissed my cheek. 'You know I love this life with you and Louise?' He told me. I nodded and kissed him on his lips. 'Maybe it's time for a second baby?' He proposed and a little smile appeared on his face. 

I looked in his eyes. 'If you really want it, and if you don't leave me then it's time for a second baby?' I smiled and he hugged me. 'We're gonna be a happy family again.' He said and I could believe him a bit actually. I had hope in the future. In the futre of me, Louis and Louise and maybe a little baby again. 

I almost fell asleep in the couch. Before my eyes were closed, I felt hands around me and picked me up. Louis brought me to my bed. He lie down next to me and stroked my hair. 'I know you're tired, so sleep a bit honey.' He said while stroking my hair. He placed a kiss on my nose and then he wrapped his arms around my body. He let me came closer to his body and my head could lay on his chest. 

The next morning I felt nobody next to me. I was worried. Did he leave me again ? Is this a dream? I ran downstairs. I was desperate. Then I found something, a letter.

Dear Eleanor,

I'm at the bakeries, bringing you delicious chocolate cookies, croissants and more. I also visit Niall quick for information about One Direction. I won't be away too long. xxxx Louis 

After half an hour, he came back with a smile on his face and a few bags. He walked to me and kissed me on my mouth. 'Goodmorning beauty.' He said and made me blush. I laid the table. When that was done, I went to Louise , woke her up and put her some clothes on. I walked downstairs with her and put her in her chair. I made sure she had something to eat. 

Then I ate something. I saw Louis looking at me. 'The tour would be for next year. This year's recording time.' He smiled. Yes, finally! He will stay here. I hugged him and hid my face in the crook of his neck. He rubbed my back. 

'I'm happy to be here this year, no problems. No worries.' He whispered. 'Daddy!' Louise yelled. 'Princess.' Louis yelled back like a kid. He picked her up and spun her around. A loud giggle came out of her little mouth. Louis placed a lot of kisses on her face. 'Daddy, crazy!' 'Really is daddy crazy? Louise is more crazy!' And he kept teasing his daughter. 

'Mommy help!' Louise yelled. I stood behind Louis and tickled him. He was laughing. 'Mommy meany, let me teasing my daughter.' Louis said. 'Nope.' I said while popping the p. The doorbell rang. 

Louis opened the door and a happy Perrie ran to me. She wrapped her arms around me. 'It definately amazing news! Zayn and I have a date for the wedding.' She giggled. She gave me an invitation of her wedding. 'Beautiful.' I answered. She smiled and hugged me and Louis. Then she picked up Louise and played with her. 'My son is with Zayn to Zayns mom. She promised me that my boys could get a nice tux. She will go with them to a shop today.The wedding is soon, so El please go with me to the wedding dress shop this week?' She begged and spoke really fast.

I think she is stressy already. 'Don't stress, my wedding was perfect why wouldn't yours be perfect?' I tried to convince her to calm down. 'Because Louis isn't like Zayn. Zayn thinks I organise everything or he just let it be if it has to be changed.' She freaked out. 

'Calm down, I'll help you then girl if you really want that.' I tried to calm her down again. She hugged me and whispered me a 'thanks'. I smiled to Louis. He saw me hugging Perrie. He was happy for me that I got Perrie. 

'Now I'm going back home, organising, organising. And you wait for a call from me this week? So keep your phone on its loudest tone!' She warned me and left the house. I laughed and waved at her. 'Poor Zayn.' Louis said. I poked him. 'Hey you! Poor me. ' I said. He tickled me. 'How dare you?' He said dramatically. He had put Louise on the ground and Louise tried to help me to get out of Louis arms.

'My own daughter hates me, she's defending you!' He said dramatically. 'Oh poor you, you always have no luck. Having me is a disaster for you.' I laughed. 'No that's a luck, just like that I have my little Louise.' He said and picked Louise up and spun her around. A giggle left her mouth. 

Louis placed a kiss on Louises face. 'Daddy!' she yelled. She didn't like it. Louis teased her again and put several kisses, almost wet kisses on her face. 'Daddy!' She yelled again. 'Louise?' He did like nothing happened. 'Don't do that daddy.' She said cute. 'Daddy!' She said again when he tickled her. She put her little hands on her hips, so cute.

Louis imitated her. I picked my daughter up. 'Daddy is a bit crazy. Today we're going to the zoo! Daddy is already practising to be a monkey.' I whispered; She giggled a lot. 'What did you say to our daughter?' Louis said and came closer to me. 'Our secret princess!' I said to Louise. Louise nodded. Louis tried to tickle Louise but I ran with her upstairs and made her ready to go to the zoo after eating some lunch. 

'I'm making Louise ready, can you make a bag for her? Her fruits, water, extra clothes, diapers?' I asked Louis, almost yelling to him because he was downstairs. 'Okay, at your service.' He yelled back. I smiled. I had finally a good husband and a good father for Louise. I was happy with it. Our relation is finally back and stronger than before. 

When I went with Louise back downstairs, Louis had packed everything we needed. I put Louise in her chair and we ate some lunch with our three. After lunch we put everything in the car and Louis drove to the London zoo. Louise fell a bit asleep, we would wake her up when we're already there. 



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