Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


46. Chapter 45

'Can I come in?' Lou asked. I nodded a bit and let her inside. I closed the front door. My parents greeted her. 'Why are you here actually? Sorry it's maybe arrogant but it wasn't mean like that...' I said. 'It's okay. I know the struggling you have now with Louis.' She said and sat down on the couch. 'Some tea?' I asked her. She nodded. I made some tea for us too while my parents went upstairs. 

I placed the cups of tea on the table and took a seat. 'I think you need someone new, go on date. Niall talked to me and he believes you need someone new, Louis is over for you he thinks.' 'I think I'm not over him and absolutely not ready for someone new.' I defended my opinion. 'Come on give it a chance. Niall and I searched for a date for you. I'll come here tomorrow, do your hair and make up and take Louise to my house so she can play with Lux. So problems fixed? Please try it.' She begged. 

'Why please tell me why do I have to do this?' I said her and I hope she could understand why I don't wanna do that at all. 'Because you have to be happy again. And Louise need a father figure.' Lou told me. 'Okay, okay, I'll see how it goes, but don't expect miracles....' I said and sent her away. 

The next day I made myself and Louise ready for the day. I had a flower dress on and Louise had something pink to wear. Her bandana was really cute. She got that bandana from her uncle Harry. He wanted to make her a little Harry look a like. She won't be a look a like at all. 

Lou knocked on my door and came in with at least two boxes. 'Sorry standard stuff.' She laughed. She smiled and gave me a kiss. Lux came also inside and hugged Louise. They played together. I have to sit down on a chair so Lou could do my hair and make up. When she was done she brought me with Louise to a place I didn't know. Normally I know this whole place but this place was totally unknown. 

'Louise can go too if you want. So you won't be alone.' Lou said. I nodded and took Louise in my arms. Lou leaded me to the room and there he stood... the man I never wanted to see again. 'Lou why are you doing this? What did I have done to you? Niall is the same like that... He dumped me like this while I had clearly said that I never wanna see Louis again!' I yelled to Lou. 'I'm sorry Eleanor. I did it for Louise and you'll be happy after this.' She closed the door and locked it so I won't run away. 

'Eleanor.' He spoke to me and came closer to me and Louise. 'Go away Louis.' I yelled but Louise cried and wanted her dad. Louis took his daughter in his arms. I took advantage of that and stepped away from him. I tried to held my tears in my eyes. 'Hey my little princess.' He said to Louise. He held her high above his head and played with her. She giggled a lot. 

Then he stopped and put her down. He made a play place for her. I know what he did. He made something for her to play so he could talk with me. 'Eleanor?' He asked when he was done with that. No reaction from me, so he sat next to me. 'Can we talk about it, please?' he begged. 

'I have nothing to say to you, only goodbye. You had hurt me enough. ' I said and looked away from him and cried. 'I know I ruined everything. I was selfish, arrogant, naïve, all of the worst things ever...' He looked to the ground and sighted. 'You know it but you did nothing, only ignoring me and letting me down. Giving me and Louise up just for what? A stupid carreer, yourself?' I yelled in his face while crying. 

He rubbed my back. 'GO away with your hands. I don't need you, I could take care of Louise how it is. The only problem is that she asked for you the whole time.' I yelled. 'Let's built it slowly up again. Maybe I can see Louise in the weekends and if you want we can go on a date again? I will change for you. You're my wife, my everything.' He proposed. 

'You can see your daughter but don't think I'm gonna go on a date with you...' I said. I was stubborn. 'Eleanor, I know you still love me inside of your heart. ' 'You think, you wish. I still love you but I don't wanna break my heart again....' I sighted and laid my head in my hands so I could cry.

'Look in my eyes and say that you don't love me and I will stop begging.' He said. I looked him in the eyes but I couldn't, I couldn't say that I didn't love him. 'I... ' I hesitated. He smiled, he won a fight and I lost one. 'See you still love me. You still wear our wedding ring and I bet you'll still have our wedding picture on your phone.' He was right. I still had these things. 

I looked to my finger. It was the best day of my life and today it is the worst day of my life. He laid his hand on mine. 'Please we build it slowly up... I want you back Eleanor. You're love of my life.' He almost cried. He took my head in his hands and came closer to me. He placed his forehead on mine. 'Eleanor I still love you a lot. I didn't know what I was doing that period. I was a loser, not doing anything with my family.' He put his nose to mine. He took a breath and a chance because then he kissed me. 

I didn't push him away. He kissed me minutes, minutes long. I felt passion again. When he stopped, we looked at each other. 'I want to start again, our family back again, maybe a little baby again when it is good again.' He said and I could see in his eyes that he was honest, honest about everything. He really meant it. 

'Give me a chance, Calder. Please.' He begged. 'Okay, one last chance.' I said so I think I could get away. He kissed me. I was shocked but I gave him a kiss back. He smiled and hugged me. Louise walked to us. 'Mommy and daddy together?' She asked and giggled. Louis nodded and put her on his lap. He stroked her hair. 

I heard the door, somebody unlocked the door. 'Happy family again?' Niall asked and looked into the room to find me and Louis with our daughter. 'I think, it has to build up slowly but it can.' I said and nodded to him. 'Come here.' Niall said and hugged me. He spun me around. 

'I'm so happy for you Calder. I know Louis was the one for you again even after all what happened.' He admitted. I looked at Louis. He smiled like he never stopped smiling. 

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