Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


45. Chapter 44

Weeks had gone by, even months, and Louis was still the same cold person. Nothing helped so I took one decision: Leaving him and the tour. I said goodbye to everyone except Louis. Let's test him if he would run after me. After a month, still no result. Sometimes the boys called me. Most of the times Niall and Harry. 

Since I left the tour, I live again with my parents. They help me with Louise and my studies. Thanks to them, I could work a bit for Louise. Because I don't use all their money. In the weekends, I work for Nando's and Starbucks, it depends. 

Today it was Starbucks weekend. Niall told me he was back home from the tour. He wanted to see me again.I told him I was at my work in Starbucks if he wanted to meet again. I was busy with a cup for someone when I saw Niall walking in with Louis. Why did he bring Louis with him? Everyone was okay, except Louis. Louis had hurt me, a lot. Especially if he didn't run after me. Niall came to me to order. I took his order. 'why did you brought Louis to Starbucks?' I yelled to him but Louis couldn't hear it. 

'He wanted it, I couldn't say no.' He felt guilty about it. 'You need to send him away. Niall please.' I begged him. 'I can't Eleanor. I can't.' 'Call one of the other boys then to take him away. It's too hard to see for me.' I said while working on his order. 'I'll try.' He promised. 

He went away and sat down next to Louis, trying to change his mind. But not a lot helped. Then I saw Harry and Liam coming, they send him away. I was happy for that. I didn't want to see Louis for a while. 

My shift was done and Niall had still waited for me. 'Hey lovely.' He said and kissed me on the cheek. 'Hey Niall.' I said and took the place next to him. 'How are you?' He asked a bit scared. 'Fine for what it is...' I sighted. 'And what about you?' I added. 

'I'm fine, the tour was unbelievable but I have missed you Eleanor. It wasn't so fun like it was with you.' He admitted. 'It can happen. After the tour I went back to my parents. I live there until I have found something to pay for myself and for Louise.' I mumbled and looked at the ground. 'Maybe I can help you a bit? But I saw Louis last time crying and I heard him talking to pictures of you and Louise. He had changed his mind if you ask it me.' He told me like it would happen in every fairytale or relationship.

 'If he had changed his mind , he had to prove it at least.' I said mad. 'He wanted to do that but you have sent him away a few hours ago.' Niall defended Louis. 'What does he want to do ? Telling me that he felt guilty about it ? Telling me that he loves me and never wanted to do that mistake? Well that's not enough.' I said with tears in my eyes. I walked with Niall to my parents house because Starbucks is closed now. 

'Give him some time to prove it.' Niall said and put his hand on my shoulder. 'Rome isn't built in one day, so a relation not at all.' He winked. 'I waited too long Niall. Almost 6 months if it isn't even more... But no reaction from mister Tomlinson.... Louise almost cried the whole time and asked for her dad. You think that's easy for me ? It isn't believe me. Then I say to her daddy is on tour he will be soon here but how much times I say that it would be a thousand times.' I explained him. 

'I understand it but I can't help it... Me and the boys had already tried to open his eyes and it finally happened.' He said like he had to say it for the rest of the group. 'That's already something.' I said and sighted. We arrived at my parents house. Niall gave me a kiss on my cheek. 'See you later, if I was you , I should check your phone daily. You never know.' He winked.

I came into the living room and I saw my mom playing with Louise. I ran to my daughter. 'Hey little girl. Did you missed mommy?' I asked her and she nodded. 'Mommy!' She giggled and hugged me when I took her in my arms. 

'Are we going to bed soon? First some food, then a bath. And after that little Louise will go to her bed.' I said and tickled her. She giggled loudly. My mom went to the kitchen to make some food. My dad was working in the garden.

When dinner was ready, I put Louise in her chair and gave her her food. She could eat really good. She didn't need a lot of help anymore. When dinner was over, I collected Louises PJ, her socks, and everything she needed for her bath. 

When I was ready I called Louise. 'Louise, come here to mommy.' I said and little legs moved to me. I picked her up and went with her to the bathroom. 'Mommy, when does daddy come?' She asked again like every day. 'He will come soon.' 'But mommy you say that everyday.' She almost cried. I took her in my arms. Her naked body was fragile. 'Mommy doesn't know the exact date when he comes, but he will come for you, I promise.' I said and placed a kiss on her head.

'Now we're going to bath.' I said and put her in bath. Her duck was already in bath. She played with it. I washed her hair and made sure she won't get soap or shampoo in her eyes. 'Mommy?' Louise asked. 'Yes' I answered. 'I love you mommy.' She said and I smiled it was one of the rarest moments that she had said that. 

'I love you too big girl.' I said. I washed her little body and then she played a bit. Then I picked her up and wrapped a towel around her. When she was clearly dressed for her bed, I brought her to my bedroom. I always laid her next to me. She liked that the most. I placed a kiss on her forehead and then I closed the door so she could sleep. 

Before I could walk to the living room, I heard the doorbell. I walked to the front door and opened the door. It was Lou, Lou Teasdale. What does she do here? Talk to me to help Louis? 

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