Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


42. Chapter 41

The wedding day is already there. We had bought a beautiful dress for Louise too. I stayed the night with Louise at my parents. I slept in my old room while Louise slept next to me. Louise is a beautiful one year old girl and could walk a lot now and something she can talk like she never did something else. 

My alarm went off. I walked with Louise in my hands downstairs to eat something as breakfast. After that I picked up Louise and changed her diaper, put her in a bad. Then I put Louise her dress on. Lou took her over to do her hair. Mom let her in and Perrie was also there. She helped me with my dress first and when Louise was done, I could sit on the chair so Lou could do my hair too. I carefully placed Louise on my lap. 'Mommy?' she said. 'Yeah honey?' I asked. 'daddy mommy marry?' She pouted. 'Yes, daddy will marry mommy today.' I smiled. I thought about it. Being miss Tomlinson. 

My daydream stopped when Lou said it's done. Perrie applied my make up and my parents made sure Louise wouldn't make some mess on her dress. When my make up was done I heard the doorbell. 'It's Louis.' I said with a smile plastered on my face. 'It's daddy Louise. Come here.' I said and took her little hand and we walked to the frontdoor. I opened the door and saw him standing there in a beautiful tux. 'Hello gorgeous.' He smiled. I blushed while he gave me a kiss on my cheek. Then he picked up Louise. 'You're just like mommy a big princess!' He said and placed several kisses on her head. 

He gave me my bouquet and lead me and Louise to the car. My parents, Perrie and Lou followed us with an other car. We arrived at the church. First Louis helped me and then he put Louise in his arms. And so we walked to the altar. It went so quickly : saying yes, vows, kiss, just everything. As soon as I could think, I knew that I was misses Tomlinson now and just nobody could change that, even management couldn't.

'I love you so much Eleanor.' He said while driving to our party location. 'I love you more Louis.' I said with a big smile on my face. Louise tried to play with my weddingdress. 'When you're almost the same age as mommy, you'll marry to and get an amazing dress.' I told her. She looked at me, astonished. 'Really?' She asked curious. I nodded. 

'You will find a prince charming like your daddy.' I giggled and I heard Louise and Louis giggling too. I placed my lips on Louis cheek. 'I love you.' I whispered in his ear. A smile appeared on his face and we stopped the car. The party location was very beautiful. I put Louise on my hip and walked around the location and greeted everyone. We had a great time. Louis made a speech for me and I made one for him. I cried while he spoke beautifully the words out of his mouth like how much he loves me and Louise, how happy I make him... It made me emotional at all.

The dance was Look after you. It was an instrumental song, Louis sang it live. 





(Note to the song: just imagine he sang it without autotone, his voice is more beautifully without that autotune. ) 

Louise was tired and my mom took her to her house and left the party. At midnight everyone almost left the party so Louis and I could go home. He lifted me up when we were almost close to the front door. He opened the door and when he reached the couch he put me there to close the frontdoor again. 

'Now that was the tradition and now you're mine.' He grinned. 'I'm yours.' I sang like the song of Jason Mraz. He smiled and picked me up and put me on his back. My head laid on his back and my legs around his waist. He ran like an idiot with me to the bedroom. 

'Little Louis again?' He grinned and put me down on my bed. I shook my head. 'I have enough now with Louise with a month or more maybe a year and then we will talk again about that.' I said. 'Little Louise is too young to have already a little brother or sister.' I said to him but I already saw a disappointed Louis. I kissed him soflty. 'Hey just enjoy it with our three because it will be more hectic with a second child and then you can't make a carreer like you now do.'

He thought about it but then he let it go. He kissed me and tried to make it the best night I have had. I enjoyed it but I still missed Louise around me. I already took care of her most of the days. So it's normal to miss her even it is your honeymoon or your night after the wedding. 

I slept in Louis peaceful arms. We had a great night. "Goodmorning wife." Louis whispered and kissed my nose. 'Goodmorning my man.' I answered and smiled. He took me in his arms and give me several kisses on my face. 'This afternoon we pick up our lovely girl but this morning you're all mine.' He said possesive like he was my bodyguard. Like he had to protect me at all. 

This morning we ate breakfast and then we packed out every present we got from the wedding. We decided to go on holiday with Louise with a little part of the money when she's 2 or older. It would be more funny then. Maybe going to Disneyland? Or just to Amerika or somewhere else. It doesn't matter where I am, but it has to be where Louise or Louis is or just both. 

Little Chappie :) I hope you like it. One Note : from 31 July until 11 August I'm not able to write a chapter for this book, I'm on a camp then so you know it. 


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