Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


41. Chapter 40

A little Author note: Twitter is bursting out about Louis who will be father soon, true or not I don't know but I still believe he will be a crazy dad just like he already is for everyone for his sisters and brother and parents and all. 

Days came and go and we finally had our pictures. It was a beautiful. Louis keeps playing with Louise and sometimes he put all the attention to me. Like yesterday he took me out for diner to talk about the wedding and more while Louise was at his mom. Johannah wanted to give us some time alone. 

'Ready to marry me at all?' He asked nervous. 'yeah if I wasn't I wouldn't buy my dress today with Perrie and one of the boys. ' I laughed and rubbed his cheek. 'I'm back for dinner love!' I yelled and closed the door when Perrie arrived with Harry and Johannah. We picked up my mom and we drove to the wedding shop.

A blonde woman greeted us. 'I'm Samantha. You're looking for a perfect weddingdress?' She asked me. I nodded and she showed me her best dresses. I was in love with most of the dresses. But the last one was amazing! Just perfect for me and Louis. 'Louis woud catch flies if you have this dress.' Harry said. I laughed. 'I hope in a positive way?' I asked. 'Of course, Louis thinks you will be beautiful even with something from a dumb place or wherever it comes.' Harry laughed.

'Harrold please.' Perrie said because Johannah and my mom were here. What does they have to think? 'What it's the truth.' Harry defended. 'You don't say that here.' Perrie said and poked him.I laughed and smiled while looking into the mirror. 'You're just a princess Eleanor.' Johannah said. 'I think this is the one. Now one for Louise and one for the bridesmaids.' I said. Then Perrie could change clothes. We chose a gold dress for the bridesmaides. And something white for Louise but I'll come back if it's closer to the wedding. A child grows more faster out of their clothes than adults. 

'You all are amazing ! Thank you.' I thanked all the people who went with me to the shop. My mom hid my wedding dress in her house. I will be there when it is the wedding. I dropped everyone off where they had to be and then I went home. I opened the door and smelled the delicious smell from the kitchen. 'Chef Louis?' I asked and laughed. 'For you is it Chef love.' He laughed and then I took a look at Louise who was playing on the carpet. I placed a kiss on Louis' lips. 

'You're hero.' I smiled. 'And you're my princess just like that little one on the carpet.' He smiled. 'How was your day? Did Harry something bad?' He asked worried. 'It was okay, I found my dress and the dresses for the bridesmaides. Harrold wasn't that polite but we're used to that.' I let appear a little smile. 'Yeah that's true.' He laughed a bit. 

He kissed my lips and then he cooked further while I changed Louises diaper and put her in her highchair. I put her bib around her with message ' Daddy is my favourite singer!' I smiled at her. Louis came with the food and I got some for me and a little bit for Louise. I grabbed my spoon and fed Louise. Her mouth hid with sauce. Louis and I were laughing about it and Louis took a picture of it. 'Little clumsy Louise.' He said. 

After dinner he took Louise in his arms and I handed him something to wipe off the sauce of Louises face. I saw a little smile on his face when cleaned Louises face. Then he placed a kiss on his daughters forehead. 'Where's going to bed little princess?' He said and took her upstairs. 'I'll do that.' He said and winked. While I did the dishes he put her in her crib. Before I knew I got two arms around me and a kiss placed into my neck. 

'My beautiful girl.' He hummed. ' The little girl is already sleeping in her pink room.' He whispered and I turned around. 'That's great so you can help me with the dishes.' I said and threw him a dish towel in his face. He nearly caught it but it hit his face. We laughed and then he attacked me with kisses. 'Tomlinson go and work.' I said serious. We did the dishes and then watched some tv. 

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