Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


5. Chapter 4

Note: the history in the story is not correct actually but it had to suit in the story so just imagine that there is a radio abc in the UK and that One Direction is formed in a pub.


Next day, new day, they said. The sky was fulled of clouds but beautiful clouds. Hearts, letters, all the forms could be present there. I opened the curtains of my apartment. The sun was shining. I was making myself ready for university. Louis would pick me up today. I made sure I had everything for university. Before I knew it, someone made a loud sound in the street. I knew it was Louis. I smiled and ran downstairs. 

'Ready?' Louis asked and smiled. He pointed to the seat next to him. I saw Zayn and Perrie sitting in the back of the car. 'Hi lovey doveys!' I laughed. They were again busy with a kissing session. 'Kissing, kissing!' Louis said. 'They are always doing that.' He added after he started the car again. I agreed with his statement. 'I hope I won't be like that if I find 'the one.' ' I laughed. He looked for a second to me. 'You would be the perfect girlfriend for that one and you choose your own boundaries.' He expressed his opinion. I smiled. 'Great thinking.' I answered. 'Thank you, miss Calder.' He said beautiful. I laughed. 

'You're welcome, Mr. Tomlinson.' I said. He smiled and when we arrived at university. He stepped out and came to my side to open the door. 'Thank you.' I said when I stepped out. Perrie kissed Zayn for the last time and stepped out. 'See you later today, I'll bring you back home.' Louis insisted. 'Thank you.' I answered and smiled. 'See you later then?' I said as a goodbye and waved at him. He waved back and nodded. 

I walked into the university with Perrie. 'I think you're in love with Louis!' Perrie shouted trough the hallways. 'I'm not.' I reacted immediately after her shouting session. 'You are! Admit it!' 'I don't admit anything what I didn't do or didn't have, or didn't am.' I said determined.

'Yeah, yeah, dream further about Tomlinson. I know you are in love with that boy.' Perrie said and we took place in the class when we arrived. 'You just have to shut up because you're too busy with your Malik boy.' I said and looked mad at her. 'But I see what I see, little child Eleanor. You're gonna be with Louis and make beautiful babies!' She teased me like a little child. 'I'm not a little child, and me and Louis. That's nothing.' I was mad, really mad. I was relieved when the teacher finally arrived. 

At the lunch break, Perrie started again with the Louis thing and I just decided to hit her and sit somewhere else because I was irritated by her teasing actions. 'Come on, you can't leave your best friend.' She begged and sat next to you. 'I can because you irritate me. I'm not in love with that Louis kid.' I screamed. 'Yeah...' She said like she didn't believe me at all. 

I sighted and just hope this will be away soon. After the lessons, Louis waited in his car for me and Perrie. 'Hi beauties!' Zayn and Louis said. I stepped in the car and didn't say anything anymore. I was mad at Perrie and if I would talk to Louis she would think more that I love Louis even it isn't. 'Everything alright?' Louis asked when he saw me looking mad plus saying nothing him. 'Yes only just a miss Perrie who's teasing me about something and I'm not that...' I sighted. 'Even what it is, let her do what she wants because she's always kissing and playing romantic with Zayn so she needs someone to tease when she doesn't have Zayn.' He laughed. I smiled. He's right!

When he dropped me home, he waved at me and said : 'see you tomorrow, saturday remember! Or maybe this night in the pub.' He winked. I smiled. 'That's great.' I laughed. I went into the building and saw him driving away. Don't fall in love, El. Don't give Perrie the rights to teasing you... Louis is a sweet boy but nothing for you. I bumped my head to the wall when I arrived at my apartment. 

I heard a song... these voices were so familiar... It can't be Zayn and Louis? Wait I've heard other three voices. Oh no Harry, and.. Niall? Who's the fifth one? It has to be someone of the pub, I've heard his voice before too... Noo not Liam! 

Actually it is a great song but why they didn't tell us... I was disappointed... How could they keep it as a secret, for me , for Perrie? I texted Perrie: 

Heard that song on the radio ? I recognized the voices, one of them is your boyfriend. 

I immediately got a message back from Perrie: 

What which one? I don't believe you... 

Of course she doesn't believe me, how could you? Because she thinks her lovely boyfriend would tell her everything but this he doesn't tell. I let it go for today in the pub but I absolutely ask him it tomorrow... 

Radio ABC, that british radiostation who let 'beginners' and 'stars' play their music.

I just hope that Perrie heard it too and says that I'm right. But she wouldn't believe me if she believes her boyfriend. She called me:

Perrie: Come on, you're lying, Zayn couldn't do this. He's always working on his office!
Eleanor: you're deaf if you don't recognize his voice and the other voices. You worked in the pub, you hear two of them everyday. 
Perrie: Proove it...
Eleanor: Okay, what you want, I'll search the song... 
Perrie: Search it! 

I searched it, I remembered a few words, story of my life? I searched it up in youtube. I saw some video's with the text : One Direction - Story of my life. I clicked on it. It played. It was the same song like I heard on the radio. There was a silence on the other side of the line. 

When the song was done, she spoke like she saw a ghost. 

Perrie: Sorry, sorry I believe you. Why do they lie about it? I'm gonna speak Zayn about it. Maybe you can search that group too...
Eleanor: I'm currently doing that... 

She could read my mind. I found this :

One Direction is a group created by Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Niall Horan. They came together in the pub 'the direction' and after some ideas between the drinks, they started practicing with the songs they invented. 

I repeated it to Perrie. She was speechless.

Perrie: So we have boyfriends who are celebs?
Eleanor: You have I don't..
Perrie: Come on admit...
Eleanor: I don't admit things that I don't have. 

This has to stop what Perrie does... I asked her to take over my shift today, because I wasn't happy today. She agreed of course Zayn would be there too. I was relieved about it. I didn't want to see their faces today... I went early to bed. I was tired and shocked what I had discovered. 

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