Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


40. Chapter 39

I was really waiting for him to come home. I texted him that we're home because it was too late but no answer. It was after midnight when he came home with Zayn. 'Zayn.' Perrie said relieved and took her fiancee in her arms. I crossed my arms. 'Babe.' He said insecure, Louis already know I was really mad. 'Don't you dare to call me babe! I'm mad Louis. I'm really doubting if marry you was a good decision. I can go back. Maybe I do that. What if you let me stand there on our wedding?' I said him honestly. 

He took a step closer to me. 'You know I won't do that honey.' He said. 'Don't call me honey either. I'm really disappointed. If you had told me where you had to go, okay. But you went away and took Zayn with you. Without any explanations...' I still crossed my arms. 'I know and I'm sorry about that. Management had an announcement for us and they wanna change a few things in the contracts.' 'Is that even more important than our invitations?' I yelled back. 

'I know it isn't that important than our invitations... I promise we can make it tomorrow again.' He promised me. 'And then again a call from management and then going away again without any explanations... No Louis it doesn't work like that. I'm away with Louise. It's over! I'm so annoyed with the fact that even Louise isn't that important for you last time.'  I saw it had hurt him in his heart. 

'I hurt you? I'm sorry but you did it too!' I said and ran away upstairs to pack my bags. 'Eleanor calm down please.' he begged. 'Not for you! It's over completly over. Why did I even like you, love you and get a baby with you?' I asked out loud. Then I started packing Louises stuff and then I got her in my arms together with all the stuff I got. I took my own car and drove to my parents.

The door opened and my mom took Louise over so I could drop my bags.  'Why are you here?' my mom asked. 'It's over between me and Louis. He had done enough to break me down.' Tears already started to fall down from my eyes. 'Come here love. ' my mom told me and put her arms around me while my dad had Louise in his arms. 

'You can stay here as long as you want to stay. Louise has a crib here too.' My mom said. I nodded. I texted Perrie: 

Sorry for leaving Pez. I couldn't be there. It was too hard. Louis had hurt me enough. I hope you understand me at all xxxx

I got one back that she didn't care about it. She fully understood it. I reached the crib of Louise after a few minutes Mom already laid her in her crib. 'Princess.' I touched her cheek and rubbed over it. I turned my phone off and tried to sleep. I finally fell asleep , crying. 

The next day I still feel like a bag. I could fall down now, it would happen then. But I had to go further for Louise, my only beautiful daughter. She had to go further without a dad. 'I hate you Tomlinson.' I said out loud and cried again. I left him but it didn't mean that it didn't hurt me. He had hurt me and now he would know the consequences. I walked to the other room where Louise was sleeping. 'Goodmorning princess Louise.' I said and smiled. She smiled back.

She was the only one who could let me stay on Earth. Who let me believe there's something to fight for. 'We're gonna take a walk after breakfast, little princess.' I said and picked her up so we could walk downstairs. I put her in her special chair here. I made some breakfast for me and something for my daughter. 

After breakfast, changing clothes and all the useful things, I decided to take a walk with my daughter in her pram. Just like we always did. We took the beautiful park way. I used to walk it with Louise and Louis. I sat down and looked around with Louise by my side. 

Some are jogging around the park, some are walking, some kids are playing around and I'm just enjoying it here. I saw someone jogging and he came to me. 'Eleanor.' I knew the voice, the body. 'I don't wanna talk to you.' I said stubborn. 'Let me talk for one second!' 'One second then.' 'Gosh Eleanor give me 5 minutes at least.' He said mad and sat next to me and turned his body to my side. 

'Okay 5 minutes then Tomlinson and then go away!' I yelled.  'Okay okay miss stubborn.' He felt guilty about what he just said. 'Well, yesterday Simon called about a deal which could change our lives even yours. He wanted immediately us in his office. I hadn't the time to explain. Then after the conversation I decided to buy our weddingrings. I thought the conversation of Simon will be long long long but it was actually shorter than I thought. And I felt also guilty about leaving you there so I thought let's do something for the wedding. Do you want a proof?' He asked and showed me a box with two beautiful rings. 

'Zayn and I ate something and then I made some plans with him for the wedding and before I knew it was really late.' He felt really guilty about it. He looked down to the ground and hoped I could forgive him. 'I need some time, maybe I will talk about it with Zayn. I'm so scared that you let me go when we're going to marry in a curch or somewhere else. ' I almost cried. 

He looked me in the eyes and took my face. 'Zayn, Perrie and I will say the same. Believe me I don't lie to my fiancee. I just love you, Eleanor Calder. With all I have.' He closed his speech with a passionated kiss on my lips, even if I didn't want to. 'Eleanor Jane Calder, please.' He begged me while kissing. 

'Please Louis stop.' then he tried to tickle me to gave me the feeling we had together. 'Tomlinson, this won't work , gave me time.' I said and stood up. I ran with the pram away. There he stood alone.I let him go. I thought it was the best decision. Maybe it was my biggest mistake.

Days I've lived with my parents and I regretted that decision. Not that my parents are bad but I couldn't live without my Louis. Louise needed her dad and I felt it who she did last time. I called Perrie for any plans. She took Zayn and Louis for a picknick with all the boys. A sort of picknick but without food, while I cooked a meal in Louis house for Louis. 

It was a sort of picknick to distract Louis' thoughts. 'You're ready?' Perrie texted me. I texted her back and took all my stuff and went to my own house. It still smelled delicious. It smelled like Louis. I put Louise on the carpet and gave her a few toys. 

Then I started cooking. While it was boiling I could put decorations and all that we need on the table. A little rose and other things. Candles too. 

After an hour the door opened. 'A day again without my two girls.' I heard him sighting. 'Dada!' I heard Louise yelling while I hid me in the kitchen. 'Hey little princess what do you do here? Aren't you with mummy?' He asked her even when she couldn't answer at all.

'I just wish your mommy was here too.' He sighted. 'what if she's here?' I said and came out the kitchen. He ran to me and took me in his arms. He almost cried of hapiness. 'Eleanor.' 'Yes, I'm here and I'm not planning to go away at all.' I whispered. He smiled and kissed me passionated. 

'I promise you this week I'll be here but if Simon calls I have to go, then I can't. But I'll do everything to make you happy, my love.' He promised me. I heard Louise laughing. 'Yeah you're happy that your parents are happy again.' Louis said in a childish way. I laughed and couldn't stop smiling again. 

'I cooked your favourite meal.' I said to him and kissed him. 'Yummy, I missed you.' He said and we ate his favourite meal. Then all the evening we watched TV, had fun with Louise and hugged a lot.


An extra long chapter normally ! I hope you like it :) I will try to make longer chapters and update more. 

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