Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


39. Chapter 38

Hours came faster and faster... and my stress grew a lot. Finally Zayn came to the waiting room. 'And?' I questioned a little bit stressed. 'It's a healthy boy.' Zayn said happy. 'Can we visit?' I asked. He nodded. 'Follow me.' He added. 

The hospital was a place to disappear into weird rooms but luckily I'm not alone. We finally arrived the room we needed, room 304. 'Knock knock.' Zayn said as a joke. 'No not Harry!' I heard Perrie yelling. 'Not it's me, Eleanor and Louis with little Louise.' Zayn answered. He entered the room and we followed as sort of fans. 'Meet Alex Robin Malik.' Perrie said and handed out Alex to me. Louise was on Louis' lap. 'He's just a mix from both of you. He looks like Zayn but in some way he looks like you Per.' I said. 

She nodded. 'I'm so happy with my family.' She said. 'Me too and in the future I will be more happy. I will be Miss Tomlinson then.' I laughed. 'Oh yeah, you said that if the baby's born that we have to help you with the picture for the invitations?' I nodded. 'If you can at least, if you can't, I'll call someone else.' I told her. 

'No, No; I would like to help my best friend with her wedding! You deserve it. Louis is the perfect man for you.' Perrie said and I saw Louis blushing. I gave him a kiss on his cheek. 'Within a weeks we're going to the mall Per! I need my weddingdress and I can't find them without you.' 

'Of course El. I can't miss it! Who do we take with us?' She asked. 'I thought Harry, Zayn and Niall couldn't keep any secrets for Louis and I don't know Harry a lot so I have to know him better as a friend of Louis.' 'And what about Louise?' 'I'm doubting she grew up so fast so I will go with her the last moment or I let my mom help me with Louises dress. I can sew one. ' 'That's nice to know, and you didn't tell me that?' Louis came into the conversation.

'There's a lot that you didn't know about me. So when we're married you should discover a lot.' I laughed. We left the hospital after an hour or two. 


- two weeks later- 

It was finally the perfect time for the pictures. Perrie had enough rest and Alex was an amazing baby, didn't cry a lot and sleeps a lot like his dad, we thought. 

'Lou, do you have the pram so I can put Louise in it?' I asked him while putting on my shoes. I had a red dress and Louis wore a black sort of jeans and a white shirt with black stripes. His black blazer was lying under the pram. There's something you can drop you stuff on. He laid his blazer above our bag for Louise. 

I took Louise out of the box and made sure we had everything. Perrie already texted she was on the way to go. When I had put Louise in her pram, I heard the doorbell. 'That's Perrie, Zayn and Alex.'  I said to Louis and opened the door. Zayn and Perrie gave me a kiss on my cheek. Perrie got a kiss on her cheek from Louis while Zayn gave Louis a hug. 

'Let's go?' Perrie said and the boys pushed the prams while Perrie and I walked as first so the boys knew where we needed to go. Perrie had her camera around her neck.  'Louise has changed a lot! A beautiful little girl.' Perrie was so enthusiastic about it. After some minutes we arrived at the place. Then Louis got a call.

'Simon?' 'No ,we're busy?' 'Okay, okay.' He closed the call. 'Zayn we had to go.' He didn't say anything and left the place. I tried to yell 'Louis' but nothing helped. Only I, Perrie, Alex and Louise were here. 

I almost cried. 'He promised he won't work today... Simon normally knew that he said... And now he left me before saying something.' I cried. Perrie rubbed my back and then stood up to get our babies. She gave me Louise and it worked to make me a bit happy. Louise caught a strand of my hair. 'You want to be hairdresser?' I asked my daughter.

She made a sound, is this a yes or a no, nobody knows. 'I'm now really confused if I want to marry him.' I admitted. Perrie laid one hand on my shoulder. 'Hey don't think that.' She tried to cheer me up. I cried. 'Why does he go away without any reason...' 'He will explain it later...'  Perrie was confused too but she hid it for me. 'I'll call Zayn within minutes.' She proposed. I nodded. It's better then nothing. 

After minutes Perrie called her man , but she didn't got any clues. 'They will come back if they finished.' Periie said. It became late and we still didn't see them. 'Let's go home?' Perrie asked. I nodded. 'I think that's better for the kids. I don't have enough food or things to stay here a whole night with them if their stupid dads take it soo long. ' I answered Perrie. She rubbed my back and gave me Alex in the other hand so she could stand up and take the kids to put them in their prams. 

We arrived at home and I made some tea for us and warmed up a bottle for the kids. 'You can stay over here if you want?' I proposed. 'Maybe then Zayn have to bring my stuff?' Perrie said. 'He can stay here too I will be mad at Louis not at him. He was pulled by Louis so he couldn't say nothing.' I admitted.

I hope he won't be home when I was awake, I was really mad.  


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