Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


38. Chapter 37

You know when the time has to come for changes... I think it's time now for One Direction. Changing managements... The boys arrived and gave me hug and Louise a little kiss. 'Everything okay? Louis was really furious on the phone?' Harry asked. I looked at them. 'Zayn you have a lot to explain to Simon. From Perrie to everything I think.' I sighted. Niall sat next to me. 'I let them talk, I know it would be better if I stay here.' He said sad.

'Hey, keep up the positive thing.' I said and touched his arm. 'I don't believe in the positive things now;...' He said. I gave Louise to Niall so he could think a bit positive at all. 'Positive ? I think we need to change management but it won't be that easy Eleanor.... Who could believe a up coming boyband? Who would invest in it ? And accept that they have children to take of?' He said to me and looked me in the eyes. 

'It'll be alright , I know Louis he is stubborn to give in and Harry he can talk so like a businessman. And Zayn he's just yeah Zayn.' I laughed.  'Liam is the daddy of the group so he'll handle it like a dad.'  I added to assure him that it will be okay. I hugged him a little bit. And before I knew the door opened with the four boys. 'How's it going?' I asked nervously. 

'Well not good but we'll start up our own management or search for a management and if we're that popular he'll regret his decision.' Harry answered. 'How could you even start up a management? You need money and other things?' I asked him like I didn't understand them. 'We have some money and on the other hand we can get a loan from the bank. ' Zayn said and shrugged his shoulders.

'It's your carreer... Not mine.' I said. Louis hugged me and I felt his chest on my face. 'We'll survive it.' He said. 'Niall, I want my little princess back.' Louis said and took Louise in his arms. 'Hey little one, our future will come soon.' He whispered but in his voice I knew he was scared of what would come later. 

'Let's go home? Maybe tomorrow Simon will change his mind?' Harry proposed. We all nodded. We drove home and there I tried to organise a few things for the wedding. Louis was so curious about all the things. 'When Perrie has her baby we're going to take pictures for the invitations so you can do something like making the invitations.' I teased him. 

'You're doing nothing now.' I added to it. He tickled me. 'That's not true Calder!' He started to defend. 'Don't make our princess awake.' I said to him because he never stopped tickling me. Then he finally stopped tickling. 'FInally.' I said and then he kissed my cheek. 'I promise I will find something to earn money for you and Louise. I want to take care of you both.' He promised and kissed my temples. 'I know you do?' I answered and nodded. 

I cupped his face and kissed him. 'I want more.' He whined. 'Less is more.' I answered and laughed a bit how he did after my answered.

-The next day - 

I decided to go to Perrie so Louis could get some time with his daughter. Louis would go to the park with Louise and Niall would go with him too. 'Hey Pez.' I said and kissed Perries cheek when she opened the door. 'Big belly?' I laughed. 'Pff; yeah and I'm tired of it, I would be happy when he's born.' 'It's a boy?' I questioned. She nodded proudly. 

'What will we do today? Can I help you with something?' I proposed. 'You can look at the baby room and then we can fill up boxes with candy?' She thought out loud. I nodded and I went with her to the baby room. It was beautiful. 'Oh my god Perrie, you did excellent work.' I answered. 'Now we'll fill boxes.' Perrie said happy.

I saw the pain in her eyes. 'Baby kicked.' She lied. I know she had contractions. I still lied about that when I was 9 months. 'Perrie these aren't contractions and you know it!' I confronted her with the facts. 'Okay okay, you're right but it can't happen now! Zayn's away for the album... I don't wanna call him. He has to be there when I gave birth to our son....' She sighted and breathed like a freak.

'Breath in and breath out Perrie.' I demonstrated it. She did what I said. 'Now we're going to the hospital with or without Zayn.' I said and took her in my car while saying 'breath in and breath out.' While driving I carefully called Louis to say what happened so he could inform Zayn to come to the hospital if he can call Zayn or he could go to the studios to find Zayn. It wasn't today Louis' recording day. 

After minutes we arrived at the hospital and some minutes later Zayn arrived too. So he could go with Perrie. I waited and hoped that Louis would come soon with Louise. 'Eleanor!' I heard a voice from the end of the hallway. There he stood my prince with my little girl in his hands. I hugged him. I cried a bit. 'Hey don't cry! It's not because I'm here that you have to cry.' A little smile appeared on my face. 

'Really funny Tomlinson.' I said a bit serious. 'Your smile is appearing again!' He smiled. 'But i'm so scared for Perrie. She was so in shock , Zayn has to be there she said and almost stressed out in the car...' I said 'It'll be alright, Zayn's with her now!' He assured me.

'Let them do the work and we will wait for some news.' Louis said and we sat in the waiting room. Louise was sitting on my lap. I stroked her hair while waiting for some news. 

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