Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


37. Chapter 36

'Let me go to my bed, I want to be alone.' I said and ran with Louise to my room. I laid her in my arms while we lie in my bed. Louis was downstairs. After an hour of two he woke me up and I saw Louise anymore. He probably put her in her crib. 'Babe we need to talk about this all.' He started talking. 

'I don't wanna talk.' I said. 'Eleanor... I will fix it, or we stay here for Perrie or I take you and Louise with me to the tour.' He said and I had to obey. 'Let's say one thing, if I can't fix it don't be mad. I thought Zayn would be mad for the tour, because Perrie has to give birth at all... But he didn't say something maybe he didn't realize it...' Louis tried to explain. 

'But.... He's going to be father, how can he forget that?' I exclaimed. Before he could answer I yelled again: ' You weren't at the birth of our daughter but you don't even forget her! I hope so at least but you have the responsibilities of being a father.' I sighted. 

I saw in his eyes that he felt guilty that he had let me down when I was pregnant. I saw a tear falling from his cheeks. 'Sorry Louis I didn't meant to hurt you.' Before I could finish my sentence he spoke and walked away. 'But you did... I still felt guilty about it? Think just one minute about what you're saying.' He yelled to me and made me speechless. 

I pulled my knees to my chin and tears are making their way to my cheeks. 'Louis! I love you so much! I didn't meant to say that like you thought I say that!' I yelled and hope he could hear it from a distance. I hope he would come back so I could sleep in his arms and that he could forgive me.

I decided to walked around to find him. There I found him, holding Louise in her room. ' Hey babygirl. I hope you know I love you and your mom? I was just that stupid leaving you and your mommy... I think she is still mad about it. I didn't want to leave you both but I wanted to make sure you both had a great life and I couldn't assure it when I hadn't a carreer like I have now...' His tears came almost to Louise but it landed on his shirt. 

I wanted to hug him but I know it wasn't a good moment to do that... 'Why do I have to get problems again? I just wanna take care of you and mommy... I thought Zayn knew that it was when Perrie had to give birth... I didn't think about it because it was hard enough to miss you at all. It was a shock for me.' He said and held Louise closer in his arms while she was sleeping. He put his lips on her little forehead. 'I love you Louise and daddy will try to take care for you as the best daddy ever.' He smiled a bit. I was astonished.

I walked into the room. He looked at me. 'Eleanor.' He said astonished. 'I heard what you said Lou. I really appreciate it.. I didn't had to yell at you. I know it isn't your fault at all.' I walked to him and hugged him on his side because he had Louise in his hands. Then I felt his hand on my hip. 'It's okay.' He assured me and placed a kiss on my hair. 

He laid Louise in her crib again and hugged me thightly. Then we walked to our bedroom. 'It's okay Eleanor.' When he saw some tears in my eyes. 'I was very mean to you while you didn't deserve that at all.' I explained him. 'Hey, listen to me it's okay and tomorrow we will go to Simon, you and I and Perrie and we'll explain it. ' He stroked my hair.

'Come and go to bed.' He said and we went to bed and I slept in his arms again. 

The next day we stood up and made everything ready to go to Simon. Louise was playing in her seat when we took her to the car. 'Are you ready babe?' Louis said and kissed my forehead again. 'I think I am.' I said nervously. 'We can do it, you and I' He said and we stepped into the car and then he held my hand while driving. 'It'll be okay, don't stress.' He said like he could read my mind at all. 

When we arrived, I took Louise in my arms. We ran into the building where a lot of fans were waiting for Louis. I ran with Louise in my arms to the building while Louis made time for his fans. When Louis stopped next to me, he held my hip. 'Let's go to Simon?' He proposed. I nodded and we walked to the elevator. The elevator stopped at the second level. We walked to Simons office and then we sat down. 'Tell me.' Simon said and looked us with a blank face. 'Well... Perrie has to give birth when we're on tour. Didn't say Zayn that already?' Louis started talking. 

'That's Zayns problem not ours as management. And if you don't agreed then it's your problem, you have signed the contract.' Simon said almost mad. 'It's all of our problems, what if the paps discover something about the fact that we're on tour and Zayn isn't there for his wife. If he had 'to cheat'.' I said. 'That's his problem misses Calder, don't you dare to speak like that. Or you don't go on tour with them.' Simon warned me. 

'That's ridiculous. You can't do that.' Louis said with his fist on the table. 'I can Tomlinson. You signed the contract, so if you don't listen what we want we can say goodbye to one direction.' Simon said like it was his daily task to say that. 

Louis was furious and called the rest of the boys. He wasn't that calm again and Louise cried. I rocked her and said: 'Daddy's only furious because Simon don't wanna listen to him.' I whispered in Louises ear. She calmed a bit down. 'I go out of the office because this won't work and Louise needs her bottle.' I said to Louis and gave him a kiss. 

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