Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


36. Chapter 35

I woke up and looked around. The same room, the same things but I knew there was something special integrated into the room. I turned around and I saw Louise sleeping in Louis' arms. I smiled and put a kiss on both their foreheads. 'My angels.' I whispered. I bet that I didn't hear Louise crying this night and Louis couldn't rock her asleep that she slept next to us; 

I stepped to my closet and put on my dress. 'mmm. You're sexy in a dress.' I heard Louis in a morning voice. 'I'm not sexy. ' I said and put my blazer on. He stood up and gave me Louise so I could put Louise her clothes on. 'Yeah you little sunshine, smile a bit.' I said to Louise while playing with her legs. She laughs a little bit but I know she is happy. 

Then Louis peeked into the room and walked to us with Louises teddy bear. He played with Louise and her teddybear. 'Daddy will catch you.' He said in a childish tone and rubbed with the teddybear in Louises face. Her little legs went up and touched Louis mouth. I laughed. 'Hey don't laugh!' Louis said sad. 'I smile that's just differrent and play further with our daughter she likes it.' I said and threw her diaper to him. He fortunately could catch it. 

He changed her diaper and gave her her food while I called my mom for the wedding plans. She would stop here in the afternoon. Then I called Louis' mom. 'Johannah? Can you stop here in the afternoon, I think we need you.' I said and I heard on the phone that she would be there on time. 

Louis walked with Louise and stopped next to me so I took the chance to ask what I wanted to do. 'Is it okay to take Harry or Niall with me when I'm going for my weddingdress so they know how your tux has to be ?' I asked , almost begged. I would go already with Perrie but I want to be sure Louis has the tux which is perfect next to mine. 'Uhm....' He was hesitating... I know he is a little bit jealous.. 

'I'll take Harry with me so I have a better bond with him?' I proposed. 'I trust Niall more than Harry. You know that pub problem?' He let me remmeber it but actually it didn't care for me at all. I had Louis again and it didn't care me if Harry was mad at me or Louis. Harry is Louis' friend so I have to be friends with him. It isn't maybe that simple but I don't want a fight between them thanks to me. 

'Eleanor, promise me one thing then if you really want to go with him. Don't let him flirt with you , kiss with you , whatever he wants to do with you. He never wants to do something what a boyfriend wants to do with you.' He answered. 

I nodded like a slave. 'I understand it, Mister Tomlinson.' I answered him. 'Okay, almost misses Tomlinson.' He said and placed a kiss on my forehead. 'I want to make it perfect.' I said and looked at him. 'You're not the only one.' He whispered. 'But...' He didn't finished his sentence. 'But?' 'I have to go to the boys today for studio work....' He sighted. 'Then you do that ? I won't be mad. I organise a big part I said and your mom and my mom will help me. You only have to say what you want at all.' I told him. 

'That's okay for me.' He looked at his watch. 'It's time I have to go.' He said and gave me Louise. He kissed our foreheads. 'I'll be back for dinner maybe with one or two extra guests.' He laughed. Then I already knew he would take Niall or Liam with him or maybe somebody else of them. I already expected that. I played a bit with Louise and then I put her in the box to get our food. I fed her and then I ate something before my mom and Louis mom came. 

The doorbell rang. I walked to the frontdoor and opened it. 'Hey!' Johannah said enthusiastic. I kissed her on her cheek. 'You look beautiful. I know your wedding will be perfect.' She said. 'My mom will come to for the preparations. She knows someone for the food and drinks.' I said. Johannah nodded. 

'Go and sit down.' I said. Then we sat a bit and made an overview what we have to do for the wedding. Then my mom came. 'Hi sweety' my mom greeted me and kissed me on my cheek. 'Hi mom.' I answered and let her in. 'This is my mom, mom this is Johannah, Louis' mom.' I smiled. 

'Nice to meet you.' Johannah said. The moms get on well with each other. We check the list for the preparations. 'What sort of invitations do you want?' My mom asked. I explained her the picture with me and Louis and Louise between us in a green environment. 'Quite romantic. Who invented that?' Johannah asked. 'we both actually I think.' I laughed a bit. 

We organised a lot and they promised me to go for my dress too. If Johannah goes with Louis she knows how his tux has to be. After long discussing, I heard Louis coming in. Johannah had Louise for a while in his arms. She really wanted to play a bit with Louise while we are thinking about everything for the wedding. 'I'm home.' Louis yelled. I ran to him and hugged him. 'What a nice welcome at all.' He laughed into my hair. He kissed my cheek. 'Decided a lot ?' He asked us. 'I'll take her to the wedding shop together with her mom, Perrie and Harry so Harry and I know the best how your tux has to be.' Johannah explained. 

'Okay, I don't trust Harry but I trust you mom so you can.' He winked. Then he hugged his mom and took Louise out of her arms. 'There's my little princess.' He said and kissed her nose. We made some dinner and the moms stayed until dinner. 'El?' I heard Louis saying after the moms went away. 

'Lou?' I answered back. He had Louise in his arms. 'I think we have a problem but I think I have solved it...' He said. 'Don't speak with weird words, and weird stories Louis. Just tell it me. ' I said almost being mad. 'I have to go on tour again for more than a month.' I cut him off. 'You are serious?' 'Yes I am serious but I think that I could organise that you and Louise can stay at least a month with me, according of the answers of Simon but he'll let me now the answer soon.' He told me. 

'Couldn't think Simon better to plan this later instead of now? Perrie has to giving birth soon to her baby! She can't go with Zayn and Zayn can't stay here if she is more than 8 months pregnant.' I said disappointed. 'I can't let my best friend down. She helped me when you left me.' I said hard. I felt some emotions from Louis' side. 'El... Listen. It'll be alright.' He tried to calm me down but nothing helped at all. 


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