Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


34. Chapter 33

'Babe, do you have everything?' Louis asked while holding Louise in his arms. She had just eaten something. Louis had everything to go to Paris but Louise and I, were just difficult. What should I carry with me for her? Zayn brought us to the airport when we got everything. I had Louise in my hands and when we had our plane Louis smiled. 

He stroked Louises cheek. Then he looked at me and kissed me. After some hours, we finally arrived at our destination Paris. 'It looks beautiful Lou.' I said and hugged him. I laid Louise in her pram. Then we walked trough the streets like The Champs - Elysee. 

When we stopped at the Eifel tower, Louis could organise that we could leave the pram downstairs to go with Louise in our hands upstairs.'Eleanor. Look at that.' We saw a plane with some words behind it on a white cloth. He gave me something to read it better. 'Eleanor wanna marry me?' stood there. Then I looked at Louis and then he knelt down. I tried to hold Louise still in my arms but with one hand I covered my mouth. 

'Dear Eleanor, I met you in the pub, I love you since that moment. We'd going trough a lot. We have our little miracle and I want to make sure we have a future. Please marry me and made me the happiest and funniest man on earth. I can't live without you and Louise.' He begged. He grabbed a little box and put out the ring. It was the ring I ever wanted. The first time that I walked with Louis around the streets in London, I told him that I love that ring. 

'Louis.' I said but further there were no words to describe. 'Don't tell me that you will say no.' He said disappointed because I only answered with his name. My body was frozen because of the shivers he gave me thanks to that proposal. 'I would like to marry you Louis William Tomlinson.' I said with tears in my eyes. he put the ring on my finger and then kissed me and took Louise in his arms. 

'Mommy and Daddy are going to marry!' He said enthusiastic to his daughter, just like she would be happy if you understood what he said. He took my hand and in his other hand he had Louise. When we were downstairs he put her carefully in her pram. Then I got a call from Perrie. 

I picked up my phone and listened carefully of what she said. 'Eleanor please help me.' She begged. 'What's wrong?' 'I don't have my periods anymore. I think I'm pregnant.' She said out of frustration. 'Calm down , babe. How long didn't you have them already?' I asked her while Louis was walking with the pram next to me. I walked while I was talking to Perrie. 

'I'm not sure at least 2 months.' She was devastated. 'Is Zayn there?' I asked. 'No, no happily not. I think he would be furious if he knows that I'm pregnant.' 'Did you already take the pregnancy test?' 'I have it, but didn't test it yet. I will do it now. Eleanor, I'm so scared....' She cried into the phone. 'Don't be scared, I was too but see us now. Maybe Louis was furious in the beginning but he had changed his mind at all and took the responsibility of Louise.' I explained her calmly. 

'Are you sure Zayn would be the same ?' She doubted. I knew it how she said it. 'Should I ask it Louis maybe Zayn had talked about it when Louis got our daughter?'  I proposed. 'But... he won't tell it to the others I hope?' Perrie asked insecure. 'I'll ask it him and I'll let him promise to keep it for himself.' I promised Perrie.

'Babe?' I asked Louis. 'Yeah?' 'Does Zayn ever talked to you about kids?' I asked quickly. 'Let me think... One time. He is insecure and really said to me that he thinks he can't take care of a child because he's just a child but look at me I am a child in my mind and I have a child.' He joked a bit. 

'Okay, thanks honey.' I said and kissed him on his cheek. 'Well, he talked once about it. He's insecure about it and said that he thinks he can't take care of a child because he's just a child.' Perrie laughed a bit. 'I thought Zayn was the most serious person of them. I thought Louis was the child of them all.' Perrie laughed. 'But he is a child but can take care of a child.' I answered. 'That's true.' Perrie agreed. 

'It's just that simple.' Louis answered Perrie. Perrie laughed. She did the test and the result was positive. 'Congrats girl.' I answered. 'I'm so scared for Zayn.' Perrie said. 'It'll be alright, believe me now for one time.' I told her. And then after a long call with Perrie. Louis and I went with our little daughter to the shops. We bought some things for her and for me. And at the last shop we found a lot for Louis. So everyone got something. We went to Paris for two days. The second day we went to the Arc de Triomphe and montmartre and a lot of beautiful places in Paris. 

I enjoyed the trip. From now on, I can be misses Tomlinson. 


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