Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


33. Chapter 32

'Wake up.' I heard Louis whispering in my ear. 'Don't wanna wake up, I wanna die. My little baby girl... I miss her so much.' I cried. Louis held me in his arms. 'Hey, don't die please, I need you and our baby girl. And believe me , she'll be better within days. I know that for sure, she will be better soon.' He started to calm me down. 

I stood up and looked around. 'I'm going to take a shower, can you go with me? I need someone.' I said sadly but I hoped he really said yes to shower with me because I had the feeling I just could fell down of sadness. He followed me and we took a shower together. He took care of me , he was the only one who could think clearly of us. 

We made sure we had everything to go to the hospital to see our little girl. We packed some clothes and diapers and all she needs. 'Louis, I love you. Thank you for standing by my side.' I whispered when he was driving to the hospital. A little smile appeared on his face. 'You know I love you and that's why I do that.' He said and laid a hand on my leg. 

I could see something special in his eyes for the first time in my life. He was emotional. Sad and happy. Sad because there's something with our little girl and happy because he had me back. We walked into the hospital and took the elevator for the right level. We walked through the hallways and finally found the place where my little angel had her crib. 

'Mister and misses Tomlinson?' A nurse asked. We nodded. 'She's okay now but this night she had some different heart rates. We have to do some surgery today so we can be sure her heart rate will be normal again. Because this night she had some heart attacks.' The nurse explained instead of the doctor. My tears streamed down. 'I'm sorry, misses Tomlinson. But I know for sure she would be better soon after that surgery. They will do the surgery within an hour. We'll call you when it's done if yoou're here or not. ' She told us. 

'Thank you.' Louis said. She nodded and went into the room. 'You can come in for ten minutes but not longer, I'm sorry.' She added and we followed her. I saw Louise her eyes. They were open and I saw in her eyes that she was terrified even if she didn't know what will happen to her. Maybe it was because I was crying and Louis was trying to get his tears back in his eyes. 

I took her little hand in mine. 'Mommy will promise you'll be better and when you're better we will tease daddy a lot!' I said with a smile and then I saw a little smile on her face. I saw thanks to the glass of the incubator that Louis smiled a little bit too. I held his hand and gave him a little squeeze in his hands. 'We can do it, us three.' Louis said after a long silence. I felt a kiss in my hair. 

I smiled and then we heard the nurse telling us that we had to go. We walked to the restaurant and ate something while waiting until Louise was back from the surgery. It was a long surgery. I couldn't count the hours but it was reallly long. After atime Louis got a call to say that the surgery was done and that she had woken up. We walked upstairs to the big room with all the babies. 'Mister and misses Tomlinson ? ' The doctor asked. We nodded and she told us what they did with her. Quite impressing but scary as well. 

'You can see your daughter. She has to stay today and tomorrow and then we will observe if she needs to stay longer.' She answered even if we didn't asked that question but it came up in our head. We walked to Louise and she slept again. I took her little fingers in my hand. I saw Louis' hand on the incubator. 'We will take you soon home little girl.' I said and then I saw Louis' finger going trough the hole of the incubator to stroke Louises cheek. 'She's wonderful.' Louis whispered to me. 'She is. She is a wonderful strong and beautiful girl.' We smiled. 'It's our girl.' Louis said. 

At the late evening we left the hospital, with a little hope in our hearts. Louise would be home as soon as she was better. 

* 2 - 3 days later * 

'Louis come on, we don't wanna be late! Do you have everything in her bag. She needs new clothes and do you have the car seat?' I really stressed and Louis the poor boy had the experience of a stressed out Eleanor. 'Yeah , yeah you go to the car or make yourself ready and I'll have everything you need ,baby.' He gave me a quick kiss and continued collecting stuff. 

After half an hour we went to the hospital. 'She is yours again. But we have to check her every month.' The doctor explained. We nodded and listened carefully of what they said. Then I took Louise in my arms and kissed her on her forehead. I laid her in my arms and Louis stroked her on the forehead. 'Our baby girl is back.' He said. He held the portable car seat in his hands so I could lay Louise carefull in her car seat. 'See you the next check up. 'The nurse and doctor said and stroked Louise softly. 'She was no girl who cries all the nights.' They laughed. 

We drove back home and Louis' mom already welcomed our little girl again. She took Louise out of her car seat while Louis and I took all of Louises stuff inside. 'There's my little sunshine again.' Johannah said in a enthusiastic way to Louise. Louis and I smiled. I looked at Louis and he let his hand on my shoulder. 'She's back home and now we can start again.' He said and stroked my cheek. 'Are you sure Tomlinson, that it's okay now?' I said and I saw a scary face of Louis.

I ran to the couch and grabbed a pillow. I hit his head with it. 'Now we can start again!' I laughed. 'You evil Calder!' He yelled and took another pillow. I defended myself with the pillow I had in my hands. 'Lou please! I'll be good again...' I begged. 'I'll stop if I get a kiss again.' He said. I walked to him and kissed him. He smile while kissing. 'You ruined the kiss Tomlinson.' I said. 

'I like to ruin things.' He smirked. 'I hope you hate to ruin Louise?' I asked him. 'Of course, why would I ruin Louise. She's my everything just like you.' He said and kissed my nose. 'Mom, I need Louise now!' Louis yelled. 'Don't yell at me, darling. Your child has tiny ears, it could damage her ears.' Johannah said instead of yelling like Louis. 'Sorry Louise.' Louis said and kissed Louises head and took her out of his moms hands. 'She's mine.' He hugged her a little bit. 

'He's very cute with her, isn't it?' Johannah asked. I nodded. 'He really is. I'm curious when she will grow up.' Johannah agreed. 'I'm going to the kitchen making something, any suggestions? And Johannah you have to stay for dinner please.' I said. She nodded. 'Something with Carrots?' Louis begged. 'I'll see what we have Boobear.' I said.

I made the dinner and then Johannah left. Louis and I sat on the couch. Louis had Louise on his stomach. 'Hey little girl.' He was really playing with her. He put his hands on his face and then he showed his eyes sometimes and then not. Sometimes she could smile. 

I laid my head on his shoulders. I placed a little kiss on his shoulder. 'Louis, I love you.' I whispered. He looked at me and kissed my hair. 'I love you more Eleanor Calder. And next week we're going with our three to Paris.' He said surprisingly. I looked at him. 'How and when ?' I asked him. 'Just trust me and I will say on time when you have to pick your stuff and go to Paris.' Louis said.

Hii , Again a chappie I hope a longer than normally & I hope you like it xxx Eline 

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