Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


32. Chapter 31

'Eleanor.' He sat next to me. 'Where is Louise? You did leave her alone in the house?' I said mad, driving crazy. 'No, no. Calm down, she's at my moms place. My mom is taking care of her.' He said and tried to touch me while I moved further away from him. 'Louis, don't touch me.' I begged him. 'El... I love you. I want to do everything I could to make you and Louise happy. I know I'm a douchebag because I couldn't wake up every morning to pick her up, rock her asleep or giving her a bottle or a new diaper. I'm a douchebag I know. Hit me, whatever you want' He said. 

'I don't hit you at all, Louis.' I shook my head and laughed. He smiled. 'Please forgive me.' He begged and looked at me in a way you never believe someone could love you at all. He must have loved me a long time ago like that. 'Eleanor... I chose you because you were different than others, you made my brain stop thinking. You made me the happiest man ever when you said you like me. When you were pregnant I didn't realize we had a miracle.' He smiled while he said that. 

I looked around but avoided his face, scared that he cried and that would convince me at all to get him back. 'What happens with Louise if we break up? I don't wanna lose you and Louise....' I saw him almost crying. Don't Louis don't... 'I have to think about it Louis...' I cried. 'No Eleanor, you have to stay with me and with Louise.' He begged me. He held me in his arms and I couldn't resist it or ignore it. When he let me go, he pushed his wonderful lips on my lips. 

I felt his tears in the kiss, tears of truth. I looked at him with my watery eyes but I don't care because he was crying too. Boys don't cry a lot but Louis can since he became a father. 'Uhm guys, I think you should go home, Johannah called. And Eleanor I think it's better you go with Louis back home. Because if you're here you will think of it and then you won't go back or then it's going to be worse. Just give you both some time that you both need.' Niall advised us. 

Louis grabbed my hand. 'Can I hold your hand or is it too early?' He asked careful. I just nodded. I couldn't do anything else than that. He brought me to his car and we drove to Johannah. I took Louise in my hands and tried to calm her down. She was finally silent. I gave her a little kiss on her forehead. 'There's something with her. Please go to the doctor.' Johannah advised us. 

I nodded and held Louise in my arms while Louis drove to the hospital so we should now what's happening with our little girl. There the doctors took care of Louise. Louis held me in his arms and calmed me down even if he couldn't it at all because Louise is in hospital... 

'It will be okay with our little girl.' Louis whispered and kissed my hair. 'Parents of Louise Tomlinson?' A doctor asked. We nodded. Louis gave me his hand. 'I'm doctor Williams, we are busy with finding a thing why she cries a lot. We check her heart rate everytime now. She has to be here this night at least. It's not normal what's going on with her.' The doctor told us. 

I nodded and held Louis' hand thightly. 'You can see her now if you want.' The doctor said and showed us where she lie. A lot of tubes were around her and I couldn't hold my tears. 'Hey, she'll be better, she's a Tomlinson and if she's like me, she is full of life and wants to fight for it.' Louis couraged me. I laughed. Indeed, he's full of life all the time. 

I put my finger on her cheek and then she took my finger. I smiled. 'Yeah take it, just like you have to take the chance to be alive.' I whispered to her. Louis had his hand on her back. I saw a little smile on Louises face. After half an hour the doctor told us that we have to leave and that we can visit her tomorrow again. She would let us know if there's something wrong with her. 

I walked with Louis to his car and looked at the ground while he was driving away. Why Louise? I asked it the whole time. 'El? We're home.' Louis said softly. I didn't react so he opened the door and picked me up. He opened the door and brought me to our kitchen. 'You have to eat something.' he said. He was worried about me. 'Don't need food.' I said. He took the cutlery and feeded me even if I didn't want to eat. 

'We have to go to bed, tomorrow will be early..' Louis explained. I nodded but did nothing. 'Hey don't give up, our little fighter is strong.' He said and held my hand. 'I can't sleep, I can't do anything.' I shook my head. 'Come on.' Louis said and picked me up and laid me in bed. 

He undressed me so he could put me a PJ on and he undressed his so he could sleep in his boxers. I let a tear fall over my cheek. 'Hey, she will survive. I'm here, I'm going to stand by your side. And I will take a break with One Direction for a while.' He said. I nodded. 'I love you Louis.' I whispered. A smile was on his face. 'I love you more Eleanor.' He said and kissed me on my forehead. He wrapped his arms around me like a prince protecting his princess. 

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