Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


31. Chapter 30

'Louis. Get up lazy bum and get Louise. I've been out of my bed for thousand times this night.' I whined to Louis. My feet pushed Louis out of the bed. 'El don't..' he begged. 'Yes you have to.' I begged. 'I don't want to.' He said. I stood up with a bad mood and walked to Louise's room. 'Thanks Lou to let me take care of this baby alone.' I yelled back to Louis. I put Louise a new diaper on and rocked her asleep but not a lot helped. I went for a bottle for her... Out of inspiration what I could do after that, I placed Louise between me and Louis. 'Now you can take care of her. I can't handle it: I gave her a bottle , new diaper, rocked her asleep,... Nothing helped.' I sighted. 

'Let me sleep again, Eleanor.' Louis whined. I became mad and yelled. 'You have your band and your work but I'm constantly here with Louise. If I can't handle her for a time you don't do anything.' I almost cried and ran downstairs with tears in my eyes. It doesn't matter if Louise is next to Louis. Tears came out my eyes and made a way around my cheeks. 

I heard some footsteps around my space where I sat. Louis... I don't wanna talk to him. Then I saw him with Louise. He was rocking her until she fell asleep, which didn't want to happen. 'El...' He said and sighted. 'Don't call me like that, mister popstar!' I yelled at him and stood up to walk away. I took a breath. 'I'm tired of this mess... I always try to take care of Louise and if you want to wake up for her it's so "difficult" to stand up to go to her crib for one time...' I screamed it out. 'Shhh.... mommy isn't mad at you...' Louis said to Louise when she started crying after a time silence. 

I ran upstairs and grabbed some clothes and all that I need for a night. 'I'm not staying here for a day. It's enough for me.' I yelled to Louis and closed the front door and grabbed the car keys of my own car. I drove to Nialls place I know Louis would know where I am but I don't care. 

Niall took me in his arms when he found me devastated in my car when I waited for him at his house. 'Shhh....' Niall comforted me. 'And what about Louise?' Niall asked me. 'I let her with Louis. He couldn't even wake up for a minute to take care of her... I'm tired of it.' I sobbed. 

'I understand girl but Louis is tired too of his work and all the things we have to do for one direction.' Niall defended Louis. 'But it's not because you're a superstar that you don't have to take responsibility of your own child.' I defended my opinion.'I know you're right but don't punish him too hard...' Niall warned me and let me inside his house. 

He brought me a cup of tea to cool down a bit. I laid my phone on his table and I saw already some missed calls, all of them were from Louis. 'Take my phone please.' I begged Niall. 'I don't wanna see the calls I get from Louis.' I sobbed. Niall finally took my phone and put it in his jacket. 'Go and sleep a bit in my bedroom.' Niall proposed when he saw that I was tired. I walked to his bedroom and slept a bit. 

'Hey.' I heard someone yelling. 'I can take care of them both.' I heard Louis yelling. 'Not enough Louis, not enough. See how you're doing it, Eleanor was tired of you. You can't even take care of Louise because Eleanor had to do it all the times!' Niall defended me. 'I'm learning okay?' He became mad. 'Learning is not enough Louis. What will you do to get Eleanor back?' Niall asked him.

'I will do everything what I can... And you know I was trying to buy a ring for Eleanor when we earn a lot with One Direction... I wanted to make her mine okay ? I love her with my heart and soul, just like I love Louise. ' Louis answered honest. I could hear everything they said. 

'Please let me see her.' Louis begged. 'I don't know if she'll like that if I let you go to her.' Niall said unsure. 'Let me see her.' He pushed Niall away and tried to go into the bedroom. There I stood. Should I forgive him or not... 


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