Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


4. Chapter 3

I was shocked by this kiss, a just simple beloved kiss. I can't describe the words. I want to know the mysterious man who distracted me with his kiss. His lips. I have to know him! I hope it wasn't Harry, don't let him be the one... 

Jim put off my blindfold and nobody stand around me. I was disappointed that it was a dream maybe. 'You don't have to do overhours today. See you tomorrow.' He said and smiled. He was happy that there were a lot who drank something or who participated. 'See you tomorrow?' Louis said insecure when I left the pub with a smile. 

Coud I sleep good? Or would I just think about that kiss? Stop Eleanor! Just stop thinking about that kiss! I hit myself for thinking about it. I changed myself and removed my make up. I looked into the mirror. Who would take me as a girlfriend? Nobody I think. But three boys kissed me? Maybe just to use me? 

I questioned it myself the whole time. I walked to my bed and lie in it . I looked at the bedside table and put on the little light. I looked at my mobile phone. Someone texted me, Perrie. 'I heard you have 'a boy' ' I thought not again. And how did she know?

I texted back. She knew it from Zayn who knew it from Louis. Louis, was he one of the boys? Come on Eleanor... You can't have relation with someone but... would Louis know who kissed me? Come Eleanor go to bed now! I turned off the lights and went to bed. 

The morning I stood up with still a lot of questions in my mind. I stood up and went to the bathroom to take a shower. The warm water calmed my body and my head. It gave me a relaxing feeling. Feeling like my mind was empty. When I stepped out the shower, I dried my hair en chose my clothes. A comfortable jeans with a tank top and a blazer. Then I put it on, looked into the mirror, combed my hair and made a beautiful hairstyle. I put some lipstick and mascara on. Today I had lessons from 8.30 AM until 11.30 AM and from 1.00 PM until 4.00 PM. Perrie would come to the lessons too but Zayn would go with her to the university too. And when she is there he would leave us.

I ate some breakfast. And did the dishes after breakfast. I grabbed my keys and went downstairs. I grabbed my bike and within some minutes I arrived at the university. Before I could park my bike, someone with his 'big' car thought that he is the best. He sounded the horn. I fell off my bike. 'Idiot!' I screamed. The windows went down and a sad Louis looked at me. In his car were Perrie and Zayn too. 'Sorry I don't want to bring you a shock. I just want to say hello.' He excused himself to me. 

'Oh okay.' I tried to calm myself down. The cardoor opened and a happy Perrie stepped out. 'See you later Zaynie!' She kissed him passionately. 'Hey! I'm here too!' Louis mentioned them. I laughed. 'You idiot! I'm here too, and I don't say that. Let them be happy!' I reacted to Louis' reaction. 'Okay, okay! Misses Grumpy!' Louis said. I laughed. 'I'm not that grumpy. I was just grumpy because I fell off my bike thanks to you!' 'How can you forgive it me?' Louis asked like he felt guilty about it. 

'MMM... do you have any ideas?' I looked at Perrie. 'He has to take you to dinner, or to the films!' Perrie giggled and hugged Zayn. 'Maybe if I make some dinner for you at my house or your house?' He proposed. 'Okay, we arrange it at the pub? Because now we have to go.' I said and pulled Perrie of Zayns lap. 'Yeah, yeah.' Perrie looked at me, mad. 'Bye boys!' I said. 'Bye Zaynie!' Perrie yelled before we went into the university, searching for our class. 

The lessons were boring, but I want to do them because what if they say things that doesn't stand in the books? So yeah... Perrie and me lunched in the canteen while she was calling Zayn. Zayn, Zayn, Zayn. Everyday is it Zayn day for her. Zayn was at Louis, they were lunching at a meeting. According to Perries explanation of course. They work together. Louis is responsible for client meetings and Zayn for the suppliers in the enterprise where they work. 

I was relieved when the lessons were done. I could finally go home, to my apartment. 'Zayn!' Perrie screamed when she saw the car of this morning. Louis and Harry of course. 'See you this evening in the pub?' Louis asked because he know it was working day for me in the evening. Of course, thanks to Perrie and Jim that he knows that. I nodded. 'So we arrange there our appointment.' He said in a mysterious way. 'What you want.' I answered uninterested. He looked disappointed but tried to smile again. He waved at me and drove away with Perrie and Zayn in the back of the car. 

I rode with my bike to my apartment and warmed up something from my freezer. Then I made myself ready for the pubhours. From 7.00 PM until 11.00 PM. I just hoped there weren't a lot of people there. I grabbed my bike again at 6.30 PM and rode to the pub. I made me ready for my shift. When I stood behind the bar, I saw a familiar face. Louis! 'Hi worker! Can I get a beer from you? That works better to arrange that dinner.' He smiled. I poured a beer for him. 'Thank you, love.' He said and smiled. 'Well, when are you free here and from university?' He asked and smiled. 

'In this weekend I don't have a lot to do.' I said. He smiled and said: 'Okay, so you can Saturday?' I nodded. 'At yours or at mine? Because I can cook at yours if you find that better.' He said. 'Okay, that's maybe better. If I'm tired of you I can kick you out.' I laughed. He laughed too. 

'So Saturday evening?' I asked. He nodded. 'At 5 PM if it's okay for you?' He asked. He looked at me like he was scared how I would react. 'That's perfect.' I smiled and went to one of the tables to get their orders and bring their orders. 

I worked the whole evening but didn't realized how Louis looked at me, in a way that he would never love someone else. He was tired of the work in the enterprise and was tired of popular girls who wanted attention. He believed that I wasn't that kind of girl. At the end of the shift, I got some hands on my arm.  'I look forward to Saturday.' Louis said and smiled. 'Do I have to bring you to your apartment in this dark weather?' He proposed. 'But... my bike?' I questioned. 'I can put your bike in my car. It's big enough for one person extra and a bike.' He smiled. I wanted to cancel his proposal but he already took my bike and put it in his car. 'So that's done.' when he closed his cartrunk. 

'Now you have to sit next to me. You only have to say where you live.' He said. I smiled and sat on the passenger seat. I explained him the way to my apartment. He talked a lot about his work, about everything. He was so nice to listen. 'Here we are.' He said when we arrived at my apartment. He put my bike on the right place. 'That was it then....' He said while searching for something in his jeans pockets. 'Thank you for bringing me to my apartment.' I said and hugged him as a thank you. 'You're welcome. I don't let ladies going alone in the dark to their home. As you want, I can pick you up for school tomorrow, Zayn always want Perrie to bring her to university and now I know your address and you have the same lessons as her.' He proposed again. 

I was doubting. Has he good meanings about it? 'But that's a detour.' I said. 'I don't mind.' He absolutely made sure. 'Okay then.' I said because he would be happy of it instead of disappointed. He smiled. 'See you tomorrow. I'm here at 8 PM.' He smiled and waved at me. He stepped into his car and disappeared. 

I went to bed with the thought: would it be Louis? Why does Louis do that for me? I didn't know... I just hoped all this weird things just turned away. I fell asleep after changing into my PJ's, removing my make up. 

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