Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


30. Chapter 29

Sorry for the late and short chapter I hope I can later on write a better one after this and that you don't have to wait a lot but within a week or two weeks, I have exams until June 17 so then I won't be a lot on Movellas, so that means too that I won't write a lot at that period; I hope you enjoy this chapter. Normally I don't write a lot A/N's but I thought let's write one now so you know why I could write less. Hope you enjoy the chapter. 


'Please Louise. Stop crying the whole time.' I begged my daughter. She cried the whole night and Johannah isn't still moved in next to our house. I rocked her asleep but I couldn't help me for stopping her with crying and crying. 'I hope Louis will be here as soon as he can today.' I said out loud. He came back today after a long week going away for promotion week. 

I walked with Louise downstairs and tried to call someone who's close to me today. Perrie maybe ? Or would she pick up the boys? I hesitated and picked up my phone to call her. 'Pez?' I yelled into the phone. 'Help me please.' I begged her. 'I can't I'm picking up the guys. Louis will be there soon.' She answered calmly , which I couldn't on this moment. 'Where are you then?' I asked her and sighted. 'At the airport, waiting for them. Wait... wait... I see something. Louis! Eleanor's on the phone.' I heard Perrie yelling. 'Give me her.' I heard Louis saying. 'What's wrong babe?' He asked me. 

'Louise is constantly crying. I can't keep her silent. And if she's silent within minutes she cries again. I can't hold it anymore Louis. I need you.' I begged him. 'We're walking to the car and I'll come as soon as I can. Stay calmly and before you know I'm there. I love you Eleanor.' He said and closed our call. I started to rock Louise again. But she never wanted to stop crying.

After half an hour I heard the door. Louis ran to me and picked up Louise and sang for her. She went completely silent while Louis put her back in her crib. 'How could you do that?' I asked Louis. 'Magic.' He laughed. I hugged him tightly. 'I missed you.' I whispered in his ear.'I missed you too Eleanor. I hope this time it was once that you couldn't handle Louise. I hope she was silent the other days?' He asked. I nodded. 'I think she knew you would come back today.' I laughed. He smiled and kissed me on my cheek. 

'I'm happy I'm back home.' He smiled and held me in his strong arms. 'Shall we eat something?' I proposed. 'Maybe yeah, because mom will visit us.' He smiled. 'Oh really?' I asked him. 'Yeah, she called me that she moves over this weekend.' He grinned. He looked at me in a happy way. 'Now I'll be home for a few weeks. Then the tour will start.' He mentioned. He promised me to skype with me every day he went away like he did when he had promotion week. 

'Did you bring carrots at home?' Louis smirked when he opened the fridge and saw his favourite vegetable. I nodded. 'Especially for you. And if Louise is bigger she get some porridge with carrots.' I laughed. He looked forward to the moment he could walk and talk with her. 

We made something together to eat and after eating we heard the doorbell. Louis ran to the frontdoor and he yelled. 'Mom!' Then I heard another voice. 'And I?' I recognized Niall and I walked to the front door to greet both of them. I hugged Johannah and Niall. 'I thought let's take a look to my favourite sister and niece.' Niall answered. 'Louise is finally sleeping again thanks to Louis.' I sighted out of relief. 

'That's great to hear I think?' Niall said and we walked to the living room while Louis walked with his mom to the kitchen. 'What are they doing?' I said out loud. I thought I was thinking that but yeah it came out of my mouth. 'I don't know. Should I take a look?' Niall proposed. 'It doesn't matter anymore I think. I'm happy about the fact that my boyfriend is back home.' I said. I think I giggled a bit too. 

'Promotion week was boring.' Niall said while he had an arm around me. Louis wasn't jealous because he knows that Niall and I have something special. 'I can believe it, I wasn't there.' I laughed. 'Yeah that's true.' He admitted. 'What's my beautiful girlfriend saying?' I heard Louis saying from the kitchen. He came into the living room wiht Johannah. 

He hugged me from behind. 'It was boring because I wasn't there.' I said and then he put his cup on the table and tickled me. 'Eleanor Calder.' He said and I giggled while he was tickling me. 'Louis William Tomlinson.' I said while I was giggling. He picked me up and spun me around. 'Be careful Louis.' Johannah warned him. I laughed and tried to tickle him too when he let me stand on the ground again. When he lie on his back I lie on his stomach. 'Now you Tomlinson.' I said and went with my finger to his cheek. 

'I won!' I yelled and jumped on his stomach with my bum. 'Calder!' He yelped a bit. 'Sorry babe. I hurt you a bit? I will gave you a little kiss?' I proposed. He pouted his lips. 'Not in public.' I said. He looked disappointed. I gave him a little kiss on his cheek and then we stood up. 'How's the moving in next us going?' I asked Johannah. 'Yeah quite chaotic but yeah moving into a new house is always chaotic I think.' Johannah answered me. 

'Yeah I understand, you're happy you don't had to move with Louis that's absolutely more chaotic.' I joked. 'Hey!' Louis said and looked sad. 'Sorry sweety it was a joke.' I said and hugged him. I really missed him. Niall went away when we had some dinner and Johannah stayed until we had eaten some dinner. She slept already in her new house. This weekend the kids will come over too. So it will now their new house. Thanks to me and Louis, since we have Louise. 

Louis promised me that we have some time together this week. Me, Louis and our daughter Louise. Louise had to go for a check up this week and Louis wanted to be with it. He is maybe not a perfect dad, but if he's at home he will do everything to make me and Louise happy. That's just Louis and that's why I love him. 


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