Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


25. Chapter 24

Louise had cried a lot this night. I woke up the whole time. When I woke up I saw Louis with Louise in his hands. 'Sorry if I woke you up.' He apologized. 'You didn't wake me up, Louise did.' I laughed. He smiled. 'Thought about what I had proposed?' He asked curiously. I looked to the ground. 'Actually, I'm still doubting even if Niall tried to convince me. ' I said. 

'And why are you hesitating?' He asked me. 'I don't wanna be hurt...' I cried. He took me in his arms. He gave me a kiss on my forehead. 'Maybe I have an idea. Stay a week at my place and then if you are sure to stay with me, stay with me and if it isn't then you can stay in your appartment but I will come all the time to see my daughter then if you don't stay at my house.' He smiled.

I laughed. 'It's an interesting proposal Tomlinson.' I winked. He chuckled. The doctor came in the room and told us that we could go home today. 'That's good news.' Louis smiled. He put me in a wheelchair and laid Louise in my arms and packed my bags. 'I'll take you to my house until you're better.' He said and pushed the wheelchair. When we arrived at his car he put Louise in the car seat he had bought when he knew that we got a girl. Niall told him that. Then he picked me up and put me in the passenger seat. 'I could walk.' I made him clear.

'Picking you up is much more fun.' He smirked. 'Still not changed with that Tomlinson.' I replied. 'No, Calder, you know me.' He winked back to me. Then he stopped at his house, he bought a new one. 'I couldn't stay at our house... Everything made me think of you.' He said honest and I saw in his expression that he had regretted his decision. 

He walked to my side, put me in the wheelchair and put Louise in my arms. He took his keys and opened the front door. 'It's cosy.' I said. 'Thanks. I searched for a house with at least 3 bedrooms and this was the one where I fell in love with.' He laughed and pushed me inside. Then he put me on the couch and put Louise in a crib he placed in his living room. 'I bought some stuff for Louise but not everything just like her bedroom. I haven't bought a lot for her room.' He said. 

'So we have to go to the city today for some stuff? But can we go to my appartment too if I have to stay here?' I asked him. He nodded. 'Of course you can and yes we're going to the city for a shopping day. And you can choose doesn't matter what the price is.' He winked. I recognized a little bit my Louis again. 

Louise cried when he finished his sentence. I wanted to make a bottle for her but he was too fast for me. I'm slowly now. 'Let me do it.' He proposed. I let it go. He was preparing Louises bottle and I saw something special in his eyes. 'I hope you know how to feed a baby?' I laughed like he doesn't know how to care about a baby even with a lot of sibling where two are still babies or toddlers. Stupid me!

'Yeah! Mom taught me a little bit too! She wanted to be sure that I4m a good father!' he told me. After lunche we took a pram and walked to the city with little Louise to choose some things for her room. Louis pushed the pram while I tried to walk on my own again. 

I could walk again on my own. Happily for me. We went first to my appartment and then we went to the city. When we reached the baby shop, we walked inside. I chose some clothes and then I chose the other babystuff but I let Louis a bit with that stuff, see if he really know what he needs for his daughter. I came back with some dresses for my beautiful daughter when I saw Louis choosing a lot. He did it quite well. 'I think these are beautiful for her room.' He proposed me. I nodded. 'Quite good Tomlinson.' I laughed; 

We went out the shop and let the stuff deliver at our house an hour later. We arrived at his house and then when the truck arrived with the stuff, Louis helped the guys while I was making a bottle for Louise and let her sleep after her bottle. 

When he was done with packing out, he came to me and placed his lips on my cheek. I smiled while holding Louise in my arms. 'She's ready to go to her new little crib.' I said to Louis. We put her together in her crib and then we went downstairs and talked a bit of how it has to go further with us. 

'You can sleep in my bed while I'll take the couch.' He said honest. 'I don't wanna steal your bed.' I said. 'Sssh..' He calmed me down. 'I will take the couch, you take your bed.' I said. 'No, ladies need a bed.' 'Okay if you make it difficult for me, so we're sleeping together then.' I said and I saw his smile again. 'But don't you dare to do bad things.' I pointed at him. He laughed and took my finger. 'I'll promise it.' He said. 

I gave him a hug and his smile lit up the whole room. 'You make me happy Eleanor, just like Louise does in our lives.' He said honest. 'I'm tired, is it okay that I go to your bed? Where is the room actually?' I laughed. He showed me the way to his room. And I followed him like a dog. I changed myself in his bathroom and then I went to his bedroom.There he stood in his boxers. I lie in his bed. We lie against each others back. It felt empty without him, wrapping his arms around me before my pregnancy.

'Lou, are you still awake?' I asked him silently. 'Yeah?' Louis said. 'Can you hold me in your arms?' I asked him and blushed. He held me in his arms and said : 'Of course.' He smiled and kissed my head and let me finally sleep. I fell asleep thanks to him. 

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