Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


24. Chapter 23

Little Authors note: some say that Elounor broke up , but I ignore the broke up stories and I will go further with the story like nothing happened between them in real life this is just a story based on Eleanor & Louis :) Hope you are still fan of it :) And of course, Zayn will be still in the story even if he left 1D because Perrie and Zayn are still a couple in the story, sorry if it bothers people, if you have suggestions you can always send me them :)

And by the way, I know Louis would be a happy with a child and don't wanna do abortion but you'll see what happen later, why that I did that :)

And happy easter everyone :)


- Eleanor is 9 months pregnant - 

I'm 9 months now, this little girl inside me, is so gorgeous. Just like her dad. I'll name her Louise Calder. Louise like Louis, her dad. Sometimes I'm thinking would he still love me ? Would he ask Niall how I am now? Would he ask Zayn or Perrie how I am ? I'm sometimes so desperate about it? I stroked my stomach. 'Louise.' I whispered to my stomach. 

Minutes later the baby was kicking a lot and it hurt me a lot. I called Niall and he brought me to hospital.'You're okay El?' He kept asking. 'Happily you are here for me.' I smiled while it hurt. He stayed with me until it was the giving birth part but I ordered the nurses to get him. He was the only one who knows how hard I had it. 

When Louise came to Earth, I was relieved. My wish came true, don't doing abortion, give the baby a life even when it was unexpectedly. I smiled and Niall too even he wasn't a dad of Louis, he was her uncle but for me on this moment he will be a father figure because Louis isn't her father on this moment... He didn't want her... My precious Louise Calder...

'Should I call the others?' Niall proposed. 'Okay. But don't call Louis.' I said. He nodded and went away. I was alone with my baby. She has some things of Louis. My Louis... He isn't my Louis anymore. I wrapped my arms around Louise. 'You're mommy's girl.' I kissed her tiny head. 

Some minutes later Niall came to me and kissed my cheek. 'Congratulations mom.' He laughed and I had to laugh too. His laugh is contagious. 'The boys are so happy about it and I think some of them and Perrie will take a visit to the hospital to see their new niece.' He told me. 'You absolutely didn't told Louis about it?' I asked him again. His eyes said enough, yes he did.

'Niall, you promised!' I said disappointed. 'I know El, but he's the father of Louise and he's worried about you and Louise... He cried when he came last time at me... He felt sorry about everything and he missed the times you had... He thought about giving his carreer up for you and Louise...' He said honest. I felt guilty but I still didn't want him back. He had hurt me, hard. 

He knelt down and held my other hand which wasn't occupied with Louise. He held it and said: 'you'll appreciate it that he would come. By the way he is almost here so I'll leave you both. Hello little Louise.' He gave Louise a kiss on her forehead and then one on my head. 'Thanks for everything Niall.' I smiled. 

I laid Louise in her crib and tried to sleep. When I woke up I saw him standing there with Louise in his hands. I stood up and took Louise back in my arms. 'You don't deserve her!' I was furious. 'Please Eleanor listen...' He sat down on the chair in front of my bed. I still held Louise in my arms. 'I don't have to listen anymore. You had your decision before and I have mine. I kept the baby, you wouldn't...' I said harsh.

'I was wrong Eleanor. Let me prove that I can be a father for her. You are still in love with me, aren't you?' He asked me. I became silence. 'That's what I thought.' He said and a little smile appeared on his face. 'Why should I love you now, you didn't want the baby and now you want it...' I said mad. 'You called her Louise, my name is Louis. I've said enough? ' He said arrogant. 

'You lost my trust...' I said silent. He came closer and laid his hands on my cheeks. 'I know and I want to make it better, when you are out of the hospital we're going together to the shops to make a beautiful room for Louise and I'll make sure her last name is Tomlinson now. I wanna take full responsibility of you and Louise. If I have to , I'll give up my carreer...' He said, almost crying. 

I didn't react. 'Please Eleanor say something. I want you and Louise so bad. If you don't react I'll stay here even at midnight to get an answer of you.' He said and looked me in the eyes. It hurt me . 'Maybe I will give you a chance but give me some time and I have to talk with somebody about it.' Tears streamed down my face. 'I'll give you the time you need but I'll come back tomorrow, even if you haven't decided my love.' He gave me a little kiss on my cheek. Then he picked Louis up and gave her some kisses on her nose and forehead. 'Daddy loves you little girl. Daddy made a big mistake: giving you up... Mommy is a strong woman and kept hope and wanted you so deep. I don't deserve you but I want to prove you that I'll be the best daddy you could have.' 

It was cute how he talked to her and I began to believe that he change but I want to think about it. He left my room and Niall appeared. I smiled at Niall. 'He changed, isn't it?' He asked me. I nodded. 'He want to take responsibility of me and Louise.' I smiled. 'But I'm doubting.' I added on it. 

'You don't have to doubt about it , you belong together, a happy family.' He said and gave me a kiss on my cheek. 'I have to go, I'll be tomorrow morning back.' 'You promise.' I asked him. He nodded. 'I promise.' He smiled and went away. 



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