Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


22. Chapter 21

- Louis & Eleanor have finally their own house - 

'Lou?' He looked at me. 'I have to go sweety just two days and one night.' He promised me. One Direction broke out as one of the best bands ever so his carreer will be better. He kissed me softly and then he left me. Some seconds after saying goodbye to him, I ran to the toilet to throw up. My stomach hurts. I called Perrie. 'Can you come to my house? I throw up constantly and my stomach hurts.' I begged her. 'Okay, honey. I promise I will be there in 15 minutes but I need to get something.' She said. I nodded but she couldn't see it. But I know she knows that I agree with that. 

I kept throwing up so Perrie used her key for the house. Louis and I had choosen two couples which has a key just like us, for emergencies. Before I knew, Perrie stood by my side. 'I know this could be useful.' She gave me a pregnancy test. 'You really think I'm pregnant?' I hesitated to take the test. I took it just to get security. 

I took the test, result: pregnant. I started crying out loud. Perrie came into the bathroom and comforted me. 'Hey it will be alright.' 'I'm happy about it but what will Louis think. His carreer is just starting and now a baby... It will be too much for him...' I cried. 'Shhh... I'm here so I'll help you. ' Perrie understood me but she couldn't convince me that Louis wouldn't be mad at all. 

'You could better go home Pez. I can take care of myself.' I said. She doesn't have to stay for me... 'Sure? You don't look like you don't need some help...' I sighted when she said that. 'Just go, I want to be alone...' I sent her away. Then I locked myself up. 


- Day that Louis comes back - 

'El! I'm home.' I heard Louis saying. I still lie on my bed. I tried to hold my tears in my eyes. I heard footsteps of Louis coming up...  Hell no, don't let hem come in here in this room! I thought by myself and sighted. The door went open and I could expect Louis coming in but it was Perrie. I heard her saying something to Louis. 'She's just emotional, it isn't her day today.' She reacted. Thanks Pez to save me or trying to save me because I know it wouldn't help for Lou. 

'El?' He came closer and closer to the bed. No Louis don't touch me! I thought but it was too late. He came to my bed and sat down next to me while stroking my hair. 'Please tell me what's wrong with you.' He was worried about me. He shouldn't, he absolutely shouldn't. 'Babe , look at me.' He ordered me and I looked with my watery eyes in his gorgeous eyes. 'What's wrong with my beauty?' He touched my chin. 'Give me a minute.' I said and stood up and ran to the bathroom and threw up again. 

He stood next to me and held my hair in his hands. 'Feeling sick?' He asked. I nodded. He looked around and saw the pregnancy test. No don't look at it Lou! 'Positive?' he asked. I nodded innocently. He was astonished and speechless. 

'Louis say something!' I yelled when I saw him standing like a statue. I stood up and cleaned myself. Then I went to Louis. 'Louis please say something. I love you! I was shocked too because of it!' I cried and wrapped my arms around him. 'Please Lou.' I cried in his chest while my arms were around him. 


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