Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


3. Chapter 2

Today was the day. The Date event. I looked into the mirror. The boss Jim said that I can come at 8 pm instead of 5 pm, which is very special. I wore a red dress and red high heels. My hair was in waves, a part of my hair laid next to my face and a part behind my back. I put on some make up, natural basics. 

Am I beautiful? Or not? I ask it myself. Quite thinking like an idiot. I looked for the last time in the mirror and looked at the window to see if my cab arrived. I saw that he slowly arrived. I grabbed my bag and my stuff I needed for the night. I grabbed my jeans jacket and locked my frontdoor of my apartment. I ran downstairs and made sure I had what I need. 

I was thinking in the cab about my life. How it will be now. What if someone kisses me when I don't want it? What if I fall in love? I can't because if I do, I'll be fired. I looked around the environment. Quite new and quite old for me. 

When I arrived at the pub, I stepped out of the cab and walked into the pub. Niall whistled to me. 'Beauty!' He screamed around lthe pub and thanks to him I blushed. 'You look great tonight.' Louis said softly so I blushed more. 'You look like a princess.' Liam said while drinking his water. 

'Thank you all.' I said and went to the bar. Jim showed me all the candidates names. Louis too? Harry? Really? I thought all of them had someone. But my thought was absolutely wrong after this proof document with the names of the singles who wanted to do it. 

Jim looked around and saw if everyone was there. 'We can start.' He screamed around the pub and went to the stage. 'Welcome to the first Blind, speed, kiss date of 'The Direction' pub.' Jim announced with a high voice. 

'We have here a few tables and I gave you all numbers. The girls with numbers can sit down. The boys can choose who they sit next to because we will change within 1 minute each conversation.' Jim explained and I saw my number was 6. I sat on the table with number 6.

Immediately Louis and Harry were fighting to talk first with me. Liam went with his glass full of water to a girl with curly hair. I've seen her before but I can't name her. Niall searched out a girl and just sat over her. Harry and Louis wanted absolutely first with me. 'Stop boys!' I said when they started screaming. I put my hands in my ears.

Finally Harry decided to go to another girl. I could put my hands off my ears. 'That's better.' Louis laughed. I smiled. 'And your minutes goes in... now!' Jim announced. 

'You look fancy.' I laughed. 'You more. I just picked out one of my favourite outfits because I just want to show how I really am.' Louis muttered. I smiled. 'I like it.' 'Then I'm happy.' He gave me the brightest smile I ever saw. 'So... about what should we talk? Do you like it here working?' Louis suggested. I nodded. 'I like it here for my salary and some special people here. Not for people like Harry. He always tries to kiss me or to pinch me in my ass.' I said softly. He lightly laughed. 'I understand, Harry is nice but he can be stupid to girls. He doesn't know how to handle girls.' 

I giggled softly and asked: 'And you can?' He looked away and said. 'No but I'm better than Harry.' He said and his cheeks blushed like never before. After seconds of a nice conversation with Louis the bell rang. Harry came to my table. 'Hello beauty.' He said. I begged: 'don't be a dork please now.' 'I'm not a dork.' 'You pinched always in my but or always want to kiss me.' 

The conversation was tensed and not amusing. I was relieved when the conversation was done. Liam and Niall were nice people to talk to. The other unknown people were quite fun as well. Then a new round began. 

I started to be nervous. What do I have to do? Jim started speaking: ' We have three rounds, round one is done. We're going to round 2. The girls have to do something that they like for example singing, dancing, telling her own story, some poetry,... Be creative.' I started to shiver. 

I started thinking. I was number 6 so I had to invent something before I come up at the stage. I took the microphone when Jim announced me. I decided to sing 'Colbie Caillat - I do'.


Everyone waved and sang with me. I saw Louis looking at me and smiling. I went off the stage and Jim came back on. 'That was an amazing performance from our worker! Give her some appreciation!' I blushed and smiled. 'Great performance.' Louis told me, together with Niall and Liam. I smiled. 'Thank you all.' I said. 

I looked at the other preformances and was thinking about the next round. What would it be? After round two Jim came back on stage. 'Round three, final round. Love is kissing someone and what's the best for everyone when they find true love in a kiss? Boys think about your favourite one. Don't stand yet before her because she would be blindfolded. Then you can kiss her. I will announce when you can put the blindfolds off girls.' He went further. 

I got scared. Nooo! This can't be true! What if Harry will be kissing me. Music 'Just a dream' started playing. Yes, I thought this was just a dream but it wasn't. Jim started blindfolding number 1. Five to go before he would do me. 'I say start when everyone is blindfolded.' He explained. I sat down when he came to me to blindfold me. He did some tests like: 'how much fingers do I show you?' And then he went further.


I was scared of what would happen. Who would kiss me? Would I fall in love? I can't I have to save this job. It's my only goal to succeed university without my parents help. I don't want it... I want to be independent, not dependent. 

'We can start.' Jim announced. Before I knew, I got some lips on my lips. Posessive, hungry lips. Like they wanted me, but they tasted horrible, ridiculous in words. The second one who kissed me was sweeter, and more patiently. I liked it. But I didn't fall in love with them. 

The third person was just... BOOM! Got my heart just in a minute. Speechless lips. Lips which have a beautiful owner even if you couldn't see him. Patiently, beautiful, enjoyable. Couldn't have words for it. Oh no, am I falling in love? 

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