Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


19. Chapter 18

My alarm went off and I turned around. I saw Louis laying next to me. I remember it again... We had a fight and yesterday he showed me it wasn't what it looked like. 'Beautiful.' Louis smiled at me and stroked my cheek. 'Handsome.' I laughed and put his hand on his chest. 'I'm going to get me ready for university so hands off Tomlinson.' I joked. He didn't looked so happy with it.

'Can't we just lay down here and skip it?' He proposed. I shook my head. 'It's economy, my worst subject.' He had already an answer for the problem. 'And my best subject so want a lesson of mister Tomlinson?' I laughed. 'You think it is that simple? Louis, please economy with you will be you will touch me and learn me nothing... So then my exams will be bad. ' I explained him. 

He looked sad. When I was done with changing and more, I took his hand and got him out of the bed. Then I gave him a little kiss on his nose. 'Come on lazy bum to the bathroom, you stink.' I laughed and pushed him with my foot on his bum. 'Calder!' He yelled. 'Tomlinson!' I yelled back and laughed. I shook my head while walking to the kitchen for making some breakfast. 

Then after making breakfast two hands wrapped around my waist. 'You don't stink anymore.' I laughed and smell the delicious smell of his aftershave. 'Thank you Eleanor Calder.' He smiled and kissed my neck. We sat and ate something. Before we knew, it was time to go and we drove to university. 

'I'm so happy we're together. Actually I was so devasted if we weren't together again.' He said with his head down when we walked into the university. Perrie ran to me and hugged me. 'Oh my god, you're back together.' She hugged me and Louis and we nodded. We were almost crushed in her hug. 'Zaynie! They're back together.' Perrie yelled to Zayn. Zayn came to us and gave Louis a 'bro hug'. 

I felt Zayns arms around me. 'I'm so happy you make my best friend happy.' He whispered in my ear. I smiled and answered him: 'I'm happy you make my best friend happy.' He smiled back and let me go so Louis could wrap his arm around me and Zayn could wrap his arm around Perrie.

we walked to the classroom and followed our lessons.

-After lessons- (sorry that I skip that part) 

'See, that wasn't worse at all. Skip a lesson is not needing.' I said to Louis and kissed his cheek. 'But we could.' He defended himself. 'No because if you had to explain me that, you would be distracted.' I laughed. He crossed his arms. 'Honey, come on, don't be like that.' I begged him. 'I want a kiss then.' He whined. I laughed. 'Little child!' I laughed and kissed him. I did his hair messy with my hands. 'Hey!' He said. 'Hey!' I said back. He ran after me and I ran to the entrance. I heard Perrie yelling: 'Little kids!' 'We're in love accept it.' I yelled back. 

Out of breath I arrived at the entrance. Then Louis caught me. 'Got ya!' He yelled in my ear. 'Thank you for making me deaf again!' I yelled back. 'Sorry babe!' He said and kissed my cheek as a sorry. 'It's okay but don't do this again.' I laughed and we walked back to the car. 

'What do you think of living together?' Louis said when he dropped me at my appartment before he went to his work again. Before he got some days off. 'You make me speechless now... I hope you know that Tomlinson...' I sighted. 'Think about it and we talk about it later. I love you.' He said and kissed me. He drove further and I went upstairs to my appartment. 

Living together with Louis? Isn't it too fast now? 

I know it is short but I wanna update to not disappoint you all. 

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