Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


18. Chapter 17

Gosh, there he was. Black jacket, which I had bought for him. It was my favourite jacket of his wardrobe. Sometimes when it was cold I got that jacket around my body. Louis always put it around me when he saw me shivering. 'Let's go for a walk to explain it?' He proposed. He winked to Perrie to say, she could take the shift of me over. I grabbed my jacket and followed him. 

'Well...' I took a breath and looked at him so he had a sign that he had to explain the pictures. 'Give me the pictures.' He said. He took a breath and opened his mouth to say. 'I can prove that they're wrong.' I gave him the pictures and he pointed to the girl. 'That's my cousin Nathalie.' I looked in his eyes, most of the times I knew the truth just by looking at his eyes. 

'How could I believe you?' I asked him. 'I will introduce her to you. And mom can agree with me that it is my cousin.' Louis told me. I nodded. 'Okay. Then we do that, when can she come to your house?' I asked him immediately. I want to know the truth and maybe I could forgive Louis that quickly. 'I can call her maybe she is in our neighbourhood at the moment.' He winked. 'I thought she went today to my mom.' He added. I nodded. 'Maybe call your mom too?' I asked. He nodded and called them. 

After some minutes I got the news. We could go to his mom. 'Step into my car.' He said and before I could say something, he said to Perrie to take over my shift. It wasn't a problem for Perrie. 'Sorry for not telling you about Nathalie.' He said guilty while he was driving. 'It's okay, if I could know the truth now....' I sighted. I was scared and relieved at the same time. Scared for the truth and relieved because it would be nothing like cheating or something else. 

'Hey Eleanor.' Louis' mom hugged me tightly. 'Hey.' I said softly. 'Are you alright Eleanor?' Johannah, Louis' mom asked worried. I nodded. 'Just confused.' I told her. Louis wrapped his arm around my waist and walked inside. 'Sit down.' Johannah said. 'Nathalie's here?' Louis cut his mom off. 'Yeah, she's upstairs, why?' 'She needs to tell Eleanor the truth, mom. I didn't cheat on Eleanor but someone gave her a picture of me and Nathalie laying in my bed because she needed a place to sleep.' He said like he really loves me and want to do everything what he has to do to make it clear to me. 

'Nathalie!' I heard Louis yelling from the stairs. 'Eleanor? Don't you believe him? Nathalie is really his cousin.' Johannah tried to convince me. 'I believe him but when you saw the pictures it didn't looked like it was his cousin...' I sighted. 'Well, you know... Nathalie and Louis are like brother and sister since their youth when Nathalies parents declared the divorce to each other. Louis had the same situation like her, not the exact same situation but his real dad and I are divorced too. So he could help Nathalie a little bit to declare his feelings about the divorce.' She took a breath and looked at me. 

'I know you won't believe us but it is true... Louis is crazy about you. Every day when I talk with him, the first word he says is 'Eleanor'. The only goal are you for him.' She said honest and I thought about it. I don't wanna lose Louis but I'm so scared he really had cheated on me. I heard footsteps from the stairs. A blonde girl came off the stairs and walked to me. 

We shooked our hands. 'Nathalie, Louis' cousin and not his girlfriend like you saw on the picture. Louis and I have just a special bond like brothers and sisters. That's why I lie in his arms. He comforted me when I had problems and when I needed a place to sleep then. The last thing that I don't want is that you broke up together.' She said honest because she almost cried. She felt guilty even she wasn't.

I stood up and hugged her thightly. 'I believe you.' I whispered in her ear and a little smile appeared on her face. 'You believe Louis too? I hope it because you and Louis are a cute couple. The only thing in his empty mind is 'Eleanor'. 'She laughed and joked. I saw Louis poking Nathalie. 'Don't Lou.' She said. I let Nathalie go and I stepped towards Louis. 

'Lou...' I started with his nickname that I use. 'El...' He finished it with his nickame for me. 'I really love you.' I said with tears in my eyes. He wrapped his arms around me and whispered in my neck. 'I love you more. Please be my girlfriend again.' He said. I nodded. 'It's an honour to be your girlfriend.' I smiled and kissed him passionately. It was like I haven't kissed him in years. It was like the love had disappeared when we broke up and came back thanks to the kiss. 

Nathalie and Johannah cheered at us. 'I'm happy to call you my girlfriend again.' Louis said to me and kissed my forehead. We got both family hugs. 'Mom I think we're going again because tomorrow we have university and work again.' Louis said after he looked at his watch. We went to car and said goodbye to Nathalie and Johannah.

'Your appartment or my house with the boys?' Louis asked. He didn't wanna let me go anymore. 'I want to get rid of Harry so sorry, it's my appartment but you don't have to go with me. I can do it alone.' I said. 'No I want to stay with you.' He said like he wanted to protect. Does he hide something for me ? 


Finally wrote something again! I hope you still like the book, sorry for updating not so fast as before, college is being harder and harder and this two weeks I have exams. I will try to updating more when I came. 

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