Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


16. Chapter 15

School went well, family went well and the pub went well. And what about Louis? We're still together, almost more than  3 beautiful months. It's October, Halloween to be precisely. 'Come on! Louis , don't move. It isn't funny at all.' I shouted when I was doing his face for the halloweenparty in the pub. He laughed and moved. 'Please Louis.' I sighted. He could never sit still... 

'Okay, but after this whole thing I want a kiss on my lovely lips from Eleanor Calder.' He laughed. 'Deal if you don't move a lot anymore.' I sighted. Finally I could do his make up. We had choosen together what we wanted to wear. 

'You're done, Tomlinson.' I said and sighted, out of relief of course. 'Now... Eleanor.. my kiss.' He pouted his lips. 'Your make up will run out then.' I said as an excuse. He grabbed me on my waist and kissed me. 'Now I got my kiss.' He grinned and he was happy. 'Now I'm gonna do my make up so you can do what you want.' I said. 'Also kissing you?' He played a game with me, a game I could lose, I know him too well for it. 

'No.' I pushed softly my hand on his chin and pushed him away. 'go and wear your costume.' I said and he obeyed, finally. So I could do my make up. When I was ready, I put on my costume and I saw Louis lying on my bed like a prince charming. 'Come prince ghost charming. I need to my work.' I laughed. He stood up and gave me his hand. We locked my front door and walked downstairs to his car and drove to the pub. 

I ran to the entrance of the pub and stood behind the bar before everyone came in. 'You're ready?' Jim asked. I nodded. 'Absolutely. I am in the appropriate atmosphere . And Louis promised me if it's too busy for me and when you're gone he will help me doing the orders.' Jim smiled. 'I'm happy he's helpful plus he let you work. You're a great couple.' Jim said and went to the basement to bring some drinks upstairs to fill the fridges. I filled the fridges he brought the drinks. 

'Scary Boo!' Louis shouted when he came into the pub. I wasn't scared at all. If I was, I would let some drinks fall to the ground and Jim would be mad then. 'Louis, you're very lucky... if I let the drinks fall...' I warned him. He laughed. 'You won't let them fall.' He smirked. 

Zayn, Perrie and Niall came into the pub. 'I'm ready to throw a party!' Niall yelled. 'Jim where's that delicious beer?' Zayn yelled. Perrie poked Zayn in his hip. 'Pez!' Zayn said mad to her. 'Don't drink too much, you won't recognize me then and go to other girls... I don't want to lose you.' Perrie said emotional. 'Pez, if he does that, I will kick his ass.' I said. Perrie laughed. 

My shift started and people came in. Liam, Sophia, and Harry. I didn't expect him to come... I thought he had a date with a girl Amber. 'Hey!' Harry said and hugged everyone he knew. Then he came to me. 'You know Louis...' 'What about Louis?' I asked worried. 'I don't wanna make arguments with you all but he cheated on you..' He whispered in my ear. He showed me a picture of a girl and Louis. 

I ran out of the pub and asked Perrie to take over my shift. I want to think about everything. I cried my heart out. How could he. Harry gave me a second picture too. One picture where he kisses the girl and the other when he lie in bed with the girl. 

'Here you are.' Louis smiled. 'I was looking for you and I didn't found you.' He went further. When he saw me crying he sat next to me and held me in his arms but I avoided. 'I don't want you anymore. You've someone else! Was it just to feel how it feels to kiss the worker of your pub? Or was it just a game to get me? You've won , but I don't wanna play this game anymore Tomlinson. It's over. Completely over!' I yelled and stood up and ran with my bags away.

'Eleanor wait!' I heard behind my back from Louis but he couldn't ran after me. 'Go away Louis!' I yelled back. My high heels were painful. I put them off and put them in my bag and ran to my apartment. I let everything fall and locked the door. 'El?' I heard some. It wasn't Louis at all... But I ignored it. 'I know you're here. And I want to talk to you. Is it Harry that thinks he could rip you two off as a couple.' I wasn't convinced. I had a proof... Louis cheated on me.... 


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