Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


14. Chapter 13

We stepped out of the car and hooked our arms. 'Ready?' I asked Louis. He nodded and smiled. 'Okay, there we go.' I whispered softly. We opened the door and saw a lot of people who  looked at us. 'That's because of your beauty.' Louis joked. I poked him playfully. He smiled. A mermaid, mermaid Perrie ran to me. I laughed. 'You look beautiful blond redhead Pez.' I laughed. 'Thanks, Gabriella Calder.' She joked. 

Zayn shook his hand with his buddy Louis and kissed me on my cheek. Louis gave Perrie a kiss on her cheek too. 'You both look wonderful.' I smiled. 'Thanks you look wonderful to with your Troy.' Perrie winked. I felt Louis hand behind my back and I looked at Louis. He kissed me. We walked to the bar and got our drinks. When our glasses were empty, we started dancing. 

I felt Louis hands all over my body. His soft hands made figures all over my dress and body. 'You like it?' He asked insecure. 'I like this dance, I like the party, and the most important thing is that I love you!' I giggled in his neck, my head was on his shoulders. We slowed until Perrie poked on my shoulder. 'Pez!' I shouted. She hugged me and whispered. 'I got a beautiful necklace from Zayn.' 'Oh my god that's great.' I answered. 

'I hope Louis will surprise you too, tonight.' Perrie smiled and before I knew she left, and Niall came to me. 'Niall?' I asked surprisingly. 'Yes, I'm here too. Louis and Zayn asked it. Liam is here too but Harry is on a date with a girl.' Niall laughed. 'But...' He broke the silence. 

'I need to take you somewhere.' He smirked. 'Where?' 'Surprise. Louis' orders.' Niall said like he could do nothing about it. He took my hand and went with me outside. 'Niall? Come on please tell me what we're going to do here...' I sighted. He brought me to a porch. I stood there and had my blazer around me. Niall left me alone. 

A song played, I didn't know which one. 


'Just kiss me slowly.' Louis whispered in my ear when these words has been sung in the song. I turned around. 'Louis!' I said happily and wrapped my arms around him and kiss him slowly like he asked with the song. 'I love you.' Louis said and secretly I hoped he brought me here with a reason. 'Babe, I have something for you. Just close your eyes and gave your hand to me.' He smirked. I gave my arms and felt a bracelet around my wrist. 

'You can open your eyes.' He said. I looked at the bracelet, his name was on the bracelet with a heart next to it. I smiled and kissed him. 'There's one thing I want to ask you lovely. My mom wants to meet you.' I looked at him. What would she think of me? Louis knew my thoughts and said: 'It'll be alright, believe me because I told a lot about you and she already likes you even she haven't seen you yet.' He smiled.

'I'll believe it, I'll try at least.' I said and looked at the ground. His feet moved over the ground and his hands touched mine so I have to follow him, we danced the night away. 

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