Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


12. Chapter 11

'Wake up Lazy Bum!' I shouted to Louis when I heard my alarm. ' El I want to sleep again.' He moaned. I pushed him. He almost fell of my bed. I laughed. 'That's when you don't want to get up Tomlinson. You have to go to your work and to the university in the afternoon.' I answered him. He get up and kissed me. 

'Goodmorning beauty.' He said to me so I blushed immediately. 'Awh you're blushing.' He said and walked to the bathroom while I was walking to the kitchen for some breakfast. 'Babe, where are your towels?' He yelled from the bathroom. 'Next to the shower!' I yelled back. 

'I found it!' I heard softly from the bathroom while I made some thea and coffee. I also baked some eggs and bacon. After making breakfast I felt Louis hands around my stomach. His wet skin kissed my cheek. 'Thank you for making breakfast.' He said. 'You're welcome.' I said and laid my hand on his cheek, turned around and kissed him like it was my last kiss that I could give to him. 

He smiled and we quickly ate our breakfast, then I changed my outfit and did my hair and make up. 'You don't need any make up.' Louis shouted to me when he saw me doing my make up in the bathroom. 'I absolutely need make up!' I shouted back. 

When I walked to him he kissed me and said that I absolutely don't need make up. 'El, you are serious a beauty even without make up.' He said. 'Come on, we're going.' I said and pulled him outside when I had everything. He followed me and brought me with his car to the university. 'See you in the afternoon when we have lesson.' I said and kissed him. I walked trough the halls when I reached Perrie I hugged her. 'Zayn is coming this afternoon!' She freaked out. 'My babe is coming too.' I smiled. 

'Yay! It's gonna be perfect. I invented some events for the pub plus I think here's an event in the university too. ' Perrie said and we moved further to the classroom and followed the lessons until noon. When it was noon we waited for the boys to eat something in the restaurant of the university. 

'Hi honey.' Perrie ran to Zayn to hug him when she saw him. I thought they came together, Louis and Zayn... But probably not... 

I got hands on my eyes. 'Who's this beauty behind you?' Louis whispered in my ear. 'Tomlinson idiot.' I laughed and hugged him when his hands went back next to his body. He kissed me. 'I'm not an idiot.' He said and I giggled. 'You are, but my idiot.' 'Okay then I'm alright.' He smiled and kissed me. 

'Come on love birds, we need some food.' Zayn said to us and we followed Zayn and Perrie to eat something. I order spaghetti and Louis did the same, before I wanted to pay, he paid for me. I looked mad at him. 'Louis!' 'El!' He joked. 'I wanted to pay my own portion.' I pouted. ' No discussion. I have paid.' He said. 

We sat down after a while and ate. After eating we went to the classroom and I sat next to Perrie and Louis. Louis looked at me and smiled. 'Hello students. I think we have some visit too.' The teacher said and opened the door when the lesson was going on when someone knocked on the door. Two students stood there. Not from our classes.  'We organise a party for helping the university. Theme is Disney. Around school you can buy tickets. The party is next saturdayevening.' The youngest of the two said. 'Thank you for your attention.' The other said and smiled. They went away. 

When they left the teacher went further with the lessons. 'Oh a party, come on Perrie what combination will we do? Belle and the beast, Cinderella? ' I said to Perrie. 'We'll discuss that soon but then convince our boys. How are we going to do that?' Perrie asked me. I thought about it. I wanted to answer but the teacher interrupted me. 'No coffee break here! It's lesson not party discussing time. ' He yelled trough the class. Louis looked at me. 'See, don't talk with Pez.' I giggled softly. 

After the lesson Pez and I ran to the toilets. We were discussing everything after our visit there. 'Come on El and Pez. We have later for that. 'Zayn interrupted us. 'And you don't like it so you want another subject but we're going further with it.' Perrie said to her boyfriend. 

'Girls...' Zayn said to Louis and he nodded. I poked my boyfriend and of course he said: 'Why do you do that Eleanor Jane Calder!' 'Because I love you.' I answered and kissed him. 'Can we go back home? Lessons are done?' Perrie said. 

'Okay, girls we're going.' Louis said and walked with us to his car and he drove us to the boys their house.' We're home, come on El!' Perrie said and ran into the house and plopped with me into the couch. 'Come on, which couple of Disney will you be with Louis?' Perrie asked me. 'I don't know... Maybe Gabriella and Troy from Highschool musical?' 'Or the Beauty and the beast?' Perrie laughed. 'Hey, I'm not an ugly beast.' Louis said and pouted.

I stood up and hugged him. 'Of course you're not an ugly beast, but you're my beast.' I laughed. 'Then I'm okay.' He laughed and kissed me. 'Zayn we're going to be Ariel and Eric? What do you think?' Perrie shouted to Zayn. 'Everything is good except a lot of make up or a beast.' Zayn said. 'So Ryan from Highschool musical is also okay?' Perrie laughed. 'Who's that?' Zayn reacted like a normal boy who never watched a girls movie. 

'That's a sort of gay character in highschool musical he's the sister of Sharpay and plays in the musicals in the films and dances.' I answered on Zayns question. 'I don't dance!' Zayn answered. Perrie and I laughed. 'That's said chad too to Ryan and that's a song.' Perrie and I giggled. 

'So it's decided?' I asked everyone. 'I'm gonna be Gabrielle and Louis will be Troy. Then Perrie will be Ariel and Zayn will be Eric?' I repeated our decision. Everyone nodded. 'But who's Troy, babe?' Louis asked. I grabbed my laptop and let him show a song of High school musical. 


'Oh okay, then I'm fine.' Louis laughed. 'He looks like me.' He was relieved when he saw he didn't have to change a lot. I laughed. 'I never want to change a lot on you. But we're going to shop for the outfit for the party or look in your closet.' I winked. 

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