Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


11. Chapter 10

A few days later, I went normally to school. What you think normally... Louis will sit for a few lessons in my class. It's quite weird and quite nice too. I hope my exams will be good even if Louis will be in the same class as me. I love him and sometimes it is too difficult to let him go. 

'Where are you with your thoughts?' Louis woke me up. 'Just thinking about how life is now.' I laughed. He came closer. 'Why thinking about that, just live your life.' He smiled and kissed me. 'I have a surprise for you.' He smirked and stood up from his bed. I laughed and took his hand, which ordered me to follow. I walked hand in hand to the kitchen with Louis. We made some breakfast. 

Then he put me down on the couch and went to the kitchen and called someone. I was curious. I wanted to listen but before I knew, Niall sat next to me and started talking to me. He knew something about it, no doubt. 'And how are you now?' He asked and looked downstairs. 'Quite calm, but I miss the pub, I love Louis a lot but I miss the independent part of my life now I have to live with the money of Louis of my parents... It isn't fun at all for me...' I sighted. Niall rubbed my back. 

'Honey?' Louis came to me and held my hand. 'Can you come with me?' He looked very serious. We walked upstairs and made us ready, like he said and then he blindfolded me. It was a quite difficult job to walk with a blindfold on. Sometimes Louis laughed how I walked. 'Jezus,why do I have to walk like that.' I screamed when we stepped out the car.' 'It's not Jezus, it's Louis.' Louis laughed. 'Come on Louis, put that thing off me.' I got annoyed. 

'We're almost there, have a little patience.' He said but I could see without seeing him, that he smiled or smirked. I know him too well for that. When he put off my blindfold, I was shocked. We stood in the pub. 'Welcome back in the pub.' Jim, my ex boss said and hugged me. 'You're welcome again and you could work again here.' He said. I smiled. 'Thank you so much!' I almost yelled of enthusiasm. 'Thank your best friend Perrie and your boyfriend Louis for that, they convinced me.' Jim answered honest. 

I looked at Louis. I almost let a tear out of my eyes. 'Thank you so much.' I hugged him thightly and kissed him passionately. 'I know you really wanted to work again. And it was so sad to see you unhappy because you wanted to be independent.' Louis whispered. 

Everywhere in the pub there were decorations and they made a party to celebrate my come back. It was soo.... I can't describe it with words. 'I love you Tomlinson.' I smiled and grabbed his hair at the back of his head. I kissed him. I ran to Perrie too and hugged her. 'Forgive me finally?' she laughed. I nodded. 'I'm so happy, you are amazing just like Louis.' A tear was falling over my cheeks. 

Perrie smiled and hugged me again. I felt like a child, without worries and happy with the smallest things in life. 'I organised a little barbecue for our friends.' Perrie smiled. She went back to the bar and helped Jim. 'Can I help too?' I asked. 'That's Eleanor again, helpful as always.' Jim laughed. 'You could help me miss...' I heard a voice, without thinking I could say Louis. 

He pulled me in the middle of the room for a dance. I heard something like 'I got no control, no control'. I laughed because I recognized Louis beautiful voice. 'What do you like of it?' He asked. 'This is your song with the boys?' I asked him. He nodded proudly. 'It's fantastic.' I said while touching his beautiful hair. 



He kissed me and then we were pulled away by Liam and Niall. 'Come on get some barbecue meat before the others eat all the meat.' They laughed. I followed Louis to the barbecue. He helped me with everything and before I knew it, we got some meat, vegetables and sauces. Then we sat down on a table. 'Thank you for everything again Louis.' I said. 'If you said it again I'll ignore you.' He laughed and laid his hand on mine.

'What can I bring to you for drinks?' Perrie asked. 'Ice tea.' I shouted happy. 'The same for me.' Louis answered. The rest gave up what they want too. Perrie came back with the drinks. 'Thanks.' I said when she put the ice tea on my side of the table. 'You're welcome.' She smiled. She went to Zayn and kissed him. She went back to work. 

After eating I proposed to Perrie that I would do her shift now so she could spend some time with Zayn. 'No, no it's your party.' She discussed with me. 'Come on Perrie you need some Zayn time and also some food.' I said as argument.

I pushed her to the table and took place behind the bar. 'I'll help you.' Louis proposed. 'I'm not a child Tomlinson. I could do it before you, without you.' I laughed. The whole day was fun, I was exhausted at the end of the day. I said goodbye to everyone and to Jim and I asked when I could work back. 

'I'm coming with you to your appartment.' Louis smiled and took me to his car. 'But... you have nothing in my appartment.' I said. 'Look behind you.' He pointed to a bag. I smiled. 'Oh you expected it.' I giggled a little bit. We stopped at my place and he grabbed his bag. 

I changed into my PJ's. He already lie on my bed and I crawled in his arms. 'Goodnight beautiful, tomorrow is a new day, a new schoolday.' He said. He kissed me and then we fell asleep. 


Hi lovely readers of my book here, 
I wish you already a fantastic christmas and a new year. It was a long time ago that I wrote something here, because of exams and problems so I'm happy I could write a chapter again. I hope you liked it ! I hope I can write more soon. I have now holiday so normally I can or I must have a writers block then I can't ... 

I'm so happy you read this book, thanks to you I can't write, without you all I'm nothing in writing.

A lot of hugs and kisses from me(Eline) :) xxx

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