Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


2. Chapter 1

Before I start please read this: I thought this book is inappropriate because Harry is drunk etc. I just want to mention here, they are not like the real ones in this, it's just like that because they will change in the story or not. The Harry things are very useful in the story(the confusing things), the confusing things will be explained into the later chapters. 

It is based on 1D but it doesn't mean they have the same character like in real so please don't give bad critism, only constructive critism. I hope you like to read it, I worked hard for it, to publish it quickly. 



This is my story. The story of Eleanor Calder, the worker in the pub 'The Direction'. I didn't know for what this name stood for, actually I do now. There is a legend that the place is the direction of every people who lost its way in life or love. And I think this reason is true. 

I got hired in the pub thanks to Perrie, my best friend who told Jim, the boss to call me and to hire me as an extra worker because it is quite busy in the pub last time. I got an intake conversation with Jim about the salary and the days I have to work because I'm a student and I wanted to earn some money for my university. 

'Well, Perrie told me you have experience in a pub?' Jim asked me. I nodded. 'My parents had a pub for a little time and as a young child I helped them with glasses and more.' I answered and played with my fingers. 'Well, I think you can work in the weekends like friday, saturday and sunday. And then maybe wednesday and eventually monday.' Jim said. 

But before he could say that Perrie got a relation with Zayn Malik, one of the clients of the pub.  She barely could work in the pub, thanks to him. Always wanted to go out instead of working. So Jim called me and made a rule: don't date with clients and work instead of being with your boyfriend.

Fortunately, I'm single so he can't do nothing about it. Perrie could have her relationship and sometimes she still work in the pub while Zayn looks at her and talks at her. She can't do nothing without Zayn now... Every working day she starts flirting with him so I do everything in the pub. 

And then there was a week before the ridiculious date idea. I remembered it well, every known clients were there. Harry, the one who was always pinching my ass when he had the chance, one of the most drunken people in the pub. And one thing he does most of the times too: he tries to kiss me and kisses Louis and Niall. I don't know why, maybe a ritual or just gay? I doubt about it but I don't care if he is gay or hetero, or just both. 

But it makes me confused. Just like the mysterious Louis Tomlinson. When I'm standing at the bar, he always sits close to me and looks at me in a way I never believe, like I'm his object, like I'm his project or dream. I can't describe it. 

There's also one other boy, Niall. Blond dyed hair, a smile until his ears everyday. He always comes in like he is here in his palace. Arms open and everyday he says 'Hi buddies!' Everyone greets him and he searches a place into the crowd. He was the most crazy person and beloved person in the pub. 

Then you have Liam, the silent boy in the corner of the pub. He always orders water or soft drinks. No beer like the others, but actually he's cute that he just orders water or soft drinks. Niall always comes to him if Liam's in the pub and when he's alone. Niall cares about people like Liam. And of course he cares about Harry, Zayn and Louis. 

They all look like friends. The week of the plan of the stupid date thing was a hectic week, which meant that I had to work all day. Jim was planning the month events so I had to do the whole bar and pub. Perrie was sick so Zayn was at Perrie. It was the day, that Louis came in with the great news that he had a job. Harry came into the room and kissed Louis on his cheek. 

'Congrats.' Harry said when he heard the news about Louis' new job. 'Yeah, congrats.' I said while I was busy doing some orders. It was quite full of people. Niall came into the pub and everyone smile. Harry gave Niall a kiss on his cheek and Louis shook Nialls hand and told him about the new job. Niall was happy for Louis. 

Niall saw me struggling and helped me. 'I'll help you with the orders, if you want?' He proposed and I shyly nodded. 'If you would like to do it.' I answered. Louis helped me too. I smiled. 'Thank you.' I said to Niall en Louis. Niall stopped with the helps when only Louis had to help me. 

Louis smiled and talked with me. He's interested but I don't know if he's single or not. Sometimes I think he's with Harry because Harry gaves Louis a lot of kisses on his mouth. And if Louis didn't get kisses on his lips, Niall got them from Harry. I don't understand that but yeah I'm just a worker. 

'Eleanor!' Jim shouted. 'Yes?' I said and ran to Jim. 'I have an idea. A lot of singles are here in the pub. So I decided to organise a whole dating system, blind date, speed date, and an ultimate kissing blind date.' He proposed. 'And... You have to be one of the candidates.' He finished his sentence. I freaked out in my mind. Why me? He forbid me to have a relation with one of the people in the pub and now, he wanted me to kind like date one of them. 

'Why?' I questioned him. 'It's a promotion technique. You're beautiful and it's to show people that we support it.' He answered. I thought by myself: 'you could do the same? Your wife ran away from you and your pub, why me?' 'Because you're young and the others in the pub too, so you have to do it.' He said like he could read my mind. 

I walked to the bar and did my tasks further. 'What's the next event?' Louis asked me and I looked at him, shocked. 'A date thing because here are a lot of singles.' I answered without looking at him again. I looked at the glasses. 'Nice that he does that.' Louis said and took a nip of his beer. 

'Of course.' I said sarcastically. 'Why so sarcastic?' He asked when he heard my tone. ' I have to participate in it.' I answered mad. 'That's great.' Louis said happy. 'That's not.' I insisted. 'And why should it be great?' I said in disbelief. He looked me in the eyes. 'Because a beautiful girl will attract more people to participate with it.' He answered and my cheeks went red. 

'Of course.' I said sarcastically again to hide my red cheeks. 'You're blushing.' He said and pointed to my cheeks. 'I'm not.' I said when I poured him a beer again. 'Drink and shut up!' I ordered him with a smile. 'Thank you, is it from you or do I have to pay for it?' He answered. 

'If I could shut your mouth with it, I'll pay it.' I answered. 'Okay, good my lady.' 'Don't call me your lady.' I said. He drank his beer while I went further to the others to give the ordered things. He saw him smiling at me when I did my orders. Maybe I made him smiling? 

I was relieved when I came back in my apartment that I hired for my university years. My parents accepted that I wanted to live in an apartment for my university, to study better. They never know what will happen in my apartment or in the pub and sometimes I just hoped I could go back to the time. I'm happy with my job and life, but sometimes I missed someone, a person who could love me how I am. Who can convince me with just a simple kiss. Just with e simple kiss.... 


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