Short Spy story...used to be Fallen Angel story...changed my mind...again...sorry guys!

Lucy Havenchild's life in New York has just ended. After signing a legal document stating that she can now move into her now-deceased birth parents home, she is on the next plane out of here and ready to begin her new life in London. But as soon as she arrives, a mysterious face from her past comes out of hiding....After going rouge since she was fifteen Lucy has had it tough....She completed missions that have been impossible, life-threatening and have caused her to make serious sacrifices, but this one man just is not prepared to let her go....because Lucy has done some terrible things in the past....things that haven't go unnoticed.....


1. Chapter One

Staring up at me is approximately five hundred freshly printed pages, an expensive looking fountain pen and a dotted line. It sits there on a mahogany brown desk which belongs to my lawyer, Mr Callender and I swear I can feel his eyes burning holes in my head. You’d think that I would be used to it by now, seeing that I’m practically here every month, but it freaks me out every single time.

“Are you sure you want to do this Lucy?” I looked up as he spoke.

“This is an unusual situation and I need you to understand a few things. OK?” He said, awaiting my approval. I replied with a simple nod and continued to listen to what he was saying.

“Once this document is signed Lucy there’s no going back. By doing this you are effectively signing yourself away from this Lawyer firm and of course the full guardianship of your adoptive mother. Because you are seventeen she will still have parental authorities over you until your Eighteenth birthday. After that, she will lose that control over you. As long as you understand all of this then by all means you have the right to sign the document you see in front of you” He explained in his thick Kentucky accent and gestured to the contract.

I slowly exhaled and realized that for the whole time that Mr Callender was talking that I was in fact holding my breath. Why was I getting so anxious over this? It’s what you've wanted for as long as you knew about the Will. But is it really necessary to move all the way to England just over something like this? Would I really be able to leave everything behind here in New York?


Beside me, of course, sits my adoptive mother, Mary, her blonde her up in its usual work relevant French twist clutching her regular brown briefcase bag on her lap. She was nervous. You can tell that sort of stuff when you live with someone like Mary. She felt me staring at her and met my gaze with a warm smile and spoke. “This is your decision kiddo” I then turned to face Mr Callender and the Contract in front of me and picked up the pen and signed it, my hand shaking even after I had dropped the pen. I guess I’m moving to London.

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