Sweet Angel Of Coldness

Maybe Gossip Girl is over. Maybe we all know lonely-boy was a crazy man spilling secrets of rich children all over the internet under the hoax identity. But what about all the past moments in the show that could have made a great story, but didn't? Blair's bulimia is definitely one of them. Read and find out!


1. Cold All Over

A/N: I'm new to this, please be kind!

The story starts with Blair finding out about Serena and Nate. I think the bulimia part of the show is underrated because it can't just go away after one episode. Enjoy!


“Serena! Shut up already!” “But B, you said we were fine! You said you’d give it a second chance. You said you’d forgiven me!” Serena said with pleading eyes. “That was before I knew that you slept with my boyfriend,” the little Ms. Waldorf replied with a cold stare and tight smile. “Now, if you’re done lying to me and stealing things that are mine, I’d like to return to breakfast. Show yourself out. Goodbye Serena.” Giving Blair a defeated look, she walked to the elevator doors. Blair looked thinner. Blair looked paler. Blair looked Mans colder. Serena being Serena knew that colder means madder. Means sadder. More hurt. Serena hurt her best friend. Her sister. She probably made her cry. But little did the blonde beauty know, she did so much more.

 DING! The elevator was here. “Bye B.” she almost whispered.

Blair heard her though. She saw the defeated look on Serena’s face. She saw her eyes sad and red, a sign that her best friend had been crying. She felt tears brimming her own eyes. Threatening to pour out.

NO! She ordered herself. I will not cry. I’m a Waldorf and that is not how we behave! With Serena, left her control. She let out the breath she didn’t even know she was holding. Well then, time for breakfast. All of a sudden she knew. She knew what she had to do. She knew she’d been doing it every night. She knew it was wrong. But she knew it was like oxygen to her. She needed to do it. “Darota!” “Yes Ms. Blair” “No visitors today. Get me the leftover cake from last night! Hurry!” Darota got her the cake and a fork. Blair felt guilty but the cake looked delicious. It was chocolate mousse cake. Her favorite. She sighed. She walked up to her room. Shut the door, and shut the world out. She ate and ate and ate until she finished the cake. And now she knew what to do. She went into her bathroom and went down on her knees. The white porcelain bowl was like her angel that came to save her from everything bad in the world. Her toothbrush was like her lighted candle. Her vomit was the magic spell. She shoved the toothbrush as far down her neck as it would go. Retching. Her grief. Emotions. Hate. Anger. It all washed out her throat like magic. She entered her state of bliss. After she was done she looked into her full length mirror. Still to fat, still to imperfect, still not good enough. She sat on her bathroom floor and rocked back and forth. Now she knew why nobody noticed. Why Nate didn’t notice when she cancelled on dinners and lunches. When he didn’t notice when she wouldn’t eat at parties. How after every meal she’d politely excuse herself and go to the bathroom. How she’d been getting thinner. At least she thought she had. Maybe it was true. Maybe she wasn’t getting thinner. Maybe she was fat. She wasn’t good enough. She had given up everything for Nate. Even her wellbeing. Everything. But he didn’t notice. Serena was all he cared about. He didn’t notice Blair slowly giving up. He chose Serena when she didn’t even know they were competing. Nobody noticed Blair breaking.


But somebody did.

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