Falling in love is difficult and doesn't happen all at once as i found out myself.


1. An Understanding

These are the things I wish to understand, why boys have to like other girls, why all the gentlemen are taken and I mean ALL and why girls can’t see through boys eyes. Like I understand that we can’t all be in cute relationships and stuff like that but what I don’t get is why we all can’t be in love. Like not even a little bit each. I mean sharing is caring right? Or that’s what everyone says these days. To be completely honest love is painful, especially when you fall for someone and no-one is ever there to catch you; but I wouldn’t know, I’ve never really been in “Love” at least I don’t  think I have.

Well this is my story of being “IN LOVE”.

I faintly heard my name being called as the bell rang. I wasn't quite surewho had called me so i continued to walk. It sounded like a masculine voice. It was deep but soft sounding just like,

"Chase!" I called back, realizing  who was calling me in the first place. 

Chase ran to my side and gave me a hug. Chase was my best friend, it had been this way since we were 5.

"Scar you cool for tonight still?"

Scar is what Chase calls me but my real name is Scarletta; and by tonight he means this party that everyone's invited to. It's at Charmagne's house. She's like only the richest, most stuck up , catty person. But her parties are cool.

"Mum said no but I'm gonna go anyway. She's not going to be home until tomorrow morning anyway so i'll be home before then anyway."

"Scar!" called Cat "Guys wait up for me!"

Cat was another friend of ours. She was so gorgeous and she always had a vibrant smile on her face. But boy was she a quirky one. She had her bright red hair, with her black ripped jeans and her black leather top. All the boys loved her, she wore no makeup and she barely even brushe her hair most of the time. Even Charmagne's boyfriend wanted her over Charmagne.        

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