In the process

Marietta Belladonna Fuller appears to be just like everyone else, some may say. Both her parents are still together, she has many friends, and she doesn't get into serious trouble. Throughout her story, this story, she goes through all the ups, downs, ins, and outs that life throws to some, most, or no people.

Follow Marietta and her adventures to becoming an adult and learning who she is. Some things in life are exciting, adventurous, surprising, and so forth. All Marietta wants to do is relate to those who may have experienced some of what she has, if not it all.

She wants her story to be heard.


1. Prelude..

Some may say life is: easy, what you make it, or that it's already got a route of its own. I disagree, to it all. I can't sit here and make up your mind on theories of life. I can only share one, my own, and hope that it does some justice to clarify life is not a fairy tale. My intentions are not to judge, insult, or upset anyone in any way. This is just how and what happened in my life, from good to bad and pretty to ugly; just the cold hard truth of a girl and what she has endured.

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