You Make It All Better

When Skylar's parents die in an unfortunate car accident, she is forced to move to her aunts house in Australia. She is now living with her aunt and cousin, Michael. Skylar feels as if her whole world is over and becomes depressed. Then she meets Michaels best friends and band mates, Calum, Luke, and Ashton. Then he falls in love.


9. Chapter 9

It had been a week since the accident in car. I Haden's spoken more than 10 words, I didn't talk to the boys, or look at them, I ate almost nothing, resulting in me dropping 15 pounds lie it was nothing. I was shut away in my room. The boys had tried to cheer me up, but I was so depressed I couldn't even crack a grin. I felt bad, I really did. I don't want them to see me like this, and I don't want to hurt them.

I was sitting on the balcony, just staring into the distance zoned out. My phone buzzed and it was a text from Michael.

Mikey: Sky, will you please come down here, Ashton's hurt!

I looked at the text and didn't know what to do. I got up and went down stairs. I saw them all sitting on the couch and Ashton looked fine.

"Skylar! Sit!" Ashton yelled and I just turned around walking away. I felt a hand grab mine and pull me into their body. I looked up to see Ashton.

"What!" I spat out regretting it.

"Sit you're fucking ass down on that fuming couch now! And I mean it!" He yelled in my face and I listened.

They all looked at me like I was a homeless person. They all had pity in their eyes.

"Sky, you need to eat!" Calum yelled looking angry.

"I'm not hungry." I said quietly looking away.

"Bullshit!" Mikey yelled causing me to jump.

"I'm not HUNGRY!" I yelled back.

"Fucking bullshit Skylar! You haven't eaten enough to even have any energy! You are slowly killing yourself! Is that what you fuming want! Huh? Look at me!" Luke yelled scaring me and I looked into his tear filled eyes. It made the lump in my throat grow bigger.

"You need to eat! You need to fucking talk and stop shutting us out dammit!" Calum yelled.

"I am fine!" I yelled as the tears bursted out and I ran to my room. I collapsed on the floor from the running. I could tell I was low in energy. I caught my breath and then crawled into bed. I don't care anymore. I wanted to die. I wanted to be with my parents. The two people who meant everything to me. But that meant leaving the four guys that meant everything to me too.

I was ripped away from my thoughts when my door flew open.

"Skylar!" Ashton yelled slamming my door shut.

"Go away!" I screamed crying into the pillow. He gently lifted me up.

"Look at me.... Please." He said in a softer and kinder voice. I looked into his big hazel eyes.

"What..." I whispered.

"Please don't do this. Sky we need you. We need your smile, laugh, and love. We all need you. And if you give up we will too!" He said sternly.

"No, Ashton." I said crying and he pulled me into his chest. He pulled my lips up to his and planted a big passionate and gentle kiss in my lips. I felt my entire body tingling and burning with sensation. I have never felt this before. We both pulled back with big eyes.

"Did you feel that?" Ashton asked me quietly.

"Yes..." I said trailing off and looking into his eyes. He leaned forward and kissed me again. It was the same feeling, but a little more intense. We both gasped when we pulled back.

We just looked I to each other eyes for a good minute before he finally spoke.

"I've been wanting to do that since day one." He said grabbing my hand and rubbing it.

"Why?" I asked curiously.

"Skylar, do you not realize how incredible you really are?" Ashton asked me.

"I'm not." I said looking down to the floor.

"Oh but yes you are. You make us all very happy. We all love you, and that kiss wasn't for nothing." He said lifting my head up again.

"I know." I said biting my lip.

"So please, stop doing this and bring back my Skylar!" He smiled before leaving the room.

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