You Make It All Better

When Skylar's parents die in an unfortunate car accident, she is forced to move to her aunts house in Australia. She is now living with her aunt and cousin, Michael. Skylar feels as if her whole world is over and becomes depressed. Then she meets Michaels best friends and band mates, Calum, Luke, and Ashton. Then he falls in love.


7. Chapter 7

I woke up and looked around to see that the boys were gone.

"Ashton, Michael, Luke, Calum!" I called out and got no answer. Then I head noises in the kitchen.

I got up and climbed over the couches and went into the kitchen. There they were, making breakfast. Before I could see what it was Calum grabbed me and covered my eyes.

"Hey little miss! Get out of here and go sit at the table! You're not allowed to look!" He yelled turning me around and leading me to the table. It was already set with 5 plates, 5 cups, and 5 forks and butter knives.

I took a seat and giggled. Calum winked at me before he went back into the kitchen. I heard them all laughing and goofing around and it made me smile. They have helped me a lot. I love them all so much.

"Are you guys almost done?" I yelled into the kitchen.

"Yes ma'am!" I heard Luke yell to me.

"Okay!" I giggled and shook my head.

One by one the came in bringing the food. Calum had the bacon, Mikey had the scrambled eggs, Ashton had the waffles and syrup, and Luke had orange juice and apple juice.

"Guys, this looks and smells so good!" I said looking at all the food.

Ashton sat next to me with Calum across from me, Luke next to him, and Mikey at the end of the table between me and Calum. We all started to grab food. I got two pieces of bacon, one waffle, I didn't like eggs but I got a little because the boys did a good job. I poured some apple juice in my cup and started to eat.

"This is amazing!" I said as I took a bite of my waffle.

"Thanks! My specialty!" Ashton said smiling at me with a mouthful. We all started to laugh.

I propped my legs up on Calum and finished my food. The boys kept eating and I sat there listening to what they were saying and watching them be weird. They were so genuine and amazing. They really made it better. Try made everything better. Ashton's eyes met mine and he smiled at me. I felt my heart flutter and skip a beat. Just his smile can send my heart into overdrive. I was falling for Ashton Irwin, but I know he won't fall back.

I turned to see Calum munching on a piece of bacon and he looked so cute. I started to laugh uncontrollably and the boys looked at me like I was crazy.

"What's so funny?" Mikey asked laughing at me.

"C-Calum the way you were eating that bacon!" I yelled laughing harder.

"Well it's good!" Calum yelled eating again and Luke, Ashton, and Mikey joined in my laughing when they saw the way he was eating. Calum his his face and kept eating.

"I can't!" Luke yelled falling out of his chair and we all bursted into laughter. After we all caught our breath and were half way breathing I took the dishes to the kitchen and did them. Mikey's plate had two inches of syrup on it and I laughed.

I was finished with the dishes and I went to the living room to see the boys had cleaned it and put the couches back.

"I'm going to go take a shower, I'll be done when I'm done!" I said hugging them all and kissing their cheeks.

"I wanna join!" Luke yelled winking at me. I threw a pillow at him and he laughed. I knew Luke was kidding, he's just a flirty cute ass.

I went I to my room and went to the shower. I stripped down and Waite until the water was warm and I got in. It felt so good to have the warm water dripping down my body, it was so relaxing. I let everything sink in. I hate being alone, it have me time to think and I always thought of the wrong things, like my parents. It still hurt and I felt the tears coming. I pushed them away and finished my shower.

Do you guys like this one? I would really like if you guys would let me know!

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