You Make It All Better

When Skylar's parents die in an unfortunate car accident, she is forced to move to her aunts house in Australia. She is now living with her aunt and cousin, Michael. Skylar feels as if her whole world is over and becomes depressed. Then she meets Michaels best friends and band mates, Calum, Luke, and Ashton. Then he falls in love.


5. Chapter 5

I decided it was time for me to go downstairs and grab some food. I headed down and heard the boys laughing. Once I was in the kitchen I had a full view of them.

Ashton was dancing with Calum and get were being really funny. I started to giggle and turned to the fridge. I was on a mission to find something yummy. I spotted strawberries, grapes, blueberries, and a banana. I cute them up an made a fruit salad.

I carried my bowl into the living room and sat next to Michael. Who by the way, was laughing uncontrollably. I always loved his laugh it was so cute.

"So I'm guessing this is a typical day for you buys?" I asked Luke adding a laugh as Ashton started to grind on Calum.

"Pretty much!" Luke said giving me that award winning smile.

Ashton came up to me and stole a grape from my bowl.

"Hey! That's mine!" I said trying to grab it but, it was already in his mouth.

"Sorry it looked so good!" He laughed before returning to his dance party.

"Sky, trust me this is the least disturbing thing you will witness with us!" Michael said out of breath from his laughter.

"Oh I was already sure of that!" I said with a big smile as I continued to munch on my breakfast.


Calum and Ashton were finally done being crazy, I had finished my food, and we were now getting ready to play just dance.

"Skypoo, do you wanna play too!" Calum asked giving me puppy dog eyes.

"As long as you never ever call me Skypoo again!" I said causing all of us to laugh.

Michael popped in 'Just Dance 2014' and picked the song 'Call Me Maybe' it was Michael, Me, Calum, and Luke. Ashton was taking a break.

We all started to dance and I was laughing so hard seeing the boys do this dance. And surprisingly, Calum won.

"Oh that's right! These hips don't lie my friends!" Calum said gloating about his victory.

"Calum, yes they do!" Ashton said laughing and I was slowly falling in love with his crazy laugh. It was so fucking adorable.

"I'm going to sit out, Ashton, your up!" I said giving him my remote. He gave me the biggest grin then got up taking my spot next to Michael and Calum.

"Okay Sky what song should we do?" Luke asked and they all looked back at me. I smirked at them.

"Hmm well, what makes you beautiful by one direction!" I said an they all giggled. It was so cute watching them all dance in sync, even though they were failing terribly, it was still cute.

"I'm already whooped!" Luke said sitting next to me as the other continued to play.

"Luke, you're actually kind of good!" I said giving him a cute smile.

"Oh really? Well thank you sweet pea!" He chuckled.

"Sweet pea? Really?" I said laughing and then covering my mouth as I snorted. All the boys stopped and turned around.

"What was that?" Calum said giving me and Luke a funny look.

"Did I hear a snort?" Ashton asked with a big grin.

"No! Nobody snorted? Are you hearing things?" I said trying to cover up my embarrassing laugh.

"You fucking snorted!" Michael yelled causing me to burst out laughing and snort again.

"See you just did it!!!!" Ashton yelled an they all laughed with me.

"It's not funny!" I said covering my face with a pillow.

"No it's actually cute!" Calum said smiling and all the boys agreed.

"Okay let's move on from my snort action please!" I said uncovering my face and hitting Luke with my pillow.

"What did I do!?!?" He said taking the pillow.

"You made me!" I said sticking my tongue out at him.

Everyone started laughing again. It honestly felt really good to laugh. I didn't regret it. The boys made it so much different. I wasn't afraid to laugh and it didn't hurt when I was with them.

"So this fire tonight?" I asked looking at Michael.

"What about it? Are you coming?" He asked getting excited.

"I mean maybe, I don't really know if I'm all up for it or not? Ya know." I said and they all gathered around me giving me pleading puppy eyes.

"We will sing for you!!!" Ashton whined like a little puppy.

"Fine!" I said giving in and poking ashtons cute dimple.

"Yayyyy! Sky's coming!!!" Calum yelled pulling me into a hug. I then got up and decided to do the dishes. I rolled up my selves and was glad that the bandages hadn't been bled through!

Luke came in bringing me some dishes.

"Ouch! Sky what happened there?" He asked pointing out the bandages.

"Oh nothing! I was unpacking and scraped my arm! No big deal it's all bandaged up!" I said lying straight to his face. The sad thing was even I didn't sound convinced.

"Sky, tell me the truth!" Luke said getting closer and whispering.

"Luke that is the truth." I said looking back down at the dishes. All of the sudden he was grabbing my arm and taking the bandages off.

"Sky..." Luke said as he rubbed his thumb over my arm.

"Luke, please don't!" I said as the tears filled in my eyes. Then I heard a glass fall to the floor breaking behind us.

"Skylar........" It was Calum he can rushing over and was already crying and they both engulfed me in a hug crying.

"What is going on?" I heard Michael say and my heart broke. He was the last person I wanted to see this.

"Ashton come here something's up!" Calum yelled as Ashton came running in and stopped dead in his tracks once he saw the bandages on the floor.

I was crying into Luke's shoulder and he wouldn't let me go. Michael was crying as he rubbed my back and looked at my arm.

"G-guys, I-I'm so s-s-sorry!" I cried out and covered my face by burying it in Luke's chest.

"Don't you dare be sorry! Sky, what can we do!?!?" Calum said through the tears. Ashton was still froze and I had finally been unlocked form Luke's grip.

Michael grabbed my hand and led me to the couch. All the boys followed. I sat on Calum's lap and he was rubbing my back. We had all stopped crying, but were still sniffling.

"Skylar, will you pease explain?" Luke asked looking into my eyes. I looked into his blue blood shot eyes down to his tear stained cheeks.

"I was just thinking of my parents, and I wanted to get the pain out, so I did it the only way I knew how." I said looking down at my feet feeling so ashamed and hideous.

"Sky, we will do anything to help you! I promise we all do!" Ashton said sitting next to me and Calum.

"Guys I am so sorry. I didn't want any of you to see this. I'm so ashamed." I said and more tears started to fall.

"Sky, don't be ashamed. I just want you to know that it gets better. I can't lose you!" Michael said before he was lost in a puddle of tears.

"Whatever you're going through, it is tough, but beautiful, you're tougher you will be okay." Luke said kissing my cheek.

"Sky, you will make it, it will get better, and I promise you that." Ashton said kissing my cheek.

"Baby, I promise you, I will never let you feel that way again. We will all do whatever it takes to make you 100% happy. We promise!" Calum said squeezing me tightly.

"Thank you guys! I love you so much." I said grabbing onto Calum as I cried more. They all came in for a group hug and we all cried.


After a lot of tears and hugs. The boys went to the garage to practice something. So I decided to get a little more sleep to take away this crying head ache I had gotten. I went up to my room and crawled into my huge fluffy bed and fell asleep with a smile on my face.

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