You Make It All Better

When Skylar's parents die in an unfortunate car accident, she is forced to move to her aunts house in Australia. She is now living with her aunt and cousin, Michael. Skylar feels as if her whole world is over and becomes depressed. Then she meets Michaels best friends and band mates, Calum, Luke, and Ashton. Then he falls in love.


4. Chapter 4

I woke up the next morning to the feeling of my arm burning. I immediately ran to the bathroom. I pulled off the bandage and my arm was bleeding again.

I hurried up and cleaned the cuts then rewrapped them. I then noticed the blood stain on my shirt. I change into a pair of black yoga pants with a hot pink band, and a hoodie that said, 'don't grow up, it's a trap'. I threw my long black hair into a big meat bun.

I went back into my room and decided to get some air. I grabbed my phone and checked the time, it was 11am. I walked over to my balcony door and opened it. The fresh air hit my nostrils and it felt so good. I left the door cracked open and them I sat in one of the chairs. The sky was really gorgeous over here. I loved California and the views I had gotten will always be in my mind, but this was such a gorgeous place.

I heard a knock on the door.

"Sky, can I join you?" I turned to see Ashton standing there. His hair still a little wet.

"Sure." I said turning back to the sky. Ashton took a seat right next to me.

"How are you doing?" He asked and I turned and looked into his big hazel eyes. He looked so heart broken. Like an abandoned puppy.

"I'm fine." I said pulling on a fake smile.

"Bullshit, Sky, you can tell me what's really going on." Ashton said trying to sooth me.

"I just, I don't wanna talk about it." I said putting my head down.

"Sky, it's better to talk then to bottle it up, I know from experience." He said plopping his arm down on my lap. I searched his arm and saw scars. They looked a lot like mine.

"Ashton, why?" I asked looking into those big gorgeous eyes again.

"Bullying, depression." He simply said pulling his arm away.

"I'm sorry." I said looking away and back to the floor of the balcony.

"Now, tell me what's wrong." Ashton said nudging me.

"I just, I feel like it's wrong, to laugh, to be happy, to smile, it's not right. They don't deserve to be watching me happy and living my life, when they are dead." I felt the tears coming and I pushed them away.

"Sky, you know that isn't true! If anything they want to see you laughing and smiling and being happy! I understand it's going to be hard for a while, but you need to try. You need to be happy. You need to feel things. Skylar, trust me your parents are not going to be mad or upset with you when you are happy and smiling. You need to do those things. Please don't shut down or shut people out. You seem like an amazing person, and a bright spirit. You just need to let yourself shine." He said getting tears in his eyes making me start to cry.

"Thank you Ashton." I said through the tears and he hugged me. I felt this spark as soon as his hands were on my body. It was electrifying. It made me shiver.

"What's wrong?" Ashton asked giving me a funny look.

"Oh nothing!" I said hiding a little smile.

"Well I better get back to the boys, we are going to be having a fire tonight out back, you're invited!" He said poking my cheek and kissing it before running into the house. I started to blush and my cheek felt like it was on fire. I had never felt such a feeling in my entire life.

Sorry guys! I've been super busy! -I just got the fault in our stars, and I can't breath after I watch that movie, it kills me-

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