You Make It All Better

When Skylar's parents die in an unfortunate car accident, she is forced to move to her aunts house in Australia. She is now living with her aunt and cousin, Michael. Skylar feels as if her whole world is over and becomes depressed. Then she meets Michaels best friends and band mates, Calum, Luke, and Ashton. Then he falls in love.


13. Chapter 13

Within the 25 minute drive to the mall I had Luke's face completely red. He was trying so hard to not tell me that Ashton liked me. It was so amusing and evil at the same time.

We all got out and started to walk in. All of the sudden I was scooped up off my feet and Calum was carrying me bridal style I to the mall. I was giggling so loud.

"Calum Hood! Put me down! Jesus! You've gone crazy pants!" I yelled laughing as he finally put me down right outside the mall doors. We waited for the rest to catch up.

When we walked in the boys gave each other a weird look.

"We should all get dressy clothes and go on a classy dinner date!" Mikey said suspiciously.

"Ugh! You mean I have to dress up!" I said annoyed.

"Yes! No excuses!" Luke said sternly.

"Fine! But only because you are all so adorable!" I said kissing their cheeks.

"Skylar, let's go pick out your dress first." Calum said grabbing my hand and pulling me into a dress store. All the dresses were so classy and I just felt so weird. The lady that worked there was looking at us like we were illegal. It was some what funny. She looked scared of us.

The boys went around picking out some dresses for me and I found a few I liked.

"Get in that dressing room! We wanna see every dress!" Luke said pushing me into the dressing room and handing me the dresses.

I grabbed a deep blue long flowing dress. I slipped off my clothes and slipped the dress on. It looked weird. I walked out and immediately covered my face.

"I like it! But, I feel like you would look better in something a little shorter." Luke said and I walked back in.

I then slipped on this light pink dress that had lace at the top and it game just below the knee. I felt like a prissy bitch and didn't like it. I walked out with an angry face.

"Who the hell picked out pink!" I said looking to see who it was. Calum slowly raised his had.

"I look ridiculous like a fucking church girl!" I said storming back in leaving them all laughing.

I went through all the dresses and just couldn't find 'the one'. I finally grabbed the last dress. One that one of the boys picked out. It was short, and black. It looked tight. It was laced and had long laced selves that would probably come to my elbows. I slipped it on and I was amazed.

The dress came a little under my butt. It made my ass look amazing. It was right and pushed my boobs up. The selves came just a little above my elbows. It looked great. I was so nervous to walk out. I actually likes it a lot and I was scared they wouldn't like it.

"Okay I'm coming out, please don't laugh." I said before pulling open the curtain.

All of their jaws dropped. Everyone on the store was staring at me with their mouths wide open.

"What?" I asked looking at the boys. The all had this look of shock. Luke motioned for me to turn around. I did a whole 360 and Ashton was biting his lip.

"That's the one!" He said with big eyes.

"Yes you look gorgeous!" Mikey said smiling at me.

"Getting it!" Luke demanded.

"Perfect!" Calum said smiling at me.

I giggled and went back in to change into my clothes. I hung the dress on the outside of the dressing room and got dressed. When I came out it was gone. And so was Ashton.

"Where's the dress!" I said looking frantically around.

"Ashton went to pay for it." Calum said shrugging his shoulders.

"Why! That was $370!" I said looking around and seeing Ashton walking over with the dress in a bag.

"Here love!" Ashton said handing me the bag.

"Ashton fucking Irwin! What the hell! You didn't need to buy it! I feel bad now!" I said refusing to grab it.

"Oh hush! It was no biggie!" He said smiling and kissing my cheek. I felt my entire nerve system go crazy. I could fight him or be mad at him.

"Ugh thank you!" I said punching his arm lightly. All he did was giggle.

We went to get the boys' tuxes. They looked so damn cute my heart was going to explode. When Ashton came out it was like there was an animal inside me. I just wanted to rip that suit right off. He looked so fucking handsome.

Finally we were leaving.

"I'm riding with Skylar!" Calum yelled jumping I to my car. I laughed.

"See you at home!" I said smiling.

We were off to the house. I needed a lot of time to get ready for this dinner date!

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