You Make It All Better

When Skylar's parents die in an unfortunate car accident, she is forced to move to her aunts house in Australia. She is now living with her aunt and cousin, Michael. Skylar feels as if her whole world is over and becomes depressed. Then she meets Michaels best friends and band mates, Calum, Luke, and Ashton. Then he falls in love.


11. Chapter 11

I was slowing waking up but kept my eyes shut as I heard the boys whispering.

"So Ashton, you really do like her don't you?" I heard Mikey whisper.

"Yes but she probably doesn't feel the same." I heard Ashton said sounding a little hurt. I felt sad that he didn't know I liked him back.

"Well let's do something romantic, and then you can tell her and see how he feels?" Calum suggested and I felt my heart beating faser.

"Okay, that sounds like a plan." Ashton whispered.

"This is going to be fun!" Luke said loudly and got shushed.

"Mikey are you sure you're okay with this?" Ashton asked making me blush. It was so cute that he was looking for Mikey's approval.

"Dude, as long as you don't hurt her, which I'm sure you won't, it's fine by me! You two are perfect for each other, so let's give it try." Mikey said making my heart melt. They were so adorable.

"Yea if you hurt Skylar we will have to kick your ass, no hard feelings!" Calum said almost making me laugh. It was so hard to be listening to this and not say something.

They stopped talking and I took the advantage to wake up. I yawned and opened my eyes to see Calum staring down at me.

"Good morning princess!" Calum said smiling at me.

"Good morning love!" I said as I sat up.

"Hi!" The rest of the boys said as I rubbed my sleepy eyes.

"Hello babes!" I said yawning again.

They all smiled.

"You his all have gorgeous smiles I hope you know!" I said as I got up to get a glass of water. I only filled it up a little. Taking two sips I was done and put my glass in the sink. I returned to the living room and sat next to Mikey.

"So what's going in today?" I asked looking around at the boys.

"We might actually do some band practice soon!" Luke said laughing.

"Yayyyyy! Can I watch? Pleaseeeee!" I said whining and giving them all puppy dog eyes.

"Of course!" Calum smiled and pulled me I. For a warm hug.

The boys took me out to the garage and showed me their set up. It was really really cool! I sat in the little sofa in the corner.

The boys sang heartbreak girl, long way home, green light, and don't stop before taking a break.

I cheered after every song.

"Ughhhh you guys are so good!" I yelled as they came and piled on the couch.

"Thanks babe!" Luke said hugging me with his sweaty body.

"Oh you don't smell to good though!" I said plugging my nose and laughing. They all joined in laughing with me.

"Let's go get showers, then go grab food!" Mikey said running out of the garage. We all ran to the house and I sat in the living room flipping through channels as I waited for them to be done.

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