Mean Girls (WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 16 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 25 Sep 2014
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Mean Girls; Kim isn't just a mean girl, but is also the school's biggest... well let's just say she's been sleeping around for the longest. When new student Renee Young transfers to Florida State University, she is linked up with Dean Ambrose, Kim's recent ex. When Kim finds out, she befriends Renee and tries to hook Dean up with her. Little does Renee know, Kim is only using her to get Dean back. When Renee catches Kim kissing Dean, she confronts Kim the next day, making Kim drugging Dean to make love to her at the next house party, but instead Kim's worst nightmare begins, Dean makes love to Renee instead. Soon Renee is pregnant and the jealousy starts between the two former friends.


11. True Friends

(The Next Month) 

Nikki: *getting ready for school* 

Brie: You almost done? We need to get going Nicole. 

Nikki: Yeah, I'm done, let's go. 

Kim: *wakes up in pain* Ouch. *sits up* Why is this happening? *tries to get comfortable* Ow! *screams in pain and cries* Don't do this to me please. *tries to ignore the pain* Baby, don't do this to mom please. *gets up and falls to the ground screaming in pain* Please, god, help me. *reaches for her phone and calls 911* 

911: 911, what is your emergency? 

Kim: *getting weak* Send, send help here.  

911: Where are you located? 

Kim: *passed out* 

Nikki: Brie, have you seen Kim? 

Brie: No, I haven't seen her all day, why? 

Nikki: Nothing, I'll ask Kelly. *walks off* 

Kelly: *talking with eve and Maryse* 

Nikki: Hey girls. *smiles* 

Kelly: *smiles* Hey. 

Nikki: You guys haven't happen to see Kim around right? 

Eve: No, why is everything ok? 

Nikki: I don't know, I called her, but she isn't picking up her phone. 

Kelly: Should we go on by? 

Nikki: Yeah, let's go, I'm kind of worried. 

Kelly: I'll drive. 

All: *leaves to kims place* 

Nikki: *runs out the car* Oh my gosh! 

Eve: *getting out the car* What the hell? 

Nikki: *calls 911* Hi, my friend's house been broken into. 

Kim: *wakes up* Ow. *holds her stomach* 

Nurse 1: Good afternoon, how are you feeling? 

Kim: Why am I here? 

Nurse 1: You passed out when you called 911, they broked into your house and took you in the ambulance right away. 

Kim: My baby? 

Nurse 1: I'm sorry Kim, your baby didn't make it. 

Kim: *cries* What? 

Nurse 1: That's what started the pain in the first place. Have you been seeing a doctor? 

Kim: No, I don't go to check up with a doctor. 

Nurse 1: Take my advice; please see a doctor, especially if you are pregnant. 

Kim: Where is my baby? 

Nurse 1: We already taken your baby away, we are sorry. 

Kim: I can't even see my baby? 

Nurse 1: We can bring you to see your daughter for a minute and then we'll have to take her back. 

Kim: *cries* 

Nurse 2: *brings the baby to kim* 

Kim: *looks at her baby and holds her* I'm sorry baby, I'm sorry mom didn't take good care of you enough. *cries* Please forgive mom for this. I love you baby. *hugs her baby and cries her heart out* 

Nurse 2: We're gonna have to take your baby back now. 

Kim: *cries more* 

Nurse 2: We are truly sorry. *takes the baby and leaves* 

Brie: Kim!  

Kim: *crying* Brie. 

Brie: Are you ok!? What happened? 

Kim: I, I lost my baby. *cries* 

Brie: *sits on the bed and hugs kim* I'm sorry Kim, I'm so sorry. *cries* 

Kim: *crying* The doctor said it wasn't my fault I lost her. 

Brie: *crying* Aw Kim, I'm so sorry. I wish I could have been a better friend and been there for you. 

Nikki: Kim! 

Kim: Nicole. *crying* 

Nikki: *sits on the bed* What happened? Are you ok? 

Kim: I'll never be ok again Nikki.  

Nikki: *leans over and hugs kim* We love you so much right now Kim. You don't know how hard I panic when I saw that your door was broken down/ 

Kim: *crying*  

Brie: Does Roman know? 

Kim: Please don't tell him, I beg you don't. 

Nikki: We won't Kim, you have our words. 

(The Next Week) 

Roman: You guys seen Kim? It's like I haven't seen her in a while. 

Nikki: Yeah, she's fine, she's... actually here. 

Roman: Where? 

Brie: She's in the library, but she just texted me that she was leaving. *smiles* 

Roman: Alright, well um, tell her to talk to me, I been trying to call her, but she hasn't been picking up my calls or returning my text. 

Brie: Well tell her. *smiles* 

Roman: *smiles* Thanks. *leaves* 

(The Next Week) 

Roman: *talking to dean with sasha* 

Dean: *talking with roman with renee* 

Kim: *arrives to school* 

Roman: *confused* 

Dean: *staring at kim* 

Kim: *smiles* Hi. 

Roman: *pulls kim to aside* What happened? 

Kim: *smiles* I was never pregnant Roman. 

Roman: What? 

Kim: Yeah. *tries not to cry* 

Roman: What happened to our kid? 

Kim: *trying not to cry*  

Roman: You didn't get an abortion did you? 

Kim: No, I didn't Roman. *cries* I lost her, and today she could have been 6 months. 

Roman: *hurt* You... lost her? How? Why didn't you tell me? 

Kim: *crying* Why should I Roman? Your daughter and I don't need you, she obviously didn't need you that's why she left!  

Roman: *angry/hurt* Why didn't you tell me about this huh! She was my daughter too! 

Dean: What? 

Kim: *crying and looks at dean* 

Dean: You were pregnant Kim? By Roman? *looks at roman* 

Roman: *cries* She was my daughter Kim! How could you have kept it away from me! 

Sasha: What the hell is going on here! 

Kim: *cries more angrily from feeling bad* Because you had a girlfriend Roman! *slaps sasha hard and runs off* 

Renee: *gasp* Oh my gosh, are you ok? 

Sasha: That bitch just slapped me! 

Renee: *looks at dean* 

Dean: We are through Roman, we are through. *walks off* 

Renee: Dean. *goes after him* 

Roman: *leaves angrily* 

Sasha: Roman! 

Eva: You ok? 

Sasha: No! That bitch just slapped me! 

Eva: Who? 

Sasha: Kim! 

Eva: What?! Why? 

Sasha: Because she hasn't been getting any that's why! *walks off after roman* Roman! 

Kim: *walks into her house and knocks down everything angrily/crying* 

Roman: I don't want to be with you anymore Sasha! We are through as well! Get out of my face right now! 

Sasha: *butt hurt* Well... I'm sorry, if I... 

Roman: We are through! Do you not get that! 

Sasha: Right. *walks off hurt* 

Roman: *gets in his car and drives off* 

Kim: *knocking down vases and picture frames/screams* 

(Later That Night) 

Nikki: *rings the doorbell* 

Kim: *opens the door crying* 

Nikki: Kim? Are you ok? 

Brie: What happened Kim? Did you get robbed? 

Kim: *crying* No, I did it. 

Brie: Why? 

Kim: Because I was so angry with Roman. 

Nikki: What happened? What'd he do? 

Kim: I just hate him! *knocks down more things crying* 

Brie: Stop! He's not worth you tearing down your house Kim! *cries* Why didn't you just call us instead of hurting yourself and your place! 

Kim: Why are you crying for Brie!? 

Brie: Because I love you Kim! I love and care for you! I love and care for you as if you are my sister too ok!  

Kim: Why? 

Brie: *crying* Because I feel sorry for you! You don't have friends, you're always lonely, and you don't have a family or any siblings to be with you! 

Kim: *cries more* 

Nikki: Kim, Brie and I will be by your side for eternity, so please don't shut us out. 

Kim: *trying to stop crying* I already told you I don't want your friendship and sympathy's. Even I don't treat others nicely, why do it to me for? I don't deserve any friends or friendships. 

Brie: *hugs kim from behind* Please don't shut us out Kim. You need us more than ever right now and we're gonna be here for you Kim. If you want to shut us out, you can shut Nikki, but please don't ever shut me out Kim. I beg you to please don't. 

Kim: *cries again* 

Nikki: Excuse me? Don't shut me out either Kim. You need us, and we need you, together, we can form the best sisterly friendship that's ever happened. 

Kim: Please leave me alone for right now. I need to think and be alone. 

Brie: No. 

Nikki: C'mon Brie, let's go, let's let Kim get some time alone. 

Brie: Fine! *walks off first* 

Nikki: Call us if anything. *leaves*

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