Mean Girls (WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 16 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 25 Sep 2014
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Mean Girls; Kim isn't just a mean girl, but is also the school's biggest... well let's just say she's been sleeping around for the longest. When new student Renee Young transfers to Florida State University, she is linked up with Dean Ambrose, Kim's recent ex. When Kim finds out, she befriends Renee and tries to hook Dean up with her. Little does Renee know, Kim is only using her to get Dean back. When Renee catches Kim kissing Dean, she confronts Kim the next day, making Kim drugging Dean to make love to her at the next house party, but instead Kim's worst nightmare begins, Dean makes love to Renee instead. Soon Renee is pregnant and the jealousy starts between the two former friends.


3. Smell Of Jealousy

Seth: Hey. 

Kim: Oh hey Seth? 

Seth: What's wrong with you lately? You don't seem so you. 

Kim: Seem so me? *laughs* I'm always me Seth, what do you want anyways? 

Seth: Well I guess it's my turn now. 

Kim: For what? *crosses her arms and smiles* 

Seth: No, not that. *laughs* I was talking about my turn to host a house party. This weekend, my place, what you say eh? 

Kim: Your place? And what is the party about? 

Seth: Just to hangout, don't want to come? That's fine with me. 

Kim: Oh, I'll be there Seth, I always come. 

Seth: Yeah, you do, and maybe, maybe we can just get it a little on. *laughs* 

Kim: Ew. *walks off* 

Seth: What? You act like you nevered slept with me before while with Dean! 

Kim: *turns back around* That was when I was in a relationship Seth, I'm not in one right now. 

Seth: Oh, so you only sleep around when you're in a relationship? 

Kim: No, I just... 

Dean: Hey? 

Kim: Oh. *smiles* Hey Dean. *walks to dean and kisses him* 

Renee: *sees from afar* That backstabbing bitch. 

Nikki: What? *looks and sees kim kissing dean* 

Seth: *laughs* Alright, I'll just see you two at my house this weekend. 

Kim: *smiles cocky* Yeah, we will Seth. 

Dean: What was that kiss all about? 

Kim: What? *chuckles* Don't like it?  

Dean: Actually, I was gonna say I want us to get back, but I think I kind of like Renee too. 

Kim: *upset* Why do you like her?! 

Dean: *chuckles* What? 

Kim: I mean, what's so special about her that you like? She's not gonna give you any sex Dean! 

Dean: I can wait with that on her. 

Kim: Right. *hurt* Like as if I don't love you enough. 

Dean: Kim, you cheated on me when were together for those 2 years. Who knows how many you slept with or who you slept with. I can't, I just can't trust you anymore. 

Kim: Can't trust me?  

Dean: Nope. 

Kim: *laughs* You're just as bad as me Dean, matter of fact, you're just like me, but the guy version. 

Dean: No I'm not. 

Kim: Oh, yeah you are. Go ask around, they'll say the same exact thing! *walks off* 

Roman: Hey. 

Dean: Am I just as bad a Kim? 

Roman: What? 

Dean: She said I'm just like her except the guy version. 

Roman: What are we talking about? 

Dean: Me! Am I just like Kim! 

Roman: Well what is Kim? Be specific Dean! 

Dean: A man whore. 

Roman: *chuckles* She can't be a man whore Dean. 

Dean: Me! Am I a man whore. 

Roman: I can't answer that for you, you have to answer it yourself. 

Dean: How? 

Roman: Think. *walks off* 

Dean: *thinks for a bit* No I'm not! *catches up to roman* 

Roman: If you say so. 

Dean: So I am? 

Roman: Sleeping with two girls almost each week? Yeah, I can say you are. 

Dean: Ok, well I'm gonna change that because this chick Renee, I think she's... 

Roman: Yeah, she likes you. 

Dean: So it's true. 

Roman: What is? 

Dean: How do you know? 

Roman: She told Kim, Kim told everyone. 

Dean: So should I ask her out? 

Roman: Take her to Seth's this weekend; I'm sure she'll love it plus it'll be a good start for you two. 

Dean: Alright, I will. I'm gonna go find her. 

Kim: *sitting in the café* 

Nikki: Hey Kim. 

Kim: What do you want Nikki. 

Nikki: You seemed lonely and I just wanted to give you some company. 

Kim: I don't want any friends Nikki, I grew up on my own, I don't need anyone around me, I'll be just fine like I always have. 

Nikki: You're gonna need friends, and I'm gonna be here for you. 

Kim: Friends for what Nikki! I don't want friends ok! I never really did and what makes me want them now. 

Nikki: Well Brie and I been your friends since this year and... 

Kim: Well now I don't need any. I didn't have any my whole life and I don't want any today. You two barely even made the cut to be my friends, no matter of fact, you two just came to me. I nevered accepted. 

Nikki: Wow Kim, that really hurts to hear that. You know you should appreciate it that me and Brie were even there for you. We saw that you needed a friend, and that's why we came, but now I know the truth.  

Kim: Yeah, so why are you still here? Go on and be friends with that new Canadian girl! 

Nikki: Her name is Renee, and she's a nice girl. *gets up and leaves* 

Dean: Hey Nikki. 

Nikki: Hi Dean? 

Dean: Have you seen Renee? *looks over and sees kim* 

Nikki: Yeah, she's sitting over... 

Dean: Hold on. *leaves to kim* 

Nikki: Whatever. 

Dean: Kim. 

Kim: Well if it isn't Dean Ambrose. *sits up straight* What do you want Dean, this is not your place to be. 

Dean: Not my place to be? I just wanted to talk. 

Kim: Listening. 

Dean: So Roman said I was just like you. 

Kim: Oh and you bought that right? 

Dean: Not really, but kind of.  

Kim: *staring at dean with a look* 

Dean: Ok! I am, Roman pointed it out that I slept with two girls every week so that made me like you. 

Kim: *laughs* Oh, but Dean, I don't sleep with two guys. 

Dean: Right because you sleep with one every night. 

Kim: *gets upset* 

Dean: Hey, you know that's the truth. 

Kim: Enough with truths! 

Dean: Wow, something hasn't been in there lately I can tell. 

Kim: *fakes a chuckle* What do you really want Dean. 

Dean: I came to tell you that I'm gonna be clean from now on. I'm gonna get with Renee and we're gonna try to beat 2 years. 

Kim: Right. 

Dean: Yeah. 

Kim: Goodbye Dean. 

Dean: Already? 

Renee: Hey? Nikki told me you were looking for me. 

Kim: *looks at renee* 

Dean: Yeah, I was, do you want to go out? 

Renee: *smiles* What? *looks at kim and then dean* 

Dean: Like with me to Seth's place this weekend. 

Renee: *chuckles* Yeah, sure, I would love to. 

Dean: Alright. *smiles* 

Kim: *gets jealous* 

Renee: I'm gonna go back. *smiles and leaves* 

Dean: *looks at kim* 

Kim: You purposely did that didn't you? 

Dean: Do what? 

Kim: Asked her in front of me! 

Dean: Didn't mean to, she was here. 

Kim: I told you to leave Dean. 

Dean: Right, I gotta to stay with my new girlfriend right? *gets up and leaves* 

Kim: *annoyed/upset* 

Randy: *walks by* 

Kim: Wait. *grabs randy and kisses him* 

Dean: *looks back and sees kim kissing randy* 

Randy: What was that all about? 

Kim: *smiles* I'll see you later tonight. *leaves and eyes dean walking off* 

Renee: You ok? 

Dean: I am, just give me a second. *goes after kim* Kim! 

Kim: *stops and smiles* 

Dean: Kim! 

Kim: *turns around and smiles* Yes Dean. 

Dean: What was that? 

Kim: What was what Dean? 

Dean: You know what I'm talking about Kim. 

Kim: Oh, that. *smiles big* It was just a kiss. 

Dean: Just a kiss? "I'll see you later tonight?" 

Kim: Wait, am I hearing jealousy right now? 

Dean: No. 

Kim: You have a girlfriend that I'm no longer interest in being friends with, stay with her and get out of my sight. 

Dean: Fine, if that's what you want then I'll make it happen. 

Kim: Whatever. *walks off* 

Renee: Hey? You ok? 

Dean: Yeah, let's go back in. *walks back in the café with renee* 

Randy: *walking out* 

Dean: *eye contacts randy* 

Randy: *eye contacting back dean with the a cocky look* 

(Later That Night) 

Kim: *touching up her make up* 

Randy: *rings the doorbell* 

Kim: Coming! *walks to open the door* 

Randy: Hi. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Hi. 

Randy: Can I come in? 

Kim: Sure.  

Randy: *walks in the house* It's a nice house you got here. 

Kim: It was my mom's boyfriend's, but I made him give it to me and made him buy a new house for him. *smiles* 

Randy: Spoiled aren't you? 

Kim: Not really. 

Randy: Not really? How big is this house? 

Kim: About close to 35? 

Randy: Exactly, spoiled. 

Kim: Whatever make yourself at home. I'll give us something to drink. *leaves to the kitchen* 

Randy: Alright. *takes off his shirt* 

Kim: *walks back with waters* Oh? Okay, I wasn't meaning that, but I guess that's fine with me too. *smiles* 

Randy: *walks up to kim and kisses her* 

Kim: *kisses randy back*

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