Mean Girls (WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 16 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 25 Sep 2014
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Mean Girls; Kim isn't just a mean girl, but is also the school's biggest... well let's just say she's been sleeping around for the longest. When new student Renee Young transfers to Florida State University, she is linked up with Dean Ambrose, Kim's recent ex. When Kim finds out, she befriends Renee and tries to hook Dean up with her. Little does Renee know, Kim is only using her to get Dean back. When Renee catches Kim kissing Dean, she confronts Kim the next day, making Kim drugging Dean to make love to her at the next house party, but instead Kim's worst nightmare begins, Dean makes love to Renee instead. Soon Renee is pregnant and the jealousy starts between the two former friends.


1. New Friend(s)

Renee: *walking on campus* 

Dean: Hi, I'm Dean Ambrose. 

Renee: Oh, hi. *smiles* I'm Renee Young; I'm a newly transferred student from Canada. 

Dean: Oh, nice, welcome to Florida State University where all the cool people are. *smiles* 

Renee: *smiles* Thank you. 

Dean: I want to invite you to my house party for Halloween, care to come? 

Renee: Sure. *smiles* 

Dean: Alright, here's my number, give me a call sometimes. *winks and walks off* 

Brie: Hi, are you new here? 

Renee: Yes, I am.  

Brie: Come sit with us, we love new comers. *smiles* 

Renee: Ok. *follows brie* 

Brie: What's your name? 

Renee: Renee. 

Brie: Got it. Everyone, this is Renee, she's new to our school. 

Nikki: *smiles* Hi, I'm Nikki. 

Kelly: I'm Kelly. 

Eve: I'm Eve. *smiles* 

Maryse: Maryse. *speaks French* 

Renee: *chuckles* What? 

Brie: She's French Canadian. 

Renee: Oh my god, me too! Well not French, but Canadian. *chuckles* 

Maryse: *rolls her eyes annoyed* 

Renee: Oh? Ok.  

Nikki: *smiles* Sit down. 

Renee: *sits down* 

Kim: Oh my god, I hate waiting to get my food. 

Kelly: Did you get anything? 

Kim: No! Do you see me with any food?! 

Kelly: No. 

Kim: Who's this? 

Brie: Oh, this is Renee, she's new to our school. 

Kim: *smiles* Well hello Renee, I'm Kim.  

Nikki: The head bitch of this group. 

Eve: *coughs* School. 

Maryse: *rolls her eyes* 

Renee: Something wrong with your eyes? 

Maryse: Excuse me? 

Renee: They keep rolling, thought something might be wrong with them. *smiles softly* 

Maryse: *offended* You know what, I don't like you ok! I should be the only Canadian in this group! *gets up and leaves* 

Renee: If it makes her happier, she's the only French Canadian. *fakes a chuckles* 

Eve: You're not funny Renee, so stop. *leaves and follows Maryse* 

Kelly: Sorry, those are my girls. *smiles and walks off* 

Kim: Well, I'm gonna go get my lunch now, be right back. *leaves* 

Brie: So have you seen any hot guys or cute guys you like yet?  

Renee: Actually I did. *smiles* 

Nikki: Who is it? *smiles* 

Renee: His name is Dean Ambrose; he gave me his number earlier too. *chuckles* 

Brie: No! 

Nikki: You can't like him. 

Renee: Why? 

Brie: He's Kim's recent ex.  

Nikki: They dated for 2 years and barely broked up last month only because he found out she's been cheating on him all those years. 

Brie: She wasn't cheating, she was sleeping. 

Nikki: Same thing Briana! 

Brie: Whatever Nicole. 

Renee: Oh, well... 

Brie: Don't worry, I won't tell. *smiles* It could be our secret Renee. *smiles* 

Renee: *smiles* Ok. 

(Later That Night) 

Kim: *calls renee* 

Renee: Hello? 

Kim: I know your little secret Renee. 

Renee: What? *chuckles* What secret? 

Kim: I know who you like. 

Renee: Who? 

Kim: Brie told me that you got a crush on Dean Ambrose. 

Renee: Oh. 

Kim: Shouldn't you be mad at her? I mean that conversation was between you and her only. 

Renee: No, I'm not mad at her. 

Kim: See Brie, told you. 

Brie: Whatever, bye. *hangs up* 

Renee: What?! 

Kim: Ok, bye, love ya! *hangs up* 

Renee: They did not just three way call me!  

(The Next Day) 

Dean: *sitting in class* 

Renee: Hi. *smiles* 

Dean: Oh hey, you're in this class too? 

Renee: Yeah, I am. *smiles* 

Dean: That is so awesome Canada. 

Renee: Renee. 

Dean: Right, so have you made your mind yet? You know it's only this weekend. *smiles* 

Renee: Yeah, I'll come. *smiles* 

Dean: Alright, I'm looking forward to seeing you. *smiles* 

Renee: Me too. *chuckles* 

Dean: *laughs* 

(After Class) 

Kim: Hey Renee. *sits down* 

Renee: *smiles* Hey. 

Brie: *sits down with nikki* 

Kim: You know, I can help hook you and Dean up Renee. 

Renee: Really? I mean you would do that for me? 

Kim: Yeah. *smiles* Dean and I go way back, he's an easy guy to get along with. 

Renee: Yeah, it would be so awesome if you helped hooked up together. *chuckles* 

Kim: *smiles annoyed* 

Renee: When? When will you hook us up? 

Kim: I was invited to his Halloween party, I can hook you two up there. 

Renee: Ok. *chuckles* 

Kim: I'll find the sexiest costume for you. *smiles* 

Renee: Ok. 

Kim: Matter of fact, let's go shopping right now, so we can know how to fix you up. 

Renee: Ok. 

Kim: Brie. 

Brie: Yeah? 

Kim: *throws her keys to brie* Drive. 

Brie: What? 

Kim: Ok, then you can stay. 

Brie: Fine! I'll drive. *unlocks the car and starts the engine*

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