Mean Girls (WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 16 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 25 Sep 2014
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Mean Girls; Kim isn't just a mean girl, but is also the school's biggest... well let's just say she's been sleeping around for the longest. When new student Renee Young transfers to Florida State University, she is linked up with Dean Ambrose, Kim's recent ex. When Kim finds out, she befriends Renee and tries to hook Dean up with her. Little does Renee know, Kim is only using her to get Dean back. When Renee catches Kim kissing Dean, she confronts Kim the next day, making Kim drugging Dean to make love to her at the next house party, but instead Kim's worst nightmare begins, Dean makes love to Renee instead. Soon Renee is pregnant and the jealousy starts between the two former friends.


2. Friend's No More

Kim: What did you have in mind Renee? 

Renee: Will I wanted to be an angel and wear a nice gown. 

Nikki: Gown? *laughs* We are not kids anymore Renee, c'mon, I'll look for a sexy one for you. *grabs a costume* Here, put this on.  

Kim: No, I got this one, here take this too. 

Renee: *wears the first costume* Whoa, it's a little short at the back. 

Nikki: I think it looks nice. 

Renee: This is not the angel I wanted. 

Kim: Ok then wear the sexy cop one. 

Renee: *tries on the cop costume* Too much cleavage showing. 

Kim: It'll be fine Renee, he likes those. *winks* 

Renee: I'm not planning on doing anything with him that night. 

Kim: It's a party, people are gonna be drunk, no one will even remember what happened.  

Renee: You sure? 

Brie: Why don't you just be cow girl or a country girl? 

Renee: Yeah, do they have any? 

Brie: Yeah, out there. *laughs* 

Renee: Great, I want to try it on. 

Kim: Cow girl? *looks at brie* 

Brie: What? *walks off with renee* 

Nikki: C'mon Kim, let's try something sexy on. 

(Halloween Party) 

Kim: Oh, that outfit is cute Renee. 

Renee: *smiles* Thanks. 

Nikki: That's a beautiful cowgirl outfit. *smiles* 

Brie: Told you, sexy doesn't have to be beautiful. *smiles* 

Nikki: Whatever. *smiles* 

Dean: *sees renee* 

Renee: *smiles and waves at dean* 

Dean: *walking to renee* 

Kim: Hey. *smiles* 

Dean: *looks at kim and laughs* I told you to wear some clothes. 

Kim: I am, I'm supposed to be a Victoria Secret Model. 

Dean: Yeah, I can clearly see that. 

Kim: Hey, so you know that Renee Young girl. 

Dean: Yeah, she's hot. 

Kim: Well be careful because she's in love with you. 

Dean: What? 

Kim: Yeah, she wanted to wear this sexy cop outfit to come, so she can handcuff you and do some naughty things with you when you're drunk. 

Dean: *laughs* Really? 

Kim: Yeah, but then I told her, she should wear something to cover up because they're gonna be older people here too. 

Dean: Look at what you're wearing! *laughs* 

Kim: Well I look hot in it, so it's ok. 

Dean: I'll go say hi. 

Kim: Don't tell her I told you that. 

Dean: Ok. *walks off* 

Renee: *smiles* Hi. 

Dean: Hi? 

Renee: I came. *chuckles* 

Dean: Yeah, I see that, you look great by the way. 

Renee: *smiles* Thanks, so do you. 

Dean: Thanks, um, would like to get a drink? 

Renee: Yeah, punch would be fine. 

Dean: Awesome, I'll be right back. 

Kim: So, what did she say? 

Dean: You're spying on us? 

Kim: Well I have to make sure you're ok! 

Dean: I'm fine. *smiles* Why you so worried? *looks at kim from head to toe* 

Kim: Because I still love you. 

Dean: You do? 

Kim: Yeah.  

Renee: *walking to dean* 

Kim: *sees renee coming and grabs dean and kisses him* 

Renee: *sees and gets crushed* 

Dean: Kim? 

Kim: *smiles and looks at renee* Oh? Renee. 

Dean: *turns around* 

Renee: *leaves* 

Dean: Renee! *runs after renee* 

Kim: Bitch. *walks off* 

Brie: Kim, I saw Renee, she looked upset about something. 

Nikki: Kim! I saw you kissing Dean just now. 

Brie: Oh, so that's what happened? 

Kim: What? He's so hot, how could I ever leave him. *walks off* 

Brie: *looks at nikki* 

Sasha: *talking to roman* 

Roman: *talking back with sasha* 

Kim: *staring at roman* 

Roman: Hold on, I'll be back. *leaves sasha and walks to kim* Hey. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles and kisses roman* 

Sasha: *chuckles* Slut, no wonder you're wearing that. *leaves* 

Kim: *smiles*  

(The Next Day) 

Renee: Kim! 

Kim: Oh hi Renee. *smiles* 

Renee: *pushes kim* 

Kim: Hey! 

Renee: What was that all about last night huh! 

Kim: Listen, I told Dean, but he just wasn't interested in you Renee. He said you're too much for him and he rather be with me because I'm hot and you're not. *smiles* 

Renee: *slaps kim* I can't believe I became your friend! 

Kim: And I can't believe you would be jealous over Dean, I mean honey, he clearly doesn't see you in his eyes or future, he sees me and only me. 

Renee: I hate you! *walks off* 

Nikki: Hey Kim, Brie and I need to talk to you. 

Kim: Yeah? *smiles* 

Nikki: We can't be friends with you anymore after what you done to Renee. 

Kim: Why? 

Brie: Kim, she really liked Dean, and you broked her heart when you kissed Dean in front of her. 

Kim: I tried to tell Dean, but he wasn't... 

Nikki: Stop, we know you Kim, just stop it already. Kissing another girl's dream boy or boyfriend is wrong. What if it was yours? You wouldn't like it. 

Brie: So why do it to Renee? She's a sweet girl, she's hasn't even done anything to you and she's already lost your trust. 

Nikki: So were gonna hang out with her, and show her what true friends are. 

Kim: And you act as if I want friends. I don't want friends, and I don't care for friends. I grew up on my own and I can handle being on my own. Who needs friends like you two anyways. *walks off* 

Nikki: Maybe I should be Kim's friend, and you should be Renee's. Together we can gather their information and feelings and try to reconnect their friendship? 

Brie: Is that what you want? 

Nikki: If that's the best. 

Brie: No, you heard her, she doesn't want friends, and she doesn't want us, c'mon. 

Nikki: Ok. *leaves with brie*

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