Mean Girls (WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 16 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 25 Sep 2014
  • Status: Complete
Mean Girls; Kim isn't just a mean girl, but is also the school's biggest... well let's just say she's been sleeping around for the longest. When new student Renee Young transfers to Florida State University, she is linked up with Dean Ambrose, Kim's recent ex. When Kim finds out, she befriends Renee and tries to hook Dean up with her. Little does Renee know, Kim is only using her to get Dean back. When Renee catches Kim kissing Dean, she confronts Kim the next day, making Kim drugging Dean to make love to her at the next house party, but instead Kim's worst nightmare begins, Dean makes love to Renee instead. Soon Renee is pregnant and the jealousy starts between the two former friends.


10. Fat

Kim: *walking to her car* 

Eve: Kim! Wait! *catches up to kim* 

Kim: Eve? What's up? 

Eve: How are you? I feel like I haven't talked to you in like... 

Kim: Forever. 

Eve: Yeah. 

Kim: I know, but how are yo? 

Eve: I'm good, and yourself? 

Kim: I've been great Eve. 

Eve: Are you ok lately? 

Kim: What you mean? 

Eve: You haven't been dressing so you lately. 

Kim: Like me lately? What you trying to say? That I don't have styles anymore and that I'm getting fat?! 

Eve: Yeah, everyone's talking about that Kim. 

Kim: That I'm getting fat? 

Eve: Yeah, and you're getting out of style. 

Kim: Well fat people can't really find cute clothes and there aren't many for them. Even if there are, when they wear it, it doesn't look cute. 

Eve: You've been switching birth control pills? 

Kim: Why? 

Eve: Is that why you're getting... 

Kim: Fat. 

Eve: Yeah. 

Kim: Yeah, I did Eve, I switched birth pills and this is why I look like this.  

Eve: Yeah, I noticed you been eating a lot lately too. 

Kim: No I'm not! 

Eve: Kim, it's ok, it's your metabolisms only. 

Kim: I have to get home. 

Eve: Let's go out and eat, let's catch up. 

Kim: Ok, that's fine. 

Renee: Hey is everything ok with Kim? I haven't talked to her since the party which was like 3 months ago. 

Dean: I don't know me too, but she's gotten fat. 

Renee: Not really, just a little. 

Dean: Who cares about her Renee, it's about us now. 

Eve: So what do you want to eat? 

Kim: Anything, it doesn't matter. 

Eve: How about The Steak House? It's your favorite place to eat at. 

Kim: *smiles* Ok. 

Eve: *walks to the restaurant* 

Kim: *follows behind* 

Waitress: What can I get for you two? 

Eve: I'll get your number 23. *looks at kim* 

Kim: Oh um... can I get number 17. *smiles* 

Waitress: Ok, I'll be back with them. 

Kim: *sitting* 

Eve: You ok? 

Kim: Yeah, I'm fine. 

Waitress: Alright, here's your guys order. 

Eve: *eats* 

Kim: *looks at her plate* 

Eve: Kim, you're not eating. 

Kim: *cries* 

Eve: Kim, are you ok? 

Kim: Eve, I'm pregnant. 

Eve: What? By who? 

Kim: Roman. 

Eve: You can't be Kim, he's dating Sasha. 

Kim: Yeah, that's what's hurting, but it's ok. I'm a grown women, I can take care of this child myself. 

Eve: I can help you if you want? Who else knows? 

Kim: Just the twins and Kelly, and you. 

Eve: Does Roman know? 

Kim: Yeah, he does, I told him when Renee has Jon at the hospital. 

Eve: So then the party wasn't even planned really then. 

Kim: It never was, it was more like Roman planned it. 

Eve: But he covered up good right? 

Kim: Yeah, I guess. 

Eve: I'm here for you if you need anything Kim. 

Kim: *smiles* Thanks Eve. 

Summer: That's the girl he was interest in? 

Sasha: Yep, I know right. 

Eva: *laughs* She's pretty out of shape. 

Summer: Fat Eva, just say fat. 

Eva: Fat. 

Sasha: No, she was fit, but I heard she switched pills and that's why she's... 

Summer: Fat. 

Sasha: Yeah. 

Nikki: Hey girls, what's going on? 

Eva: We're talking about how fat Kim's gotten. 

Nikki: Wait, you know her? 

Eva: Not personally, but just seen her around campus making out with guys after guys. 

Summer: Can't believe she's not pregnant yet. 

Sasha: Right. 

Nikki: Well that's rude to say. *walks off and eyes roman* 

Roman: *looks at nikki and then sasha* What's going on? 

Sasha: Summer just said she can't believe Kim isn't pregnant yet. Knowing how much guys she slept with. *smiles big* 

Roman: Right? *kind of looks away* 

Eva: You ok? 

Roman: Yeah why? 

Eva: Just asking. 

Kim: *walking to class* 

Summer: Hey Fat. *smiles* 

Kim: *looks at summer* Excuse me? 

Summer: Or wait... you're pregnant aren't you? 

Kim: What?! *looks at roman and then the girls* 

Summer: Only reason why you're so fat now. 

Kim: I switched birth pills only. *fakes a smile upset* 

Summer: Right, next thing you'll know you'll be obese and then no one would want to have sex with you. 

Sasha: No, I think all the guys she slept with will all regret sleeping with her. 

Eva: *laughs* That's a nice one Sasha. 

Kim: *smiles then fakes a laugh* Oh, I can't wait until it's your guys turn. No, I hope you all suffer 100x's worst. *walks off* 

Summer: I hate her. 

Eva: Me too, even though I don't know her. 

Sasha: I don't either, but I always see her at house parties. She's even more of a slut there. C'mon, let's go to class.

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