Why me?

Hi my name is Angel, I love school and computers, I am 16 and probably invisible to most people at school, I don’t have any friends the only friend I have is in Canada, we text each other as much as possible. I thought I would stay invisible forever until one day, changed my life forever when the school bad boy Luke Hemmings spoke to me. This is the story of how a nerd got a bad boy.


7. the perfect girl

“Luke stop” the girl yelled I look back and she runs out the door I grab my backpack and ran after her I looked everywhere until I reached the back oval and I see her sitting all by herself starring at a group of girls laughing and pointing at her. I walked over to her and sat next to her I looked at her and saw a red mark on her face “are you ok?” she asked me “that depends, are you ok” I said trying to see if she was ok “yeah I guess so” she was lying I could tell “tell me the truth” I begged “why should I, why don’t you tell me why your being so nice to me why?” she said on the edge of tears “ was it a bet or someth-“ “no I would never do that, look just because my image is a bad boy doesn’t mean I am bad to people I care about, especially you I care about you the most” I said in shock cause I just confessed I basically love her she just gave me a confused look “Luke we don’t even know each other I care about you too but my father would beat your ass if he see you near me” she said looking down at the grass “it’s a chance I am willing to take, as long as I see your beautiful face every day then I don’t care what happens to me” I said lifting her chin up to look at her beautiful face, I was about to kiss her when some annoying bitches came over “hey Luke, so here’s the deal why are you hanging out with her and not your hot friends over there, it’s like weird” when she said that it made me so angry Angel got up and walked away I could tell she was crying “what is wrong with you” I yelled Angel stopped and looked at me and just watched “Angel is the sweetest person ever, smart and doesn’t dress like a whore every day, she has natural beauty and you use makeup to cover up that, and you criticise her and make fun of something you don’t have” I yelled and everyone’s eyes were on me and this whore she looked at me and then ran away crying I felt good after that, Angel looked at me shocked and happy that someone stuck up for her. I took her hand and lead her over to where no one was “thank you so much for sticking up for me” she said with a big beautiful smile. Well that will never leave my mind. “well everything I said back there was all true every single word” I said as my face went red “really” she said a little shocked of my action “yes you’re beautiful, smart and you don’t get dressed up for a bunch of douches that will only use them for their own pleasure” she looked at me starring into my eyes, so I took my chance and kissed her she took it by surprise but after like five seconds she kissed back.

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