Why me?

Hi my name is Angel, I love school and computers, I am 16 and probably invisible to most people at school, I don’t have any friends the only friend I have is in Canada, we text each other as much as possible. I thought I would stay invisible forever until one day, changed my life forever when the school bad boy Luke Hemmings spoke to me. This is the story of how a nerd got a bad boy.


2. Run in

I woke up to a bright light shining through my window and loud knocking on my bedroom door it was my mum “sweetie open the door you slept in and forgot to set your alarm, its almost eight thirty” she screamed through the door “shoot, I’ll be down in a minute” I yelled packing my laptop up I must of fell asleep while I was doing my homework. Great.
I got dressed in my usually clothes, a plain old shirt, blue jeans and a pair of converse. I quickly did my hair in a ponytail and put my glasses on, I grabbed my backpack and ran downstairs to see my mom made me one piece of toast and a water bottle on the table I grabbed it and ran out the door “thanks mum” I yelled and sped walked down my street to school.
By the time I got to school it was ten to eight, I had ten minutes till the bell so I just decided to start walking to class as I walked down the hall I had to walk pass the group of bad boys and their leader Luke Hemmings, if you don’t know him he’s the boy you should never mess with, if you dare say anything about him that was bad trust me you be in a hospital bed screaming I’m sorry. Everyone knew him, even the whole of east of Sydney knew who he was that’s how bad he is.
As I walked past one of the members, Michael Clifford, bumped Luke into me and made me fall to the ground Luke started yelling at him then turned to me “I am so sorry my idiot friend knocked me, do you need any help” he ever so kindly it scared me I didn’t say a word to I just got up and ran to class when I got to class I had like five minutes till the bell went off so I stood there and thought why was he so nice to me that’s not everyone else saw him, everyone saw him as a mean douche and didn’t care about anyone except him and his little group, but that then was a sweet kind hearted man who saw me WAIT does that mean I’m not invisible, he wouldn’t leave my mind alone I couldn’t stop thinking about him, why he was so nice to me, why me? Is all that played in my brain?

~~Lukes P.O.V.
Okay that was weird not many people run away like that, I mean she just got up and ran away, I didn’t even do anything wrong, did I ? The bell went off and I went to class I didn’t know why she wouldn’t leave my brain, it was like she was a tattoo or something. I tried focusing on the English teacher of what he was saying but it was jibberish to me all well.


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